Exploring the World’s Edge in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Exploring the World’s Edge in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The world in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of
the Wild is huge. I’ve been playing for over one hundred hours
and I’m still discovering new things! But even a world this big has to have some
limits right? Well, we ventured around the world to find
out exactly that, so join us as we explore all four corners of the world–and even a
couple areas inbetween–to see what awaits at the world’s edge– So let’s start off in the Northeast Corner,
where we find this island-maze, right up against the edge of the map. It’s surrounded by ocean to the east and
south–which we’ll come back to later, but to the North, we can see a tall mountain wall
extends well into the ocean. And that mountain, as it turns out, wraps
around almost half of the world, from the Northeast-corner to just above the desert
to the Southwest. So the question is. Can Link Reach it? Let’s find out! Here we are leaping off the Northwest corner
of the maze and gliding toward the that giant mountain…and we’re making pretty good
progress so far! But as soon as we get close to these rocky
pillars before the mountain–our progress comes to a sudden halt with a message appearing
that “You can’t go any farther.” Dang, thwarted by an invisible wall! But let’s try it again, this time from the
Northwestern corner, which remember, that same mountain wraps around. Dang, the exact same thing. Okay, well let’s try once more, this time
from the Western side. Gah, stopped in our tracks kagain–except
we oddly didn’t get a message this time. And even worse, once Link dropped low enough,
he automatically let go of the Glider–come on man–we need to work together on this! Okay, so it seems like that wall is impossible
to get to. But what if we try going to the point where
that tall mountain ends–specifically to the southwest, just above the desert. Especially since we can see a different mountain,
one that’s clearly accessible, continues off the map. Well, here we are, at the edge of the map–and
that little hill looks extremely climbable. At least untily ou actually give it a shot,
as the mountain shuts you down instantly, preventing Link from being able to climb up
more than a short ways. We just can’t catch a break Okay, so clearly the mountain-thing isn’t
quite working for us. But what if we head to an area without any
mountains at all, such as the desert! Look, it’s just sand and sand dunes for
as far as the eye can see. There’s nothing to stop us! Except for those blasted invisible walls again–followed
by an immediate sandstorm. Brutal. Well that leaves only one corner of the world
left. The Southeast, and here we have nothing but
water to contend with. And look, we can even some some land way out
in the distance. And while they’re probably too far to swim
to regardless–can we at least get close? We tried gliding their first…and nope. Invisible wall, followed by a strong wind
pushing us back. So what if we try swimming instead. Ha, nope. So there you have it. The world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of
the Wild is extremely open…until you reach the edge. Which, yeah, I guess that makes sense–but
hey, we wanted to prove it anyway. So thanks for watching and make sure to hit
that subscribe button if you haven’t already for more on Zelda: Breath of the Wild and
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100 thoughts on “Exploring the World’s Edge in Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

  1. If it were me I would let people go past the boundaries of the map. You'd enter the void – a white cloud-filled nothingness like that found at the edges of previous Zelda games – and then a fairy would appear who tells you some trippy shit about dreams and the nature of Hyrule's reality and give you a sweet reward for reaching the edge, then warp you to the Shrine of Resurrection. If you try again you just die in the void since at a certain point there's no oxygen.

  2. The way to handle the edge of the world is, when you go far enough past the edge, have Zelda telepathically plead with Link not to abandon Hyrule. But you can ignore her and keep going, and after a little further she'll try again. After 3 or 4 times, have the screen fade to black and show a bad ending where Link has forsaken his duties and Calamity Ganon breaks free. Then reload the last save like with any other game over.

  3. Wait it came out on the 3rd this video was uploaded on the 4th unless you were exaggerating or have a time machine I don't know how you would be able to play for 100 hours?

  4. The world isn't extremely open, it's completely closed. But it's big… could be bigger, but it's big.

  5. I wish the limits would have been placed further away from where max stamina could get you. That way we could always live in hope hahahaha

  6. Fun fact: If you look where the cursor is paused at 0:49, that little outcrop of land on the map can be flown to.


  7. At the very beginning when the game came out I was able to climb the wall for a short period before my stamina ran out

  8. They could have made a sandstorm wall in the desert, rough waves and a storm in the ocean, and a giant monster that eats you in the ravine.

  9. One of the fucking things that pissed me off about Breath of the Wild. "No Boundaries" my ass. This is and lack of story is why I give Breath of the Wild 9.5 not a 10. They could of made the whole continent accessible and have the water be the boundary like in GTA

  10. ill probably get a lot of hate for saying this, but I honestly think the durability for the weapons on bosses is too low, and they also have to be high powered. they also dont let you carry enough. the game is great, i just think you should be able to carry more weapons.

  11. What about the one edge of the map where if you climbed the mountain it pushed you off. When it said you can't travel any further, it pushed you off but it did that thing where link was able to jog up it a little. Is it possible that there is a slant that Link is able to do the infinite climb glitch to get up the mountain?

  12. Though, there is an area in the Hebra Mountains that allows you to get really close to the surrounding cliff.

  13. They were so lazy with the edge of the map. And what really annoys me is they put so many islands and cool mountains in the distance. Why not just make it look shit so we're not as upset?

  14. We are always looking for even more, but I'm pretty satisfied with the scale of this Hyrule. Just can't complaint about those invisible walls…

  15. I wish they did a thing where if you try to reach the map's end, you hear Zelda go "Link….Link……Link…please…you cannot abandon this land…you are Hyrule's last light" or something like that.

  16. I honestly would just like to make it like a globe where it's endless and end up in the same spot if you go forward enough

  17. Aw, I was hoping it would be more like a falling border near the mountain (like if you try to get off the Great Plateau), maybe getting lost and turned around in a sandstorm in the desert area and endless water at the ocean so you simply can't swim too far away…y'know, stuff that feels more natural. But oh, well. Minor nitpicks. X3

  18. I honestly don't get why these invisible walls were needed. Here are some more dynamic examples that could have been used:
    Desert Edge: Get lost in a sandstorm, much like OoT's Desert Wasteland.
    Ocean Edge: A sea monster could eat you and your raft
    Mountains: The temperature drops so far that you can't possibly keep warm.
    Canyons: Climbing the mountains will result in the above, falling to the surface would be the void. If you wanted to avoid this, it could have flying enemies that make holes and break your glider. This would be repaired on returning to the explorable land. Hitting the canyon floor would not trigger Mipha's grace or fairies.

  19. So if you try to glide to part of the edge the sticks out in the uppper left of the map but not all the way in the corner you actually can make it all the way across but you glitch through the mountain facade which isn't actually solid and then hit a wall behind it before falling to your death.

  20. You can fly through that spike of land at the top of the map ( above and a bit right to the mozo Shenno Shrine ) to see some clitchy textures but that is it. After a while of flying in that mountain wall there will be the ''You can't go any further'' text, until you drop to the abyss. It is a real disappointment.

    So the whole big mountain wall isn't even physical at the top of the map

  21. The edges of an open-world game are always a depressing place, but damn, that canyon to the north & west is ominous. Couldn't they have made it look smoother and had Zelda say something like "wait you gotta save Hyrule"?

  22. I've always had a strange fascination with OoB areas in video games, and love to explore them somehow (even if there's nothing to do, no collision, etc.) The vast green expanses on top of the northwest cliffs remind me of the feeling I would get when playing Mario Sunshine and looking out across Delfino's hills and plains. They were empty as hell but I really wanted to go beyond the invisible boundaries to explore the entirety of the island.
    Here's hoping for a look at those cliffs, someday.

  23. I wanted a message to be something like Zelda telling Link to go back, or something like Wind Waker, where the King would tell you it's too dangerous to go that far away from Hyrule…
    Or Master Hand grabbing you from the back and pulling you back from the edge, that would be funny.

  24. Is that guy stupid? The lands that u can see from far away and other islands are not meant for us to go there and walk around, is there for decoration to make the game more beautiful, anyone with common sense can understand that u will never be able to reach it.

  25. Weird. I flew through the mountain to the north of Hebra. It was definitely a glitch and it looked similar to being behind a waterfall. I wonder if I can recreate it.

  26. in the first update (before they patched it) you could stack 2 minecarts and fly above the wall using magnesis, and explore beyond the wall

  27. coments overview

    Nintendo lied!

    The walls should have been more organic.

    mabey there will be dlc?

    and thats preaty much it.

  28. It actually is possible to get to the mountain using the flying machine near Death Mountain, but there's no collission detection and everything is glitchy

  29. I've reached the mountain in the North without a "you cant travel further" message. The texture has no collision so you clip through it for about a second, and then you hit an invisible wall similar to the ones shown in this video, and then fall and die.

  30. At least the upper western part of the map haunts your progression at a reasonable time, like not being able to reach the other side due to the distance of a cliff makes sense.

    But they just got lazy with the lower eastern and western parts of the map, nothing is stoping you from going further, just invisible walls stopping you going any future in the desert or swimming any further out to sea, with how much they put into the open world you'd think they'd be a little more creative.

  31. Next loz game lets have a spheroid world. See how many people here will lose their shit for me suggesting a world that wraps around making it truly boundless.

  32. Invisible walls are incredibly lazy. Should have just made the mountain really tall or have really strong wind pushing you away or something.

  33. Argh. Having boundaries like this always frustrates me. Not the invisible wall part, but when there are lands unknown right there behind the invisible wall. It's like having a broken bone that's healing: it itches so bad, but you can't itch it.

  34. According to mety333, the south or west (I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look) boundary of the map has a labrynth. But the comments say it's a reflection of the map

  35. So you decided to make a video on the obvious? Nintendo have been making invisible walls since Mario64. Well done you got your click.

  36. i also tried to get to those mountains in the north west (in the hebra region) with the paraglieder, but the message didn't pop up. instead I just flew through the mountain 😀 and I couldn't climb them

  37. I fell into the abyss via notrh-east mountain and Link never came back, the screen just shows the loading icon going for eternity.

  38. The lands we see beyond the barriers are likely involved in the new DLC coming, or future DLC, I've seen outside the map and I noticed a landmark that's too obvious to be anything else, it looked exactly like Termina Field.

  39. I actually reached that mountain by gliding. You go right through it into another mountain, but you can't get a grip to climb it…

  40. Would of been cool if those Islands were part of the DLC. We could of visited loads of different places from the Zelda Universe!!

  41. The whole point is being able to go anywhere I can see. So why have an invisible wall when it can instead be a big floating island, like they did in Mario?

  42. They should have had a message like "you shouldnt leave, hyrule needs you", I feel like that would have fit better

  43. Couldn't they other things than invisible walls? Like a giant fish gobbling you in one bite or a big rock crushing you to death?

  44. The giant mountain could be New Hyrule from the Adult timeline. Since it is a huge area that is taller than most of Hyrule, it would explain why it wasn’t covered by the ocean

  45. It'd be better if Hyrule was just one massive island in an endless ocean, like the worlds in GTA IV & V. As far as we know the Kingdom of Hyrule is separated from the other known countries in the world by the ocean so it would've made more sense Hyrule being it's own island like Westeros is. Then it would've felt less restrictive instead putting huge amounts of mysterious looking land in the distance and saying you can't go there.

  46. You can actually go to the giant mountain and shield surf and more! But it is a really complicated process. This is the video i got it from: botw glitches revisited part 3 by dpadgamer.

  47. They really could have handled the edge of the world better than an invisible wall and a textbox. Like a barrier around Hyrule to protect the rest of the world from Calamity Ganon

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