Facial Skin Care Tips : How to Towel Dry Your Face

Facial Skin Care Tips : How to Towel Dry Your Face

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Hi! I’m Gila for Expert Village. Now I’ll
be showing you how to use a proper towel. First of all, it’s important to always choose
a clean towel. A towel that no other person used to dry their hands with or rub the table
with; perfectly clean. Our skin and our face deserve it. In order to preserve the beauty
of the skin, it’s important to use always a towel that’s clean. When we just finished,
like we did in our previous step, cleaning the face and having the wet face, we use a
proper a towel in order to dry the skin and not just let the water loose on the face.
When you have our towel that doesn’t create any germs with it because it’s properly cleaned,
we take the towel and gently pat the face dry. No rubbing or scrubbing with the towel. We’re
not using it as a peeling mask. We’re using a towel as a soft and lovely experience to
dry the face. Unfortunately, sometimes when we choose a towel that’s dirty, it can create
breakouts, acne. It could also create redness in the face and even serious skin damage.
That’s why it’s so important to choose a right towel that’s always clean. A lot of teenager
sometimes make the mistake of taking a towel that’s been used by different people and they
use it to dry their face with. That creates a lot of teenage acne that’s really unnecessary,
so please, always choose a right towel.

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