Family Guy – Peter gets harmonica stuck up in his ass

Family Guy – Peter gets harmonica stuck up in his ass

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Hey brian have you seen the remote? I want to watch the weather channel there are tornadoes in the mid-west And I like watching poor people scramble to save what little they have I don’t know where the remote is – all right I’ll find it myself. Oh My God my old harmonica. I’m gonna play this really loud tonight to get back at our armenian neighbors Hey, it looks like a fun party. Hey listen. It’s 2:00 in the morning When is your five-Year-old gonna go to sleep – soon very soon you want weird food wrapped in weird leaves Yeah, look I’m guessing There’s some kind of soccer match from your home country going on and I get that. I do. But some of us are trying to sleep and I could almost deal with the noise, but it’s the cologne All right? I can smell it in my bed, and I live two houses from here. That’s how powerful it is okay? That’s how powerful it is – You like it? Yeah, I kinda like it. Okay so I know you’re a harmonica, but right now you’re a 40 year old woman with a good body in a hotel pool Hey everybody look at me I work out seven days a week for these five minutes your attention is going to keep me from swallowing a bottle of pills Hey, everyone. I made brownies I better hurry up. I’m Gonna Miss the show What did I do? what did I do? I love Brownie Day What the hell did I just sit on? Where is it? Where’s my harmonica? It’s not here. Peter. Have you seen Stewie’s Harmonica was in the tub? Oh my God it was in the tub and now it’s in my butt. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stewie Daddy needs your tiny hands for a very special project Good heavens. That’s something isn’t it about the way Mr.. Griffin regarding your x-Rays? We’re making a coffee table book. Can you sign this release please Okay But first can we address my husband’s situation – Well the harmonica is up there pretty good Unfortunately removing it would require a very expensive surgery that’s not covered by your TGI Fridays gift card Yahah – What was that? – I don’t know, suddenly it smells like John Popper in here – That was me. I got musical farts Holy Crap. This is awesome. I will not allow this opportunity to go to waste Hey Lois, how was your day – terrible, I accidentally backed over a kid in the grocery store parking lot. Peter I’m serious. I ran right over the soft part of the face. I had to run away I ditched the car and jumped on a passing train I was so scared. I didn’t get off until I was in the South What’d you do today? I pushed a boy behind your car, so I could do all this harmonica stuff all right Chris, Meg loves to listen to music when she sleeps, let’s see how she likes this Oh Dad, I don’t think that’s how it works This had nothing to do with the harmonica. Everybody brace yourselves cause’ I have got big news I have been selected to be a contestant on America’s got talent And they’re gonna fly us all to America for the show – What oh my God Finally we minted a dream come true in America I am gonna make this family proud and not just you guys But that old painting of my ancestor in the attic. I did it. I’m Gonna be on TV Did you kill the others? I sent – You must I’m gonna go talk to the statue in the basement. Did you kill the painting? – This place is a nuthouse Y’all welcome back to America’s got talent. Let’s welcome our next performer, here to play the Harmonica, Peter Griffin Hi – So – Where are you from Peter? – Uhm I’m from Quahog, Rhode Island That’s my family my wife daytime drinks on vacation – Okay Peter, let’s hear what you’ve got Wow! He’s nailing it. Then shut up Well there goes my music career. I wonder if I can get my old job back painting kids faces at birthday parties There you go Timmy – Sir. You’re gonna have to leave you’re just drawing penises with a sharpie on children’s faces I don’t know how to draw a cat

100 thoughts on “Family Guy – Peter gets harmonica stuck up in his ass”

  1. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not a single soul:

    YouTube recommendation: Family Guy – Peter gets harmonica stuck up in his ass

  2. Harmonicas and water dont mix. It fills the holes and ruins the sound. Since the instrument works through vibrations passing through small Jew's harps in the instrument if I remember correctly. Eater stops the vibrations from working

  3. Guys, remember the Fart competition in the bathroom stalls scene way back on Family Guy? I bet Peter can really sing a tune now fellas! 😂

  4. Can you please remove the foul language in the title? I had to explain to my 4 year old what a “Harmonica” is

  5. Bro most family guy videos have terrible grammar and shit in the titles and the bluntness of this title fucking kills me

  6. Peter must have been constipated with that harmonica in his asshole.

    Note to self: harmonicas are really good butplugs.

  7. And they say Family guy is not funny anymore.. this show is hilarious, and only stupid people with no deep sense of humor don't find it funny.

  8. Stolen directly from jackass and Ryan Dunn
    “you’ll never look at a little toy car the same way after watching the movie” -Johnny Knoxville

  9. Nobady….
    Not a single person….
    Not even a single meep in the classroom…

    YouTube recommends Peter gets a harmonica stuck in his ass

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