Fermented Foods & Digestion : Eating Healthy with Tzatziki

Fermented Foods & Digestion : Eating Healthy with Tzatziki

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Hey there. We’re back, fermented foods. And,
that’s me Lisa La Barr. I’ve got a little something for you. We’re going to do a fun
little recipe on Tzatziki, which is actually a Greek condiment. And it includes a fermented
food, yogurt. And, you just add some other ingredients with it. Ok, so basically you
can add a bunch of different ingredients to Tzatziki. Some of them are, cucumber which
is the basis of all Tzatziki. I love cucumber too. It’s so nice and cooling to the system.
And, here in the United States we to tend to get more hot kind of constitutions. So,
adding cucumber to things actually helps cool you down. And, surprisingly enough it’s anti-inflammatory.
Especially, for something that doesn’t have really a lot of nutrient value as far as our
western thoughts are concerned. So, this is the reason why in Greece they do add it to
the food. It balances with the garlic, which we’re going to add too. And, I’ll show you
an extra interesting way to actually chop up the garlic. But, garlic is more heating
so it balances with the garlic and makes it even more delicious too in addition to balancing,
heating and cooling foods with our nice fermentation. So, one thing that’s great is what I do is
I just take the garlic clove put it down on the ground and smack it like that. And, you’re
instantly going to be able to peel off the skin really, really easily. And, then you
can start chopping it from there. There we go, it’s coming. We’ve got it. And, as we
all know the health benefits of garlic. We’re putting raw garlic in here. But, we’re only
going to put in one clove. Although, it’s a huge giant one. But, it gives it a lot more
flavor. And, also I said it’s more traditional for Greek. Ok, great. So, we’ve got our garlic
all chopped up. And, we know all the health benefits with garlic. Right? It’s good for
your cardiovascular system, your heart which is obviously part of that. And definitely
good for circulation. So, this is just the basics of Tzatziki. You can actually add dill,
also. I seem to have run out today. But, that’s ok. So, you can add some dill to it too. It
gives it a nice little more pickled type flavor. And, definitely some salt. I like to add some
good sea salt in there. Sea salt actually is great, because it also gives you other
minerals besides just sodium chloride that’s in table salt. Which, by itself as we know
can actually raise blood pressure. But, when you have any combination of different things
in sea salt you have all the minerals together. So, they work tandemly to keep your blood
pressure from getting too crazy. But, obviously you don’t want to have too much of a good
thing either. So, we’ll go ahead and just add a little bit of that. We’ll mix it up.
We’ll put it in the refrigerator for just a couple days. And, it’s good to go. You can
have with meats and as a dip. It’s awesome, you’ll love it.

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