FFXIV 5.0 1367 Story Part 21: Put to the Proof

FFXIV 5.0 1367 Story Part 21: Put to the Proof

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and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re gonna be coming on the main story for shadow ringers and as
always hello from e3 so we are here in the radhika Greatwood 20:28 and we need
to talk to yuri on j the quest is called put to the proof yuri on jaywehrs a
sombre expression so how fair if the young guard the
poison spread throughout his system long before he was brought here at present
there is naught we can do but try to ease his pain do not blame yourselves my friends all
that can be done has been done even had we reached him sooner it would have made
little difference the children employ countless poisons finding a suitable
antidote is my impossible task what are the rest of the Blessed how have they
taken the news of your mores generous proposition with anger and dismay we
cannot hope to oppose both them and the children I considered a convict sorry a
convocation of all the nice blessed that we might consider their ultimatum but I
know how they will answer master metoya I am truly sorry
we will not cannot abandon our faith but there is no reason for you to suffer for
our decision your work is not yet done and you still have time to flee flee I am NOT one to run from my troubles in
fact with myth freeze arrival I am minded to take the to take the
offensive yeah sorry that made me start because yeah
that that’s one the trailer isn’t it the humours presence here plainly stems
from a desire to protect the light warden I say we seek it out and slave
the creature before they return where dogmas to fall over Attica
they would have no cause to remain all of which is rather easier said than done
unless of course you finally deciphered that tablet I have as a matter of fact
and with it we can prepare everything we need to enter yeeks maja what say you
all we need to act quickly but I believe it can be done we cannot deny our fate
but one course lieth before us to slay the white warden for the nights blessed
well we are villains are we not good I leave the blessed in your capable
hands through enough very well I see there is no changing
your mind by all that is dark I swear to keep the blessed safe according to the
tablet we will first need to obtain a seal used to identify the Allies of
rohnke in times past one such seal should be waiting for us
in a complex of underwater ruins not far from here you have some experience we
have some aquatic excursions do you not then this should prove a simple task for
you the rooms we seek are at the bottom of Lake to see Mokpo while you see to
that Murphy Lee and I will remain here to help shore up sliver boughs defenses
your aid would be greatly appreciated might just be an excuse to make me free
take a bath anyway it’s quite far so once we get there we will continue okay
so we’ve caught up with yesh dalla so let’s talk to her so there you are ready
for a swim the seal we seek should be stored in a chamber somewhere inside the
ruins beneath the lake however the entrance is seemingly protected by a
subtle locking mechanism rooted in the symbolism of Rokan culture the Ronco
sought to live in harmony with nature and considered certain animals to be
sacred foremost in their pantheon was the snake portrayed as the protector of
the wood and arbiter of life and death below it were four others each equal and
rank the coral the colibri the OPA opal and the wolf characterized as a bringers
of Liberty words enlightenment and harmony respectively to open the chamber
containing the seal the tablet states one must pay Jew deference to free of
these beasts by placing one’s palm on monuments raw in their image and that
this must be done in a specific sequence if my interpretation is correct the
audio can be discerned from the free commandments which followed give praise
onto the snake by his strengths do our land prosper Viva be as your palopo
rival thy kind or as all parts seek Betterman so does the whole be as a wolf
move as one piece cons to all who seek harmony with their kin the table says
nor of the placement size or appearance of the monuments alas hopefully all will
become clear when you reach the bottom of the lake go safely okay
so I’ve already forgotten the order so you find a statue of a snake you send
some things to elsewhere in the lake okay there they are poco so you said something stir elsewhere in
the lake got it is it a wolf or will I get poisoned again so once
more you send something stir elsewhere in the lake
perhaps the changer containing the seal is open okay as a slicing log right
there I’m sorry too far away so a door opens
to reveal a pedestal upon which rest medallion you take and secure it inside
your clothing did you find it yep it’s a seal of rancor a small medallion bearing
the image of an owl the insignia of Ronco so this medallion it bears the
hourly Samiha of the empire there can be no doubt this is a seal of rohnke mother
on me free we can begin our preparations to enter ‘is margarine honest okay let’s
complete okay the next quest is called into the wood your stolen wood wastes no
time heading to use mojo so bearing the seal it should be possible to enter is
Maha unmolested vyas guardians I will go ahead to sliver bow and inform the
others when you have recovered from your exertions meet with us in the cavern
leading east out of the village okay let’s talk to her so good you’re here
rune are open the gate for us but moments ago
beyond bye is East Maha and presumably the light warden it did not take long
for the woods protectors to find me when I came here and I expect them to fall
upon us just as quickly this time though we carry the seal that is no reason for
us to let down our guard now let us seek out the warden and put an end to its
reign over these woods okay so that’s carry on we have to go
quite far anyway so once we get there we will continue okay so I made it to the
destination let’s examine twould seem we have found them you trespass upon sacred ground
begone wait we did not come to Oh stop we mean you no harm sister is that we are allies of the Empire of rohnke as
is customary we come bearing the seal of the Emperor sir nice it appears to be
genuine and perhaps there is yet hope perhaps we acknowledge your seal but we
must be certain of its authenticity follow the assured flowers to our
village there we will judge if you are friend or foe try not to stray from the
path all right follow the flowers would it kill them to
escort us but if it affords us an opportunity to
investigate expire fine cool so we need to go how far do we need to
go let’s gotta fight quite fairly far so once we get there we will continue okay
so we made it so let’s talk to us they eventually will find out if she has a
name so I would have the seal that we may
confirm its authenticity straight to the point I see very well hmm there is no
mistaking the crest of the royal family it is a proper size and by its way is
plain it was made from gold the seal is indeed genuine for three thousand years
we have waited for this moment and now you are finally here I bid you welcome
allies of rohnke I am Alma chieftain s of phone or who met her younger sister
sigh Matt a pleasure we were beginning to lose hope that you will come I beg
your pardon these are troubled times for my people
though I can but imagine what has compelled you to venture into our woods
you must be tired after your journey come take your ease if you like I will
show you about the village though I must warn you it is a long way down to the
forest floor so do watch your step awesome
it was complete next Quest is called top of the tree so
sign map is staring intently in your general direction so this way what is
your name my free and this is a common name nowadays how times change by
digress come and be sure to watch your step now I am the one and only it’s not
that common anyone else who has a name if free is just a copycat okay so I need
to go this way so as bearers of the seal we have the
right to know what became of the empire and my peoples purpose here we are
descendants of the palace guard which served under the last emperor and to
this day we carry on the duty of our forebears the final decree of His
Eminence before runkis fall by the wisdom of our people was rohnke made to
thrive such knowledge must never be forgotten nor may it be suffered to fall
into the hands of the wicked keep it secret keep her safe and look to the
coming of our allies on to them shall bequeath our all and thus will rancor
live on by his command we have remained in the ratito great word guardians of
wrong cos ruins and the wisdom held within how that will not think the
question impertinent but did thy people’s feign longevity perchance play
a part in the Emperor’s decision to trust its mission on to the and vine
this was one reason yes we these would easily live to see free of your elven
lifetimes we were also the fiercest fighters there are non more fit than us
I stand watch over the remains of rohnke but our duty has grown ever more
perilous in the wake of the flood Selma’s such as the ones were plentiful
before the light claimed dominion over the land but now for now is all that
remains our numbers dwindle year by year before long there will be no one left to
honor the Emperor’s wishes and you believe we are the allies for whom we
have waited you have the seal do you not after three millennia waiting that alone
is nothing short of a miracle truth be told I had begun to think you would
never sister so we are glad for your presence
here in the great wood the wisdom of rohnke is yours
should you wish it you need only ask so you come in search of the light
warden my apologies but I do not know where it makes its lair
Oh Matt do you recall any sightings of this creature hmm not these past 30
summers very but that would mean how old are you exactly young enough to remember with age comes
knowledge there may yet be one among us who has seen or heard of the abomination
you seek we have leave to speak with the other
visa of course and we should split up and inquire individually if someone
knows something I would hear it while there is yet time to act awesome so
let’s talk to the people slicing log over there so it was not my intention to
pry but your voice is carry far I know what it is you would ask of me
unfortunately the answer is no I have not seen the light warden I patrol the
ruins perimeter regularly and if it were hiding nearby I would know about it
interesting you search for the light warden I cannot say I have ever laid
eyes on it our duty is to protect the ruins nothing more we have no need to
strike out in search of such a foe so an outsider but how by the gods allies of
the Empire my sincerest apologies for failing to note your rival it was a
warden you wish to know about yes my mother may she rest in peace told me
once its appearance in these woods but before settling here and for now she
lived in a village near ratico Falls until it was destroyed by the seniors my
own Patrol one day she spotted a swarm of abominations one of which was
different from the rest it was larger for one thing but what struck her on the
way its fellows seemed to reverse it she was convinced what she had seen was the
light warden so you exchange with coral has taught you something about the light
wardens possible whereabouts yeah so it’s near
potentially near the reticle Falls so the light warder no I have not seen it
but I have witnessed the horrors of the lesser Eaters how they are wont to hunt
in packs and carry off the victims rather than consuming them on the spot
I suspect the warden is grotesque couple on thing waiting patiently for his
minions to bring its next meal okey I pray the others were able to provide
what I could not so happenings in received great wood and
account of sightings of particular seniors some would claim it to be a
light warden so near vertical Falls why was I not
told of this I think I see now why it has never been spotted in our patrols I
have never heard of this Radhika Falls I can but assume it lies deep within the
woods of X maha just so but the tunnel which leads collapsed after a rather
bloody battle with the eaters and has not been possible for many years we made
several attempts to clear the way from rubble yet each time we were driven back
in the end we were forced to give up as lost thereby making it a suitable place
for the warden to take sanctuary there is perhaps one way to enter though it
would be of great peril to you and your companions the cantana ravel a temple to
the northeast it has been sealed for centuries but within is a path that
leads to the Falls can it be opened for the allies of ronk our kin first we must
go to the Kamal at release once the flow of magic has restored there the path
through the eat on arrival can be open this may sound a simple task but there
are certain obstacles which prevent us from attending it ourselves and we know
how to overcome them the Emperor never granted our forbears leave to look upon
the secrets we are charged with protecting that we might not be tempted
the means to do so well we’ve hold from us I can tell you the way the rest will
be up to you it would seem that we have our work cut out for us then shall we
did you have to ask so let us be about it then if that’s
your wish it is my duty to escort you while we attend to matters at the kamara
Tropius I would ask that your sisters accompany you yawns and Frank Reid I
share with them all they can of these woods while we have every intention of
investigating ratito Falls tis yet possible the light would and
dwells elsewhere with that in mind it would behoove us to prepare an
alternative course of action all men Saima I leave them to you yes sister
should our present course prove false doubt not but that Frank Reid and I
shall find any and all possible pass forward okay so that’s complete right okay so the next quest is called
look to the stars so all that stands ready to guide you
through the ruins what you seek lies in the heart of Kemal atropos
unfortunately it was sealed sharp by order of His Eminence if we are to open
it we must first look to the morning stars come I will show you the way okay actually you have to go quite far
so yeah once we get there guys we will continue
okay so we’ve caught up with them so let’s talk to us so you were able to
keep up I see well done a headline the morning stars for
monuments built in tribute to the guardians of ratico beyond them is a
Great Pyramid of yucks nur where the flow of magic must be restored it is
said that the monuments are themselves the keys to opening the pyramid though I
know not how that is for you to discover another puzzle wonderful I would have a
closer look okay so I do have to go far again I don’t think it’s too far I did
take a quick glance at the monsters in this area it’ll very interesting
definitely unique for this game we’ll try and avoid them for now okay is your
stola so it is indeed another puzzle but for a blessing it appears to be similar
to the one we encountered at the lake these statues are all depictions of
divine beasts mentioned on the tablet no doubt that they will open the way into
the pyramid in like manner we have but to discern the correct order I split up
and search the area for clues these ruins are covered in ancient
inscriptions the answer may well be hiding among them indeed it may be best
as France tried them if they are as numerous as you say but of that then
risk overlooking something affluence transcription would prove
impractical for you not being versed in rongkhun scripts no matter you will
employ a different approach impressions here I had for to use these clay tablets
to record any significant imagery we discovered but they will serve you just
as well take impressions of any inscriptions you find we will start at
the base of the pyramids you begin at the top when you have finished return
here and I will translate your findings okay Jesus
okay so let’s use a clay tablet so you take an impression of the rying
inscribed on the monument okay so that’s one anyway let’s use it you take the inscription that’s – this
would be one of those really annoying tourist spots there’s like arms this is
so amazing we’re finally here I’m having so much fun damn it I’m
assuming all of you have had a situation like that before okay we got thankfully
the mobs on the track after you for a very short time it’s not like wow where
they can be they can literally follow you from one zone to the other in some
situations okay so we have them all so let’s talk
to your stola what is it with people hiding behind pillars so I trust that
you’ve made good use of those clay tablets hold on a moment while I decipher what
you found our apologies for the delay nothing we
saw at the base of the pyramids gave any hint as to the solution of the puzzle
focusing instead on how to proceed having solved it your findings on the
other hand appear to form a riddle once assembled it reads as follows come
together share despair go thy ways dread burdens bear mark the crown heed its
call avert my gaze for ever for I had assumed that the puzzle would involve a
sequence but from what Alma and I were able to gather is but a matter of
suffusing one of these statues with a fur the question being which one have any
forts okay let’s talk to her again so given
your talent for finding solutions to vexatious problems I think it’s best you
choose a statue what’d you say me free okay right then after you have selected
a statue I’ll imbue it with the required a fuh should it prove to be a trap I am
more than capable of warding off any malign magics it may contain now which
statue will it be okay the serpent coral color Bree owl wolf Oh Paco Maya here
the riddle one more time yes of course ever in here come together share despair
go thy ways dread burdens bear mark the crown heed its call avert my gaze
forever fall no I want to say something though alright I pray this works yeah it seems you were wrong
dammit I find though I would rather not go through that again next time choose
more carefully I’m gonna make a do all of them just out of spite
alright pray this works wrong so tell me in the comments down
below did you guess this right the first time
did you work it out okay coral if it’s not coral I can’t think of any which
would require you to look away so I will have to just do them all wrong be funny if like all life every single
one is wrong and you’re supposed to just press this free dots okay
now the free dose just make it make your exit good enough okay
owl okay for whatever reason is the owl so the afer has been absorbed you really
do have a talent for these things yeah totally it was my intention to be fourth time
right so the way should be clear now come loose someone approaches Sister
Sister si Matt what are you doing here what’s
happened the Morin soldiers they have entered
yeast majeure in more in soldiers and what have the Blessed I think specific
we’re seeing Zia mauryans had little interest in sliver bow or his people
according to our scouts general and his men made all haste for the gay of he’s
Maha upon finding it together with Frank grid all met and some few others have
exchanged them at the border engaged I’m sorry you want to return an assist all
met at once they are not to set foot near the ruins orphan al we will see to
matters here in return as quickly as we can understood
yes sister be careful although I knew time was sure I did not
expect the Amorian sir move so swiftly but we have come too far to turn back
now okay that’s complete next quest Micasa – pasa
so Alma would have you hurry to the pyramid
time is against us friend quickly into the pyramid okay so oh wow is quite far so once we get
there guys we will continue okay so we made it promotes quite interesting and
design and did like its architecture so the switch should be through these doors
in the confessional of two paths of the elder why is it not open magic appears
to be flowing through the walls but it’s being obstructed as it approaches the
door it’s not strange that only one of these pedestals bears an owl statue a strange indeed the second statue was
likely hidden to keep the door sealed we can cover more ground if we split up
I’ll Matt take the chamber to the South Miffy the one to the east I’ll search
the chamber to the west okay so if looking for this little owl statue okay so thankfully it’s not too far away it’s off we go it’s probably some mobs
around here these bird mobs remind me of the what they call valency 11 the Yadav
let’s remember basically the bird race filled up a lot of the dungeons okay
here we go owl statuettes I’ve looked everywhere and weight is
what is that the statue you found it it looks light enough we need but return
it to the other alterna one might assume so but nothing about these ruins has
ever been quite so simple I sense a strange energy emanating from
the eyes of the statue in the corridors of this place should this figure be
moved it will not surprise me for them to suddenly start to life a trap then
for the unsuspecting as they attempt to return this to its rightful place
precisely caution would serve us well here which is why I would ask you to
deliver this statue to the main chamber an ambience of magic yet courses through
these walls for my eyes distractingly so I believe yours on the other hand would
more aptly perceive the traps for what they are yeah I’m the best all right
then we will meet you at the door to the confessional of to pass sir the elder of
the live of the owl statue to the altar entrance of the key confessional of
capacity elder you will have two minutes to complete the task you do fail return
to the starting location and beginning you be weary attacks from any wheeze
which will SAP your strength okay ran off it’s one of those quests you
can’t sprint you can’t anything so we want to take
the shortest route back let’s avoid any mobs along the way oh crap
eeeek so the owl statues take an early glow as the light fades you realize the
statue has disappeared from your hands sorry I can do that better let’s try again all right let’s go laughter on the back of them okay that’s why this way go bind the back of the Owls okay I just hope it doesn’t see me no okay
there we go so you successfully deliver the
statuette to the altar so the statue is returned but was that enough I believe
it was I can see a four flowing to the door now so I pray this means an end to the
tricks and traps of these ruins hold on okay so let’s talk to on that so you are
but one step from entering the Quinton arrival but I must warn you this last
step is without question the most perilous overcome this final trial and
the path forward will open to you a path laden with more puzzles and traps I’m
sure did the Emperor always take such pleasure in wasting the time of his
allies let’s end this myth free while time is
yet on our side okay so the next quest is called legend of the not-so-hidden
temple omote wishes to offer you words of warning before we enter I will tell
you of the trial that awaits you the chamber is said to be filled with all
manner of devices to keep trespassers away from the switch the most potent
being wards of displacement they may very well force you into danger should
we become separated please use these whisper weeds they will allow us to
communicate them at all where we may find ourselves I think me free and I can
work out how to use these well enough thank you all right me free the sooner
we finish here the sooner we can return to the others
fair enough so we have a fight on our hands so lets us go shall we get this
over with yeah so duty calls commence battle for
legend of the not so hidden temple level sink is in effect if you’re above the
maximum allowed level it will be saved as follows level 75 I am level 406 okay
so reach the balls of the Great Pyramid I’m sorry before the elements soldiers
gain any ground okay so let’s do you see the centrioles yeah they made to cut any
who enter the pyramid okay bollocks away with you was that supposed to
happen over was okay next so a sister sister can you
hear me two soldiers have broken through our defenses all of them they are not to
reach this temple understood a pair of soldiers somehow made it past my sisters
no doubt they’re on the way all the more reason we should hurry then Oh God well the Sentinel it’s moving they’re
somehow different than before okay let’s hide in here okay here we go
next I seem to be okay they are massive how do we get around them just run the
back probably it’s probably like the same as the vowels okay let’s go straight down the middle teleportation device this should end
wealth vault I do like these solo dungeon something
really cool I’m if we all mad can you hear me we have been sensor separate changes
dismissed poison and it has nullified my magic these markings on the floor I
think they have something to do with it okay so I say it oh okay so I’m actually supposed to get
all the way to there without going on the blue I for I have to go to the blue
to bike what’s it called ah let’s see we jump over running and it’s Arielle from dying so okay I
might and for there was like some weird thing
weird puzzle somehow we are still at one piece
this means little to the others if we did not hurry key oh come on oh really what’s like Indiana Jones all of a
sudden by the gods Ron and of course we can’t sprint let’s go to the next they really are trying to push these
like dynamics aren’t they you just don’t have this sort of thing in any other MMO okay.we yeah oh no fall damage is kind
of funny well there’s no going back now I pray it’s not much further sister they
have reached the temple I fear they are too fast be careful for the traps inside
we are nearly there it is unheard of for anyone to outpace of these could it be
Rand yet if so we have precious little time okay as I say this is very very different to
our expected it there was me just thinking that we were just on off the
fur dungeon and that would be the end of it okay seal door there you are crud the feat Ranji and the flight could come No I mean I would like to defeat the
assistant okay here we go because I’m
we defeat the helper then we can have all five of us on Reggie that’s the idea
anyway Oh okay again I feel like we could have defeated
them whatever crop it seems to be working Rep I think not general hold on hmm oopsie doops ease expertly done how was I to know that
that would happen they looked like any other part of the floor so opportunity
for this is spa a moment might now be an opportune time to strike a bargain we
poisoned a number of villages in slitter bow with a toxin brewed for us by the
children this is the antidote I dare say you know how potent their
concoctions are and the futility of trying to counteract their effects now
now try anything here and we’re all likely to fall eventually someone will
come to our rescue or yours promise our safe passage and we’ll give you the
antidote do we have a deal we do not negotiate with the enemy the
villagers lives are forfeit as is yours General Sir do not fail don’t worry don’t suffer we don’t die
from full damage in this game she’ll be okay how noble and pointless what’s up is is everyone all right one Oreo say at once where is he Stoller you okay so they just leave
they even looking for a so thankfully Randy’s cohorts had the good sense to
fall back all Matt should be here soon with word from for now we should hold
our position here until she arrives cool so yeah so anyway guys I think that’s a
good time to stop so yeah so anyway guys if you liked the episode be sure to give
it a thumbs up you can watch around the video over there you can watch the
latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe thank you
guys bye bye

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  1. Did they Blade Dance and the Holmgang Ranjit? And Rescue. And then there was Break earlier from the Exalt. They're making good use of the existing spell list that aren't just blowing things up.

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