First time breath hold technique training – From 30 sec to 2 min in 10 min

First time breath hold technique training – From 30 sec to 2 min in 10 min

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hello guys Christian Miller here in today’s video you will see me do breath hole training with my girlfriend for the first time we only did 10 minutes and you can see the improvement in this video we started out doing a test where she was to hold her breath for as long as possible without any breathing technique or any knowledge to help her then after that we did correct breathing technique for 10 minutes and she was able to improve a lot what important thing if you’re going to try this is do not hyperventilate that will not help you hold your breath longer will only help you feel like you can hold your breath longer but you will probably pass out before you feel the need to breathe number 2 never do this alone if you’re training in water so let’s just get into it number one she did a test where she took one deep breath and then held for her breath for as long as possible [Music] the food they were headed in water [Music] [Music] okay that was about detective then we did a breathing technique where she’s supposed to be as relaxed as possible while breathing in through the nose for four seconds and out through the mouth for eight seconds like this [Music] she bid this for two minutes and after two minutes she tried to hold her breath for as long as possible maybe three times I do [Music] [Music] deep breath and then hold your breath [Music] [Music] then she was breeding again for two minutes and tried to hold her breath for as long as possible yet then we’d be friends now and then [Music] [Music] then we repeat this process a third time and this time she was able to hold her breath for two full minutes and that is with no training just to correct breathing technique when you feel that you need to be if you feel the cramping will come much longer I feel the same care okay try to win the feel they need to breathe let’s try to hold it a little bit longer can you feel a cramp in his stomach no I mean you don’t want to be like one time is thank you hold it a bit longer until you feel it and then if you like to cramps and then you come up relax the door and there every year all in your muscle just feel rhythm that you try to relax now repeat three times like deep breath and hold [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] so we did this now it was just for fun in the pool just to see how much she was able to improve in ten minutes if you want to do a full training session of this lay down on your back can breathe for two minutes in through your nose out through your mouth for four seconds in and eight seconds out then you take three deep breaths and you try to hold your breath for one minute you repeat the process reading two minutes in through your nose out through your mouth and then you try to hold for 1:15 then you repeat you hold for 1:30 and repeat and you hold for 145 and you repeat people for two minutes and you do this eight times or until you can’t hold any longer if you want to learn more about breath already you can check out the link to the video in the description below or the link to the training program on my webpage please let me know in the comments below how long you were able to hold your breath when you started and how long you were able to hold your breath the end of the training session [Music] one and a half minutes right 34 seconds and come up in life again you can come up everyone [Music] the position is very annoying [Music]

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  1. Holy Cow! I could normally hold my breath for 60 sec. I thought this video is so unbelievable, but still i tried it after watching this 7- minute vid, and after doing the technique instead of 2 mins I made it for 5 mins. And now I am amazed that it added 45 secs to the normal one, but when I did this I am so relaxed, idk if it will have same result once my body is moving.

  2. Thank you so much Christian! I used to able to hold breathe up to 2 min by hyperventilation but with your method I was able to hold longer than 3 minutes easily less than 3 sessions! (without hyperventilation) I will practise this daily basis from now on! Yipee~

  3. Wait so after you train a couple times will you be able to hold your breath longer without having to do the breathing technique before?

  4. My longest breathhold without trainiing was 2 minutes & 15 seconds.. I wonder what I'd be capable of using the correct technique? Time to try..

  5. Hm when o try holding my breath after doing this breathing technique Iโ€™m going to try putting on some relaxing music at the same time btw my before time was 1:41 Iโ€™ll edit what I got after the breathing technique in a bit edit: 40 seconds in realised I forgot the relaxing music oof let me start again edit: my brother kept coming in and annoying me so Iโ€™m restarting for the 30th time cuz yah know the video says to RELAX

  6. I didn't try this because I dont have anything to. But i think I can hold for 1 min or 50 sec or 40 sec

  7. I like try that but I was at YMCA some time back and I hold my breath then use the wall of the pool I go all the way down I do not know what my time was for hold my breath

  8. Holy shit. I did 1m45 as a first try. Quite impress since i was a smoker and now i'm vaping. Did about 3mins of 4sec inhale 8sec exhale and now I did 2m27. I'll practice this for sure, it's super interesting

  9. Apparently this comment section is full of toddlers that could hold their breath only 10-20sec ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
    Great lesson and video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  10. My first try was 02:35 Min. in the first Freedive-Session. The next session hopefully will get a peace better. I will reach 03:30…

  11. before:19 sec,After:1 min 34 sec,after I tried one more time:2 min 7 sec! Thx for the tips,they worked!

  12. I can originally hold my breath for 50 seconds I tried this and I got up to like 1 minuet and a half and I donโ€™t wanna do this again XD

    apparently my brother can hold his breath for 5 minuets

  13. I started swim lessons today and i can't hold my breath for 10secs. I all of a sudden start cramping in my stomach and feel the need to breathe at 8secs and i end up snorting water. I have been crying because I cant seem to do it as others have. I spent 3hrs and couldn't do it. I am so disappointed in myself. I'm back home in my bed crying because I failed today.

  14. wonder is crispr cas9 can increase myoglobinย capacity in humans. imagine humans being able to hold their breath up to an hour. That would be insane. Seals can do it for up to 30 minutes and their bodies are relatively the same size as us.

    they already created crispr babies so why not increase lung capacity, u already opened up Pandora box so fuck it

  15. I was in my bed when I was watching this but I didn't try the technique …Without the technique I can hold my breath for 1 min

  16. If you do this daily will you be able to replace your first time with your second or third time after getting better?

  17. I have no problem holding my breath for 2 minutes, first try under water seems to help being under water.

  18. I was able to hold my breath for 30 seconds or maybe 50 seconds bofore this trick but now after the training that you gave us i can now hold my breath for 1.30 seconds wich is is amazing for me

  19. Thanks for sharing I get learning to your tutorial,I hope I get to know the swim to your tutorial in this video.

  20. Iโ€™m 9 years old I could only do it for 30 secs then I breathed in in out 3 times and I can do 40 secs awesome!
    Edit: I have been doing this for a day and I can do it for 50 secs I have done it for a min but I can only do 50 secs now!

  21. i'm 13 years old. Is that normal, that I can hold my breath without any technices for 27 seconds and with technics 1:02? I think my Lung isn't such big, so is that normal? Nice and intersting Video. Like!

  22. After 22 years of freediving and spearfishing the REAL secret for keeping your breath and discover this world (apart from using the diaphragm for breathing) is hidden in UMBERTO PELIZZARI's book….after the first page it says….
    " scuba diver dives to look around,free diver dives to LOOK INSIDE"
    If you can manifest these words ,and with proper practice you can achieve 3-4-6-8 min holds

  23. I need to always be updated on our generations so I both but I show them what I am no friends or future friends just pure associates

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