Fix Your Singing Using Breath – Breathing for Singers – Felicia Ricci

Fix Your Singing Using Breath – Breathing for Singers – Felicia Ricci

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Hello, my friends! Today’s singing tips video is so simple but so powerful, I’m gonna talk about my favorite topic which is breath. Breathing for singing. And I’m gonna give you a really weird and powerful image that is going to fix, I would say 95% of any singing problem that you’ve ever had. So, stick around. In case you don’t know me, my name is Felicia. You can call me, Fel. I’m a professional voice finder. I help you find your voice. Your voice is already inside you, and I just give you some weird cues, some weird triggers that are gonna help you get out of your own way and really allow our voice to be free and rid of tension. I want to start first with a cue that’s going to help you get out of your own way, just get out of your head. How many times are you working on a song that you are going to perform, and you feel like it’s a huge effort from up here You’re straining your throat, or you’re scrunching, or you’re reaching, or worst, you’re mentally panicking. That’s the common experience that so many of us have, is that we get on our own way and the source of that, is that it’s mental. So, here’s an image that I want you to roll out. anytime you feel like you’re freaking out, you feel like your throat is starting to get involved in “micro-managing” those notes that’s what I call it when you’re sort of trying to help those notes come out as you’re micro-managing it, or you just can’t find your placement. You feel like no matter how many times you have practiced it, when you go to actually execute it— you can’t do it. Here’s what to imagine what I want you to use. I want you to imagine that your mouth is on your belly. That’s right, I want you to literally, and I’m not just saying like, “Haha. This is so funny; picture your mouth on your belly.” No, literally put your mental eyesight in your belly and imagine that you’re singing from down here. (demonstrates) “AHHHHHHHHH-AAHH”. So many of us, think that we’re breathing right and I’m going to get into what breathing when singing actually feels like in a second. But we sort of forget that the actual exhale is creating a sound. And that’s what can lead to so many problems, now you think I’m just exaggerating saying it’lll fix 95% of your problems, it REALLY will. The more you can let go and just trust that the breath is going to create the sound, that sound is the consequence of breath, the easier everything becomes. Let me repeat that, the easier everything becomes! (sings) Now here are some other things that are gonna help you understand what breathing for singing really feels like. The first is that when I cue breathing, when I cue the exhale, I like to encourage singers to exhale down. So as you’re singing, you’re imagining this elevator moving from under your rib cage down to your butt. And in terms of what you’re actually feeling. It’s not a tense-squeeze but it is a feeling of, okay, alright I am exhaling. If you would laugh really hard, (laughs) that’s the feeling of underneath your rib cage, of your diaphragm actually aiding in breath expression. So that feeling of (laughs) gives you that sort of clue about how much pressure you should really feel. You can feel it. So even though it’s a relaxed sensation, it’s definitely a sensation. So as you’re singing, I like to picture, so you can picture the mouth on your belly but you can also picture this movement down and it almost feels like an elevator or a tank of water just kinda emptying through your butt. If you ever laugh really hard, (laughs) then you know that feeling of, (hey, ho-ho) there’s breath and it’s kinda being pushed down out your butt. That’s the best way I can describe the feeling of exhaling in a nice, strong, supported way without being tensed. The final image that’s really gonna help you make sure that your breathing is creating a sound is to think of your voice as floating on top of air. If you ever feel like you’re being very casual when you sing is the best way I can sort of describe it, it’s like a casual feeling of like, Okay I breathe but now I’m just kind of singing and oh I’m gonna go for a note and whatever. That means that you are not fully activating your breath. Breath when you are really utilizing it correctly feels like a lot of energy. Okay? Breath and energy I kinda use them interchangeably but what that means is, you take your inhale, you deliberately press down on that elevator and that gas pedal, and then your voice almost feels like it’s riding on air, and as you sing a line it’s all on the breath. There’s no feeling that it drops out. There’s no feeling it’s just kinda like whatever. It really feels like, I got to keep going and I’m riding it high. So what does this all mean? Well, these cues combined and primarily that feeling that your mouth is actually in your belly or your singing is actually being created in your belly is gonna be so useful for you if you encounter road blocks. Now singing is what I call a pendulum swing. We spend a lot of time thinking about one thing and then swinging back to another thing. So if you were working on say, belting you might spend a ton of time thinking about your placement. Okay, how am I gonna shape my face, how am I gonna make sure that it resonates right? But then when it comes time to actually deliver, your mental-pendulum swing has to go back to your breath. Because when it’s time to actually let go and sing if you’re still gripping if you’re trying to help up here, it’s just not going to happen. So, use any of the cues that I listed for you which ever what helps you, use that to remind you, the breath is creating your sound. Whether that’s a tiny little mouth on your bellybutton, whether that’s the feeling that it’s an elevator moving down to your butt, or that you’re filling up with water or whether it’s a feeling that you’re actually floating on air. Like you’re soaring through the clouds. These powerful mental images are gonna take you that final step, because any time you’re being cautious or you’re thinking I can’t do it, or I have to have this sound come out, is just not gonna work. So trust me the more you can trust yourself and your breath, the easier singing is going to be.

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  1. Oh trust me, I'm not getting the imagery of a tank of water emptying out my butt out of my head anytime soon LOL! Thanks for the tips!

  2. You're so energetic, enthusiastic, and expressive! I love watching your videos. Thank you for being a good teacher for us on youtube!

  3. That what im finding fel…..that how a singer can be so smooth and not confused whether what sound they should produce…love yaa~

  4. I've watched this (and all your videos) two years ago. I'm revisiting them, a lot better than I was before, but also more aware of my own weak points, and I'm just as appreciative. Also, I'm actually missing you, Fel! I hope that you've been doing well in your music these days. I'm still on the lookout for you on your socials and in my inbox ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I like you ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ the way you explain how to developed singing techniques ๐Ÿ˜€ hope you help me to find my voice im from philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ and im your supporter๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ god blessed

  6. abdominal breathing is not for singing, appoggio is the only correct way of breathing for singing, as enrico caruso taught

  7. I was doing this before unconciously (not thinking of air going out of the throat, but mentally thinking it goes downward) before, I did remember hearing myself better and I soon forgot about it, focusing then to stylistics. But when I watched this vid, it reminded me and you are right about "pendulum" analogy, once we hit a plateau, go back to breathing and it will never go wrong. Very helpful, thank you

  8. When i try every single videos of correct breathing because it's hard for me, nothing works, im so horrible at everything

  9. my range is G2 to B4 but i feel like i can sing all notes with out going sharp or flat and i cant sing higher that well

  10. i don't even sing idk why i'm watching this but i'm curious, how does one breathe whilst talking/singing? i tried it, it's not possible. how do you breathe out whilst singing? am i broken or just incredibly confused?

  11. keep doing MORE Singing Using Breath – Breathing for Singers – this is really, really good. Thank you!

  12. Duuuude I get what you're saying and it actually helps. Refreshing to say the least, imma put it into singing practice now:3

  13. I''ve been into singing for literally two days right now but after applying this tip to my today's practice I felt such a big difference! I'm so happy that I've found this awesome video so early on my path lol. Thank you so much!

  14. need to fix this breathing problem >.> i have an alright voice… i just hate struggling. lol cant wait to try it in the shower tomorrow morning >.>

  15. voice on air helps me understand the elevation of my voice and the laughing helps me understand the breath expression

  16. Omg Christina! I finally learned how to sing and I got some vibrato going on too! I feel that pressure below my rib cage and my throat is relaxed, face not tended, and jaw is relaxed too. It took me years to figure out what was so easy.

  17. So are we breathing in through our mouths? I'm having the hardest time and feeling a lot of tension. It's very discouraging

  18. Still having Problems with my Super Airy/Nasally Voice where is this exactly coming from and how do I fix it?

  19. WOAHHHH I sang a verse of a song at the start, middle and end of this video and I literally heard my voice change. I felt like I had so much more control!

  20. THIS. This right here. I've watched enough singing videos to know this is absolutely the #1 way to instantly fix/improve your singing. This is exactly what's helped me improve dramatically and I wish my voice teacher back in high school explained it better. Not an easy thing to teach I suppose.

  21. you are really awesome teacher, ! this will help lot of people i think . No one is speaking about exhale, only about diaphragmatic inhale. but then , ? whats next? The mouth on belly is the best ever imagination to support the sound. love ! My teacher told me wbout this sound coming from your belly, and then i found this video , and i definetly confirm it works for me!

  22. Not tried this loudly but I think it's going to solve issues… Makes sense in quite possibly the most insane sounding way which is good because it made me laugh.

    Not in a mocking way.

    Thanks Fel

  23. What about when you're singing a song where the vocal are pretty much shouting but at high notes, I'm trying so hard not to use my throat and get a nasaly high note but i can't get it, its sooo close tho

  24. hello fel my name is jay and been watching your voice videos but I had a few questions…could u send me a email @ [email protected] so u could anser some questions for me please….thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Holy shit this video made me a better singer instantly!!

    im not great at all, but much better than before (more controlled and better tone and pitch on high notes) . Shows what breath support can do for you. I think my breath support still isnt great, but now i even have some support I can work with that!

    Thank you!!

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