55 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: How to Make Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash”

  1. Never eat meat, eggs or dairy. Grow your own fruits and vegetables and never use chemicals in your yard. Problem solved.

  2. Everyone should have a spray bottle of vinegar in the kitchen. It's a great way to clean not just produce but just about everything else. It's really not expensive.

  3. The only way I prepare eggs for myself is to poach in a couple of TBLSP's of vinegar. Soooo this video makes me happy. Also either with salt or vinegar rinse throw a couple of TBLSP's of baking soda in there too.

  4. To get the full effect of white vinegar, I put it in a spray bottle and thoroughly spray my fruits and veggies. I dust them with some baking Soda too and leave them about ten minutes. It’s extremely cheep and effective.

  5. Let’s say, product X decontaminates 50% of fruit skin from pesticides. And product Y claims to reduces twice that much. So it leaves half of the half. Product Z claims to reduce 8x more pesticides than product X.

    So we can assume
    X leaves 50% of pesticides.

    Y leaves (1-0.5^2) → 25% of pesticides

    Z leaves (1-0.5^8) → 0.0039% of pesticides.

    So I wouldn’t be saying that it is mathematically impossible.

    And it is great video, as usual! 🙂

  6. non organic/sprayed food is really weird
    its a bit similar to cooked food – the body doesnt understand it properly
    it goes into u and doesnt appear to move much in there
    inferior food

  7. What about fruit witch you peel like banana? Is it neccessary to wash the banana also with salt or is the most pesticides in the shell?

  8. A lot of your logic is so faulty and you fail to address important things. But I still watch for those bits of extra knowledge where I can draw my own conclusions. Since I buy organic I am not that concerned with pesticide residue by just washing with tap water. What I am concerned about is bacterial contamination. I used a peroxide rinse and I would like to know how effective it is since it is used by food companies as well. The last part of your video about washing meat is silly. You don't just wash meat for pesticides and its dumb for them to say it contaminates the kitchen area. You just need to properly clean the kitchen area after to "decontaminate it first" Luckily I don't eat meat so it is not a concern, but when I did I washed it without contaminating anything. smh

  9. I wash things like apples, avocadoes, tomatoes, and limes with a little hand soap and water then rinse well – because of how many dirty hands touch them and in case they fell on the floor or were in dirty bins. It's good enough for my hands, so it's good enough for that stuff.

  10. What about the pesticides inside the veggies? I mean they pull it out of the soil for sure when they are growing

  11. 🥦 ♥️ Dr. GregEr. I almost spelled it with an ‘O’ because it brings brings on a war in here, lol. I’ll be good.

  12. uh, my tap water is not good. big problems with our water authority… fire department foam which they say is carcinogenic was found during testing. . I don't think regular old tap water is good for washing our produce…

  13. Oh no I didn’t know that eggs have pesticides 🙁 what about organic grain fed eggs? Should I minimize my egg consumption? I eat eggs like every other day (don’t judge lol)

  14. I know someone who owns a soy field that is not organic, but it’s connected to another soy field that is organic, and she says when they spray the soy with pesticides, the wind blows it all on the “organic” soy. She says tons get on the supposed organic soy. What a joke eh.

  15. Vinegar is my go to, 1 cup in a sink of water I then a soak for 15 minutes, I thought that was pretty much everyone does as an organic treatment, anything on soaking it for 15 minutes? It sees to remove the wax if there is any, etc

  16. I guess if we use baking soda to brush our teeth to neutralize tooth damage I guess it would work to help kill bacteria on fruit, so how much, 1 cup per sink full? Costco sells bulk pretty cheap

  17. I don't eat much meat, but soon I may quit altogether.
    He had me on meat going rancid in the intestine. They don't teach that in school…

  18. Very fascinating post. I have always washed my produce in a diluted castile soap and water mixture, adding baking soda if the item is exceptionally dirty. An example of this is potatoes, leeks, other root veggies like beets and radishes. Copious rinsing afterwords, is vital for creating a high quality product for yourself or to serve loved ones. Thanks again, very insightful.

  19. yes I'm new to veganism and when I was looking up all the supplements that I should be taking iodine is one of the ones that I'm having a problem with I have 2 mechanical valves so that means I'm stuck on Warframe the rest of my life as of right now I have high blood pressure so I don't need the iodine salt it looks like the rest of the iodine sources that I looked at have too much vitamin K in it still maybe missing a source and didn't realize please help

  20. Dr. Greger what are your thoughts on cleaning fruits and vegetables with ozone? They say it does wonders for purification of food. Is there any research and proof that you know of?

  21. Pesticides are not good for us, there a re over 900 types they can use, on there own they say there is no harm, but mixed together, WHO KNOWS !….see my report and what YOU can do to lessen your exposure !

  22. Don't the pesticides seep into the fruits and vegetables though? Washing the outside would only remove the residue on the skin but not what had seeped inside right?

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