69 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: What’s the Best Mouthwash?”

  1. Fluorine triggers insulin wrecking the power of fasting. Not to mention its powerful ability to calcify the pineal gland. So DELETE fluorine from the world

  2. im vegan now for 18mths, finally got Periodontitis beaten after 20yrs, rinse with diluted eucalyptus oil 2 times a week, knocked it for a six,

  3. So if green tea is good at eliminating plaque on the teeth it should be good at eliminating plaque in the arteries, I am guessing.

  4. Wow! So informative and helpful. Thank you! Just what I need. I will start using green tea and see if I can find amla online. I have real problems with my poor teeth at the moment, so this information is perfect for me!

  5. Great video as usual,i cant beleive someone would share this for free in todays world,thank you!
    i have a question,ive wached a concerning video of his from 2014 "Who Says Eggs Aren't Healthy or Safe?" and i want to know did his opinion change or the study cos i eat eggs every day and i want to know if i should stop..

  6. How do you brush your teeth 2.02 times a day? That's just silly. Those studies. it would be nice if there was a recipe or something on how to make this mouthwash with green tea and amla how much of each is needed?

  7. I like the Sweet Amla gooseberry candy from an Indian grocery store nearby. First ingredient is Amla, second is sugar. There must be a bacterial war in my mouth after each delicious piece!

  8. Dr. Greger,
    What kind of green tea?
    I'm desperately trying to develop strategies to avoid more dental bills after too many.

    Can I keep some in the fridge for a week and make a habit of using a small amount to swish my mouth after meals & snacks?
    Isn't green tea acidic — would you want to gargle with it really?
    And isn't it caffeinated — would you want to ingest green tea in the evening?

  9. My dentist told me to use listerine. Since this is so popular I'd think Dr G would have included it 🤷‍♂️

  10. The best mouthwash is MY mouthwash!
    1 Cup water
    10 drops food-grade peppermint essential oil
    5 drops Tea Tree Oil
    5 drops Concentrace mineral drops
    3 drops stevia liquid

    Store in a flask and shake well before using
    Tastes great, refreshes, and cleans wonderfully!

  11. I drink green tea and gargle with Listerine. Fun fact: Listerine kills gonorrhea and was originally advertised as a disinfectant.

  12. 7 minutes though? They should have tested less swishing, I can't be bothered swishing green tea for that long. I just do 2 min max and stick to flossing and brushing multiple times per day.

  13. This website has studies stating that whole food organic eating omnivores live as long and as healthy as vegans:

    Is this true?

  14. I need a good mouth wash because I have bad breath due to sinus post nasal drip. I bought a tea tree mouth wash, my breath becomes worse when I uses it so I stopped using it. Would love suggestion to overcome this. I feel like I have no life due to bad breath.

  15. All the stuff we put in our bodies we just take for granted it’s safe. Just because the big brand that makes it says so.
    Thankfully we have Dr. Gregger to set us straight!!

  16. I am a dental hygienist….use hydrogen peroxide diluted with H20 50/50. It kills bacteria that causes gingivitis. Of course… And ,,You need a professional cleaning.

  17. be rinsing with green tea & amla for over a year now. no cavities or periodontal problems whatsoever! (i have been very prone to them in the past). my dentist says my teeth & gums look healthier than ever

  18. Thanks for the info! I'll be sure to start doing that. Don't have any amla powder near me, but I'll start swishing with green tea. Doesn't burn my mouth like the mouthwash you buy at the store, and it's multi purpose.

  19. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but what would current research suggest about pond raised fish (the pond wouldn't happen to have any heavy metals, would it?) I'm not trying to be provocative, I'm just genuinely curious.

  20. Can you comment on whether stannous fluoride is harmful to good bacteria? This type of fluoride is showing up in many toothpastes and it's advertised as being antibacterial. Thanks!

  21. This presentation is worth its weight in gold … so to speak. After watching, I am now using green tea (organic decaffeinated) with amla (Indian Gooseberry), which will hopefully take the place of my former use of Peridex (Chlorhexidine liquid). I used to swish regularly with Peridex, but read that it actually increases plaque, not to mention that it causes bizarre taste bud anomalies if anything is eaten later. Considering the DNA damage issue with chlorhexidine, I will also no longer have my dental hygienist apply it to my gum/tooth interface at the end of her twice-yearly maintenance on my mouth. The amla powder was very inexpensive on Amazon, and I plan on mixing it in with my green tea. Thanks Michael for this important information! Little baby steps and I'm getting my act together more and more every day!

  22. Another tip-I rinse with a very small sip of hydrogen peroxide after a good floss. Cheap & effective.
    It’s the same chemical used to whiten teeth so that benefit is there too. Immediately I can see a difference.

    As for green tea, I just drink it regularly, no sugar.

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