Florida Music Minister Regains Smile and Confidence With DENTAL IMPLANTS – New Teeth Now


(Mark) I had some people actually make fun of
me and I didn’t know what they were laughing at until I looked in the mirror
one day and I just started moving my mouth and I saw my teeth move and I
thought oh my god this is bad. That pushed me closer to, to
new teeth now because I gotta get something done now so when I thought now
I’m like no is what I need. So they’re prepping me and he’s asking me about my music
and so I’m thinking they’re gonna start counting down you know when I’m gonna go
to sleep and next thing I remember I’m waking up. I’m waking up and I’m like is
it over and you, you guys have already done the work? And then they gave me a
mirror and let me look at them. When I looked at those teeth I was like “oh finally
I finally have teeth” and can be proud of the way I look. If I had to just sum it up in
one word I would say confidence. Just confidence and, and not having to worry
about what does my mouth look like. What do my teeth look like, you know. And I can
just smile and just feel comfortable and confident that your smile is okay.
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