Fluoride DANGEROUS? and why are DENTISTS obsessed with it? EP 05 The Dental Drive

Fluoride DANGEROUS? and why are DENTISTS obsessed with it? EP 05 The Dental Drive

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  1. People are sick of the rhetoric man. It is toxic waste, comparisons of fluoridated vs un-fluoridated counties are pretty clear. Mainstream narrative isn't working on most any more. Time to grow up and do some unbiased research.

  2. My daughter had one tooth treated with it at age 6 became very ill same thing at age 7
    Never will she get fluoride treatment !
    You have no knowledge as people die from this !!!

  3. Why didn't you mention fluorosis? It affects one in every 4 people who live in areas where there is fluoride in the water? It's mostly prevalent in 12 to 15 year olds and 1% of people have severe affects from this poisonous chemical which is actually a waste byproduct of aluminium smelting. 1% might not sound a lot but that represents 3.5 million Americans. There is a better way. 97% of Europe has no fluoridation in water and oral and bone health in the population is far better than the USA. Denmark, where both water and salt fluoridation is prohibited, has the best dental health of all of Europe. Ireland where until recently fluoride was in all water supplies, had the worst dental health in Europe. It's more than just chemical bonding to enamel, it's also detrimentally affecting bone health and health of other organs. People need to realise that fluoride is an industrial waste product. They didn't know how to dispose of it safely, so they took ONE possible benefit, by testing it with enamel, found a dubious link to strengthening teeth and have been poisoning people ever since. I'm surprised to hear you avoiding the truthful data showing how unnecessary and dangerous this industrial waste is.

  4. This guy is brainwashed… fluoride is very harmful if it gets contact with the body if you are eating it, it gets stuck in your food that you are swallowing or your saliva. Just observe this guy's bad memory due to the fluoride's effect. But even if it does help for teeth decay it still would be very harmful for your pineal gland and would cause arthritis.

  5. Fluoride could be the etiology of periostitis. The modular type of periostitis seen in voriconazole (medication used to treat fungal infections) is similar to the description of periostitis deformans in the setting of fluoride excess. Cessation of the drug results in reduction of symptoms and resolution of the periostitis.

    Source: Musculoskeletal Imaging by Joseph S. Yu, MD.

  6. It would be advantageous, for you and your audience, to know that Fluoride Calcifies the Pineal Gland.
    The Pineal Gland allows light into the soul and connects you to the creator. If your Pineal is Calcified, you are living in darkness and do not understand what I am writing.
    Stop using Fluoride; it will take approximately two years to clear your Pineal Gland. When your Pineal Gland opens, there will be a burst of light and a loud pop; then you will know you have awakened.

  7. Stanous Flouride or Sodium Flouride? Which one is better? I heard one of them stains your teeth. I forget which one.

  8. Stay woke , fluoride is never good… it causes tooth decay and get into your body and once its in your body you can not get rid of fluoride and it gets into your bones and joints and muscle tissue and makes your body ache with pain, stay woke people don't listen to this dushe he obviously doesn't know or hes just acting, just go look up the actual "doctor" who tells the TRUTH … LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE

  9. Not true. Highest fluoridated communities have highest teeth demineralization. Fluoride is a neurotoxin and mind control poison

  10. I am sorry but this guy has it all wrong. Fluoride is straight up poison. Lets say i get a barrel of Fluoride to dump in a water treatment plant it will have a 4 rating on the MSDS which will without a doubt kill you.
    Why else if its good for you that tooth paste and mouth wash contains 0.233%

  11. This guy is full of crap! Fluoride is a NEUROTOXIN! More so than lead. In a dentist's chair you get a pharmaceutical grade of fluoride. Same with toothpaste. What goes into drinking water isn't. It is a NEUROTOXIN that contains even more Neurotoxins. Google it! My only question is, why is it forced on us? Why were we never given a choice?

  12. Aside from the positives stated on teeth, flouride is declared as a neuro-toxin by scientists. It is harmful to the brain esspecilally in develping brains of childern.

  13. Please show studies showing fluoride is safe in the water and in paste and more importantly show the effectiveness on tooth decay especially from water sources.

  14. This comment thread is very interesting. I work in dental field. The American Academy of pediatrics recommends flouride varnish applications every 3-6 months for all children up to 5 years.


  15. Dude stupid. Fluoride is definitely bad for our body. The reason they say “low doses” don’t affect us is false. There something called long term effects. The put fluoride in our shit so we can’t open our third eye and know the truth of the world. Fluoride kill brain cells btw. Don’t use fluoride. “Spiritual so out” <look him up also


  17. Your a mumbling idiot


  18. I stopped using that poison years ago on my teeth and use natural stuff instead, and what do you know, my teeth lost the little white specks which was just fluorosis and my teeth have never been healthier. Just saw the dentist yesterday and I have a mouth of strong teeth and super healthy gums with no bone loss around my teeth. Go figure and at 51, I still have all of my own teeth. Stay away from fluoride!!!

  19. I go against the grain. Ever since I took myself off the obesity stage 2 classification and are not prediabetic anymore. I did it by going against doctor's recommendations: more meat, good fats, more cholesterol, no fruits, no starchy vegetables, and no "healthy vegetable" fats. I eat lots of cheeses and don't eat anything white or brown, wheat and grains. I am 6'0, and went from 269 pounds to 190 pounds, had a 47" mid section and now I have a 35" mid section. My general doctor told me not to do my way of eating…he was so wrong. And I did it all in less than 14 months! And with 1 hour exercise at the gym 4 days a week. It's so easy once one does it right. I'm gonna go against the grain yet again to defend and protect my teeth and gums. I'm using a non fluoride toothpaste and non fluoride mouthwash. I'm still gonna see a dentist 3 times a year to keep an eye on stuff. But I'm not gonna listen to everything doctors tell me. I cured my obesity and pre-diabetes on my own. I can protect my teeth on my own too.

    Btw! There is "science" supporting that low fat diets and eating small meals help one loose weight and reduce fat. Never helped me! 2 years of eating a low fat gluten free diet did nothing. And I was working out hard and going to the gym 5 -6 days a week at the gym too. 2 freaking years! Ketogenic helped me in 14 months. The science is totally off, correct science is repeatable in several different occasions. Clearly, low fat doesn't work. And odds are! Fluoride isn't working either. Studies need to he updated using other methods.

  20. I am honestly not so sure. I stopped using fluoride toothpaste, and began using an aloe Vera natural toothpaste from Holland and barrett, my gums srarted to recede and teeth srarted to become transparent, and the pain.

    Since I started using colgate fluoride toothpaste again the pain has disappeared, what is going on. Although I have hotter n staining in my teeth alot. I always had super shite teeth!!

  21. Why not tall about where flouride comes from, where it accumulates around the penial gland. Do research about where flouride comes from, when it was used in nazi prison camps and how the government sold it to the American people. Bottom line flouride is toxic poison! Do your homework.

  22. Dean Burke, Ph.D., National Cancer Institute on Congressional Record: "In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster, than any other chemical."
    It's only TOPICAL fluoride which holds any value forming fluorohydroxyapatite….drinking/bathing does zero other than the glance of fluoride which washes over the teeth while consuming it, systemically it is HARMFUL. If dentistry was smart, they'd offer a one time fluoride swab at the public schools for 3rd graders, who would carefully NOT SWALLOW it and spit it out after rinsing carefully, and this would impart far more benefit than the poisoning of the water system. Fluoride is a poison, and it's a cumulative poison.

  23. Fluoride is an industrial waste byproduct. Its a neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor and is proven to cause cancer. No matter the dose, there is no place for it in our DRINKING WATER! Edward Bernays had to create a PR campaign to sell fluoride to the nation as an additive “recommended by your doctor and dentist for healthy teeth”. Seems that the tune isn't changing. Look, I know that you as a dentist have been "taught" that fluoride is the best thing for our teeth. Haven't you heard of fluorosis caused by overexposure to fluoride in children? How can you advocate an industrial waste byproduct that is proven toxic? The answer is very simple; you would loose your job just as anyone who opposed it.

    Fluoride is still defended today for two reasons: The massive profit produced by selling it to local municipalities, and the massive liability and lawsuits that would follow an admission that it is in fact toxic and harmful.

    Why not use iodine instead, or any other substance toxic to Streptococcus mutans and not its host? Wouldn't you be happier knowing that you're not poisoning your patients slowly? It really "grinds my gears" when people just repeat what they have been taught is a "standard" and never question why it is so.

    Hope you find your way in this mad world people are accepting as reality 😉

    Fluoride Does Not Reduce Tooth Decay-But THIS Does!

    P.S. We need to change the paradigm or we will be obliterated by the established "titans" who rule this world. Think its a conspiracy? Research the many "houses" that rule over you just because they were so ruthless no one could oppose them. Start with Rothschild, Visconti or Sforza. The game is rigged and we are just peasants to these people. Expendable peasants. Now you know a bit more. It is no wonder that the educational system is corrupted to the core (common core). It is all by design. Wake up people! Research your history! #ThinkWhileItsStillLegal 😉

  24. Fluoride was created by Germans to slowly damage brain cells In human and it causes nausea and all sorts!! And today we are slowly being fed this in our water!! Why? Because it causes a lot of medical reasons and makes them richer!!

  25. What an OBVIOUS asshole. Big Pharma – eat your heart out – with flouride -!
    'Cos it Dumbs you down.
    Go nuts 😳😴

  26. He’s full of 💩. My dentist couldn’t provide facts to support the benefits of fluoride. I was so thankful for his honesty which is why he’s been our dentist for 15 years. I’ve researched the hell out of fluoride and it’s alarming.

  27. Hey Doc! I watched your videos I trust you. After i got a crown on my back tooth I saw 2 little green dots on top. Why and what is that?

  28. Another very ignorant dentist. The idea that water fluoridation is safe and effective is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD!

  29. Thank you so much for givin me dis info, my teeth felt rly sensitive, and now i use floride tooth paste and now the sensitivity is gone 😀

  30. Omfg, the dumbasses that review bombed this vid follow a dipshit who believes the earth is flat xD

    Lemme guess, antivaxxers too? If all of your brains were made of chocolate, you idiots couldn't collectively fill an M&M xD

  31. Fluoride in our drinking water definitely does not do more good than harm… don’t know about you guys, but I don’t swish the water in my mouth every time I take a sip of water. So is it really worth the damage it causes in your body? Yeah, I don’t think so.

  32. There’s a video of a fluoride water that flooded and they had to wear hazmat suits to clean it up and it was burning holes in the ground

  33. There is studies linking floride to possible to asd and he didnt even touch on the history of floride. Would like to see more on why dentist really push it.

  34. You Clown😂. Why does your toothpaste say if more then a pea ful size is swallowed, call Poison Control? Afterall, your asked to brush after every meal and in the process someone may swallow that pea-size. Btw Hitler ordered to have flouride put water at the Nazi concentration camps. Do you think he wanted the Jews to chew through their shackles and bars? Do your research instead of regurgitating what you were spoon fed.

  35. I have fluoride yellow teeth with some white spots.
    Otherwise 100% healthy. Should I drill everything out and wear crowns?
    How can I make them white? Conventional teeth bleaching doesn't work.

  36. This guy is a moron. Fluoride is terrible for you and terrible for your brain. Yes He is right that fluoride does infact create stronger enamel resident mineralization but contrary to popular belief it is 100% terrible for you and this guy is undoubtedly the dumbest doctor ever!!

  37. calcium fluoride is whats good for your teeth not (rat poison) "SODIUM FLUORIDE" we all know what the text book says, it is a lie…

  38. Flouride studies now state Flouride is lowering IQ and you are a disgusting shill. Indeed hope the money is worth it to sell everyone out. What a cretin.

  39. I had perfect teeth and gum health for 30 years…my parents never took me to the dentist…and I stupidly took myself because that's what ones told to do, right? I had great teeth. Just one minor cavity at that first visit that was filled. The dentist asked what did I do to have such clean teeth, especially since I never been to a dentist prior. All I did up to that point was brush daily. Simple. My second visit was to occur 6 months later for that 2nd unnecessary cleaning. The hygienist didn't have anything much to clean he said, but did a very detailed thorough job nonetheless. Flouride treatments. All that stuff. I was to return 6 months later for that recommended routine check-up and cleaning. Only now suddenly I needed "deep cleaning" and needed all 4 quadrants planed or scaled as I was told I had infected gums. I didn't think I had any issues to be honest. Well 2 visits later and deep cleanings and scaling done, I return 6 months later. 3 cavities! Out of nowhere. What!!! I had a feeling that deep cleaning took some enamel with it and a good deal of my gum health. I had receding gums now it appeared to me though I changed dentists and made no mention of what was done prior besides the filling and said this was just one of a handful of visits ever in my life to a dentist. I had changed dentists because I didn't believe that last one about needing the scaling. This dentist did not say I had any issues at all, just again the amazement at how I can have such healthy, clean tartar free teeth etc etc for never having been to a dentist until i was 30 year last year and that they would clean my teeth, but there is nothing much there to clean and how I made the hygienists job easy. Again despite that 45 minutes cleaning-maybe to justify the charge? More enamel probably gone. 6 months later, I return. 2 more minor cavities and another "routine" cleaning and x-rays and otherwise good dental bill of health. Returned again in 6 months like a good sheep and no issues at all. Didn't need a cleaning even and I was glad. The dentist scraped away at my teeth at the gumline to point of pain for a few minutes to remove "very minimal buildup," as she said not much there to clean. I think she went ahead with this halfass but painful cleaning so she could charge for it fully though she just scraped a couple of teeth and sent me on my way. No cavities. But low and behold a couple months later I lost one of my molars without any warning at all, without even having that feeling one has with a cavity when sugar hits that nerve in the tooth. It broke in half literally-easily! I was taken aback and shocked. I went in and was told it was a cavity that caused it to sit as it did with biting down. In 2 months time? To split my tooth? The X-ray was bogus or had the cleanings eat the enamel somehow? No dentist 30 years and no issues and I start seeing a dentist regularly and never had so many issues in my life and so quickly! Though I was always told I had very healthy and clean teeth with virtually no buildup, minus the one dentist who did the scaling and deep clean, I was always told I had great teeth and just lucky I'm one of those people with good genes who just doesn't get dental issues and with minimal care on my part. How did an x-ray and regular visits not prevent what happened to that molar? I had to have a freaking root canal!!! With a crown! Do you all drill tiny holes into our teeth and create weak spots or what?! Do your scrapings and cleanings and treatments actually make our teeth more prone to a cavity? I don't trust dentists because of what happened losing a tooth like that out of the blue no warning was traumatic. I still have nightmares I wake up and all my teeth fell apart in my mouth because they just broke like that one did. More money grubbing than a car salesman with likely as dirty practices. Now that did my dental health in totally as the crown never would stay in correctly and would build its own flora under that fake cap and titanium in my jaw to hold it. Now I vowed to stay away from dentists the next 10 years and guess what? No more issues! I have receding gums since that deep cleaning and will.never trust a dentist again. Funny thing is I took my first 3 kids regularly and faithfully to the dentist. I paid to have the regular flouride treatments in their school in addition to going to the dentist and helping them care for their teeth religiously and they had cavity after cavity. Filling after filling. These kids didn't have sweets excessively, drank water mainly. I got sick of it and suspicious the cleanings and flouride and scraping and all that crap you all do actually help mess up your dentalhealth. Around 10 I quit going with them. And guess what? No more cavities! I took them once more late teens because I wasn't 100%sure of my conspiracy being true and out of the 3, only one had a minor cavity! My younger 3 kids? Zero issues. My husbandwas an immigrant had never seen a dentist as well until 30. He had one toothache in his whole life that never returned. He seen one dentist…and virtually same story as mine…went from great dental health to eventually being told he needed that infamous "deep cleaning and scaling" and once he had that, he had toothache after toothache, gum disease, and teeth pulled ever since. How does one go to a dentist and have so many issues after 30 years (both me and hubby) or 10 years (as in case of my 6 children) of zero issues or 1 minor issue to dozens after getting routine treatments and cleanings and those fraudulent deep cleaning scams that ruin your gum health forever. This may be anecdotal, but it's been 10.years since that damned titanium rod and failed crown was pulled and I did not put anything in its place and have had zero toothaches or cavities, issues since. I remember the toothaches and sensitivity of that feeling one has when they get a cavity. No more! My husband is still struggling with the gum issues now. I feel.like modern dentistry ruined our dental health for all of us!and don't tell me flouride is safe. Hello, even the toothpastes state if you swallow more than a pea sized amount to call poison control! Flouride is a neurotoxin and as such many smarter countries do not allow it into their local water systems. You will never convince me of what means my family's little anecdotal study proves otherwise. I just wish that studies would be done proving the harmful effects of all these treatments and procedures, but there's no money in that!

  40. All lies and jest still a man hears what he wants to hear

    And disregards the rest- Simon & Garfunkel

    Flouride has nothing to do with remineralizing, guy. Scary to think you are a dentist. Those studies from the 50s you are talking about showed that fluoride was lowering tooth decay. But, it rates of tooth decay went down in areas where the water wasn't fluoridated as well. This could be because there was an overall increase in how well people cared for their teeth. Dig deeper, dumb dumb.

  41. apparently he has not seen fluoride poison on tap movie and have not asked himself these simple questions:

    1- why is it that all wild animals don't brush their teeth? Why not see the teeth of a walrus or a whale for example.

    2- Why no wild animals eat or drink fluoride and especially not hexafluorosilic acid which is a man made substance proven to be unhealthy? https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/how-safe-is-fluoride/

    3- Why all countries have no fluoride in the tap water but the US, Ireland, part of UK, Australia or to be simple the english speaking world ? Why whereas they have the same cavities or lower cavities rate?


    4- Why is it that the US has all sort of oddities in their living norms which make the world more and more uniform and dumb: lower IQ due to fluoride for example, more obese due to low IQ due to fluoride, more health problems linked to fluoride.

    Well he is a doctor, so he should know why cavities occurs and should address the root cause not hiding it with toxic fluoride: get rid of artificial sugar from your food, eat fruit sugar from real fruits, get rid of anything artificially man made from your food.

    And ask yourself why the animal kingdom has no doctors and no health industry: maybe because they have no money and thus no banker to feed with scams (industrial 'junk food', industrial made medicine, artificial credit, lies and manipulation from mass media, political system to take away your freedom because you don't want responsability).

    So in short: think outside the box and be yourself, don't follow the crowd, follow your dream and reach your goals. The goal of the doctor is to make money out of your 'decease' that are artificially made due to body imbalance. Eat right (raw natural food and pure rain water) and be balanced (sleep, rest, sun, live in nature, sex, good relationship, right temperature and humidity) and you'll be healthy and young forever.

  42. I have pain when using flouride toothpaste. I stopped using it and felt better. I used it for 25 years so it's not like I didn't give it a fair try. I would not ever use it again. Teeth+ bone are not made of flouride, they absorb it to prevent damage to your vital organs.

  43. I think flouride made my teeth brittle ever since I started using prescription flouride paste I’m constantly going to the dentist to repair what were healthy teeth that are spontaneously crumbling starting at the incisor edge.


  45. Floride ingested is of NO benefit whatsoever, in fact recently its even been liked to Fibromyalgia …..its TOXIC! Studies were skewed ! BS on U!

  46. There’s actually no evidence showing that it prevent tooth decay in drinking water… most studies have been conducted poorly and if you look at other countries that don’t put this poison in their water their teeth are all doing as good as ours

  47. Here's an idea: The government and or Big Pharma giving a fuck about your long term health.

    Fucking morons believing this shit

  48. If it is so great, how come it is illegal in China? How come it is not used in most European countries? Test after tests and studies show that fluoride does nothing for teeth. Fluoridated water is dangerous. Why would you add dangerous chemicals to our water? Just a few countries do this anymore. One thing it does, is decrease the IQ of our children. Sodium Fluoride is a waste product, unlike the fluoride which is in our bones of in the ground. You need to research this a lot more, my friend. Please study the history of sodium fluoride.

  49. I mean there is a reason why it says on the toothpaste container if you swallow more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to call the Poison Control Center…that alone right there says not to use it

  50. All I know is NOTHING is free these days. So why are they "helping" by putting flouride in water? Why dont they also put vitamins in water if there's concern for health?? It just doesn't make sense.

  51. Can you please share peer reviewed studies on fluoride being benefical? You stated in the video that there was studies on it, so I would like to research more and not listen to regurgitated statements from Dentists.

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