Flushed! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Flushed! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

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(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (INHALES) Ah… (SCREAMS) (COUGHS) What’s that smell? Oh. (LAUGHS) Looks like Gubbles’ bowl
is overdue for a cleaning. Someone’s excited
about a clean bowl. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (EXCITED GIGGLE) There you go, Gubbles. Oh, forgot something. You just relax
and I’ll be right back. (YAWNING) (SMACKS LIPS) (SNORING) Here you go.
You’re very own castle. Gubbles? Gubbles? He’s too young to die. Take me instead. (SOBBING) (FUNERAL MUSIC PLAYING) Oh, Mother Sea, ’tis with a heavy heart
that we commit
our beloved Gubbles back into your sweet embrace. (HOWLING) And now a moment of silence. (YAWNS) Hey, what’s up, Gubbles? (SQUEALS) He’s alive! Don’t worry, boy. I’m coming. I… What? I’m coming, Gubbles. (GASPS) Gubbles. (SQUEALS) Oh no. Aha! I’ll save you. Gotcha. Now, let’s get out of here. Whoa! What is it, boy? You genius! (LAUGHING) (GRUNTING) I’ll never let you out
of my sight again, buddy. (SUCKING NOISE) (GASPS) Gubbles! (ANGRY MUTTERING) We’re out. No!
(BURBLES) Wow. What did I eat? The pipe’s jammed up. You gotta find
a release valve. (INHALES DEEPLY) (MICKEY WHIMPERS) Breathe, man. Breathe. (CHUCKLES) Now,
let’s get out of here. Whoa! Whoa! (SCREAMING) Freedom! Well, Gubbles, looks like
nothing gets out
of this dingy place. Why, it’s even dirtier
than your bowl. Wait a minute. Aha! Come on, Gubbles. This outta do the trick. Whoa! We made it. Hey, Pluto.
We’re home. Pluto? Pluto! (SNORING) He’s too young to die. Take me instead. (WHISTLING WITH PIANO MUSIC)

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  1. AAAAA! Freedom! Gets eaten by whale tickles whale spits out lands back home haha we’re back Pluto

  2. One's a little bunny said to a cat this bathtub is too big for you so she put the cat in the toilet she wanted to make a roller coaster so she flusthe toilet

  3. What are people flushing? I saw wood a shoe a can and other things that isn’t supposed to be in the toilet or sink

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