Food You Should Eat When You’re Feeling Sick

Food You Should Eat When You’re Feeling Sick

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If you’re feeling unwell, eating the right kind of food can make your body stay nourished, hydrated and help you fight off the infection faster. So here is a list of foods you can eat when you’re sick. Having the flu with its annoying symptoms of cold, fever and runny nose can sometimes completely kill your appetite. I know because I’m suffering from a bit of a cold right now. But it’s important to eat at regular intervals because restricting your calories and not eating correctly can actually slow down your body’s natural healing process. So what’s the best food to eat when you’re
under the weather? Let’s start with the most obvious. Now, it’s full of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that your body needs when recovering from the flu blues. Plus it’s easy to cook, it’s easy to eat
and it will keep you full and hydrated. In this condition its extremely important
to drink enough liquids because they help loosen the mucus in your nose and head. Chicken soup is obviously the trusted favourite but any warm brothy soup will do the job. Lemongrass soups like tom yum and pho are great at clearing sinuses, people from Thailand swear by lemongrass’s
healing effects. Carrot & ginger soup with a little bit of turmeric will do wonders because all ingredients have natural antioxidant properties that boost recovery. A nutrient rich broth like Thukpa or mutton paya soup if you’re non vegetarian are also age old remedies. While many people often tend to eat bland food when they’re unwell, something hot
and spicy can really help sweat out your sinuses when you’re battling a cold. A sprouts masala khichdi or a soothing dal khichdi will definitely give you a healthy combination of protein and easy to digest carbohydrates for some much needed energy. You can also drink a fiery bowl of wholesome
dal or kadhi, a steaming glass of peppery rasam. Or even some hot & sour soup on a sick day can really feel like a liquid hug. Just make sure that even if you do eat something spicy it’s light and easy to digest and of course, homemade is always best but if you’re living alone and if you’re not up to cooking order from a trusted and clean restaurant. Kadha is made in some form across the world to help the sick get better. And for good reason because drinking herbal infusions like kadha or hot teas can give you a boost of vitamins and minerals. Plus it will soothe your throat, increase
your water intake and make you a little warmer and cozier. Hot Ginger-lemon water is a great option. Ginger is really good for you and has anti-inflammatory properties while lemon is loaded with vitamin C. Drinking tea can also help your body fight off infections, because believe it or not tea naturally some bacteria fighting compounds which strengthen the body Plus with teas there are so many types to
choose from like green tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, and so many more. If you have a cold, spicy food works but if you have an upset stomach, it’s a whole other story. You need to eat food that is easy to digest and doesn’t irritate your already troubled tummy. But sticking to this list of preferable foods will definitely help you kick the illness faster. Bland foods should be your go-to. Anything spicy has a high chance of irritating your gut so stick to foods without any masala during this time. A good plain khichdi is super soothing and simple to make. Plus contains rice which actually helps calm down an upset stomach. You can also eat some mashed potatoes because potatoes are rich in potassium and vitamin B6, making this dish really nourishing as
well as delicious! If you’re home alone thoug and cooking seems difficult, you can always eat some lightly buttered toast as well. And it’s worth mentioning that many people swear by a cup of black coffee
to help curb the loosies. These are two awesome ingredients to add in to your diet when you have an upset stomach. Yogurt is full of probiotics and healthy gut bacteria which can help calm down any inflammation in your stomach. Digging into a bowl of dahi rice can really
help ease your tummy tensions. It’s light and has a soothing effect on
your body You can also add a dash of ghee tadka to this
because ghee can help line an irritated stomach and also aids in digestion. Many people drink little bit of rice water as well which is just the starchy leftover water that you get when you boil rice You can add a little bit of ghee to this with a mustard tadka to help enhance the flavour and make it more effective as well This is a fruit that people love to eat even when they’re not sick But it’s great for when you have an upset stomach When your nauseous, vomiting or you have diarrhoea your body is using a tonne of potassium along with liquids which can weakness Now, Bananas are a great food to eat to combat this because they help boost potassium and help you retain liquids. Plus the insoluble fibres in banana don’t
make your digestive system work harder than it needs to and help bind matter in your colon. If you have been experiencing nausea and vomiting, you can add some ginger to your diet. Ginger is common remedy used during pregnancy
when women get morning sickness. And it can also be effective if you’ve been
struggling to keep your food down. A little warm ginger water taken a couple
of times a day can be very soothing. An important thing we want to mention is that all of these remedies work for most people, but everyone’s body is different – so make sure you listen to yours and eat the food that suits you, or stop eating something if it doesn’t
work for you. We hope these tips help you feel better when you’re feeling down. If you like this video let us know in the
comments below. And thanks for watching and until next time stay
tuned and stay GLAMRS!

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