FOREO LUNA Guide: How to Choose Your Facial Cleansing Brush

FOREO LUNA Guide: How to Choose Your Facial Cleansing Brush

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Hey guys! I’m here today to answer all
your questions about the LUNA facial cleansing brushes. I know what you’re thinking, “Gosh there’s so many
colorful and cute options which ones do I choose?” Don’t freak out. I’m here to find you the
perfect one for your skin type and your lifestyle. So which one is right for you? Let’s find
out. Let’s start with the LUNA 2 LUNA 2s are the perfect brush for the woman
who’s serious about her skincare. There are four different types of
brushes to match four different types of skin. The purple is for sensitive skin, the
pink is for normal skin the blue is for combination skin and the
green is for oily skin. Each LUNA has touch points. These are the soft
silicone bristles that you see, and for example, this one is for sensitive skin
so there’s finer smaller bristles. This one is for oily skin so there’s
larger, broader bristles for cleaning up those clogged pores. Now, I have oily skin so the green is
such a lifesaver All the LUNA 2 brushes have 12
intensities to choose from so you can change the pulsations
depending on whether you want a gentler or deeper clean. Now, one of the coolest
things about the LUNA 2 is this back side the anti-aging side, which is one of my
favorite things about it. So if you just get some anti-wrinkle
anti-aging cream and just put it on your face, you can gently just massage it in using this side. I love this it’s like getting a mini facial. Next we
have the LUNA mini 2 which is kind of the little sister of the LUNA 2 This is perfect for someone who’s
just starting to think about skin care or learning more about products. I know when you’re young, it’s really
hard with all these overwhelming choices but the LUNA mini 2 is perfect for a
starter brush. The LUNA mini 2 is great for all skin types. It has a 3 brush effect–this side for
normal to sensitive skin, and the hard bristles are for the hard-to-reach areas like the
nose and under the eyes. Now we have this part for the t-zone,
that oily spot so these are the perfect big bristles to
activate that spot. Now with the LUNA mini 2, choosing the right skin care
product is really easy, so all you have to do is just pick out your favorite color. This brush is made for all skin types so
it’s the best birthday gift ever, I give this to all my friends for their birthdays. Next we have the LUNA go. I’m so excited
about this one because when this came out I was like, “Yes!” I can put it in all my bags, I
put in my makeup bag my clutch, my gym bag. It is amazing, and
if you’re someone who’s always on the go or loves to get away for weekends this is the brush for you. I love it
because it’s made for all four skin types and it has a little anti-aging on
the back as well. I love popping this in my gym bag and at
the end of my gym run, I’ll just use this on my face gently and I’ll have no redness or
sensitivity. And finally, we have LUNA play. This is for someone who’s not quite sure
they’re ready to commit to a full-sized brush yet but you’re kind of interested about what sonic
cleansing has to offer. The LUNA play is just a mini
version of the LUNA mini 2 and you can use it up to a hundred
times. This is actually for all skin types and
it will give you a nice preview of what’s to come. I totally recommend this if you’re
thinking about sonic cleansing. So if you’re a try it before you buy it kind of girl, the LUNA
play is perfect for you. So now that you know the basics, you
can pick the LUNA that’s perfect for you. Thank you so much for watching and
if you have any questions at all please send them to us on social media @FOREO Until next time, bye guys!

100 thoughts on “FOREO LUNA Guide: How to Choose Your Facial Cleansing Brush”

  1. used a cheap but dried out my. cheeks which is actual
    ly got it. for to e .larged pores completely cleanedwithout drynessbut it abrasivey dries my cheeks as i lose moisture i thought i had combo skin but just dry. cheeks acne prone with enlarged pores n sensitive reactive mature skin i think i.would go with normal which.i heard was sensitive.too but the sensitive
    seems more certain.although at the price i need to be sure

  2. I strongly advise against purchasing any FOREO products. Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. I wish I'd bought the Clarisonic. Even if the device doesn't work as well, I'd rather give my money to a company that at least pretends to serve their customers. I've emailed, called, tweeted… out of all that, I received only one email, which didn't even address my concern. I could go on in detail. Bottom line: Please don't give your money to these people.

  3. I have the luna play and I'm not really convinced, I don't think it's easy to handle because it's really small and you have to press the button the whole time during cleansing

  4. I want the Luna 2 in lavender but I have oily skin which means the ugly green is my only choice. Ugh. First world problems. Wish they came in more colors.

  5. Wtf. I am so angry! I was SOLD until you put a gender on the product and said it was for WOMEN. Just women? Thanks. Lost business here.

  6. Luna mini is truly amazing. it saved my skin. You should give it a shot.

  7. On the Foreo site the 'normal' brush was suggested for me, but would the combination brush be better for foundation + makeup removal?   When I buy skin care products like cleansers, moisturizers, etc, I often go between products for combination or dry skin.  Thanks!

  8. Each charge on the Luna Go only lasts 6 days if you use it only 1 minute twice a day. This is pitiful. Can you upgrade the Luna Go battery life? Even the disposable Luna Play lasts longer than the Luna Go.

  9. +FOREO What if we have oily of combination skin that is sensitive too ? Should we get the sensitive ? Will The sensitive clean relay well a skin with many blackheads. Thanks

  10. Hi +FOREO. I have a lot of dead skin but it' s oily too with blackheads and acné prône. I have to use a special thing to remove dead skins

  11. Who keeps a Sonic cleanser in their clutch? 😂 Also I agree that the Luna play is a terrible idea and not environmentally friendly… It's 2018 companies need to be more conscious and think of sustainability not just profits

  12. 💎Get it on Ebay only 19.99$ 💎🔥🔥🔥yes only 19.99$ 🔥🔥🔥

    💎💎Ebay link :

  13. Hi Foreo, how long does the warranty claim process take? I submitted an email to customer service in January 12, no response so I submitted a warranty claim on January 17th, got 1 reply asking to submit pictures, and haven’t heard from anyone since. There’s no name on the email or a specific email address for me to reply to so how do I get y’all to respond to me? Feeling just a tad frustrated with your customer service at the moment, would really appreciate some guidance on how to proceed.

  14. So I really wanna get the Foreo Luna 2. 
    I got some blackheads around my nose and mouth so I thought about getting the one for combination skin, but I occasionally get some dry spots too, but nothing to worry about. In general my skin isn't really sensitive or super oily and I've never experienced any problems with a product or suffered from an allergic reaction because of one. 
    I would like to use my Foreo at least once and if possible twice a day, but I'm worried that the one for combination skin will therefore be too harsh for my skin. Should I get the one for normal skin (pink) then or even the one for sensitive skin (purple)?

  15. if you're buying one of these for every one of your friends, they must pay you a LOT. aint nobody can afford that shit

  16. Sooo about the Luna GO.
    What is the difference between the normal skin (rose one) and the combination Skin (blue one), I can’t tell which one i should tell and they really look the same.
    I know the bigger ones have different sizes of the silicon.. but about the luna GO i don’t really see a difference ..? Is there still one ?
    I have kinda normal skin, but also blackheads around my nose and my chin has some really bad breakouts since few months. Thanks for the help xx

  17. It's non rechargable? My wife got one and a came here to find out what it was. I don't get it as I already think my wifes beautiful.

  18. Wait so i can only use the luna play a 100 times then throw it away? It said it’s non-rechargeable in the video!

  19. I am unsure if I’ll receive a response. I purchased the Luna 2 (normal skin) and I didn’t realise I still had foundation on my face (waterproof foundation) and now there is some foundation in the bristles. How do I remove the foundation and/or clean it properly?

  20. I buy foreo Luna for all skin types for chins money 1880. Near the 300$ .Adter full charged I used 1 monts only 😞.Why the shop si no charge for long time .my every monts I charged.

  21. anti aging side?? gimick much?! fregging kidding me?! sometimes i think product makers think people are idiots! you are worried about your sales numbers being crap? stop thinking your consumers are idiots who will buy anything that you color in a pastel color.

  22. 💙💚 Can I use Foreo Luna 2 for the Oil Cleansing Method? I mean the moment of washing my face with oil alone. 💚💙

  23. I m seeing this and im like:
    so cute, but I don't have the moneeeeey 😂, im going to buy one of other brand of 12$ that's the same thing, seriously, is the sameeee

  24. I got the Luna play at Nordstrom and didn’t know it was disposable after a certain amount of usage.
    I will not throw it away but will rather keep it just as a to go face brush.

  25. My skin is combination,but i have a lot of spot! I love the luna 2 so much,but i don't know what to choose! The blue one or the purple one! Can you give me more advice?

  26. Ive bye the sensitive facial brush but i think im oily type can i still use it and is it effective to me? Ive buy cuz i dont know that theres a brush for sensitive or oily etch. Can you pls help me thank you❤❤❤god bless

  27. Foreo luna3 è una grande parte di di dietro non fa nessun massaggio..anzi è abbastanza dura e fastidiosa..

  28. Please can you sent me this device i realy need it for my skin because it's not exist in my country ( Iraq). And it's a little bit costly for me. Please can you sent me one.

  29. There are soooo many more cheaper alternatives to Luna that are soo much cheaper and are rechargeable and help out the environment more

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