Funny Ways Breath of The Wild TRIGGERS Players!

Funny Ways Breath of The Wild TRIGGERS Players!

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Almost there, almost there. Fu-bleep Woah that’s such a cool horse, I want it. Steady, steady, come here! No no, what how? Alright let’s try this again, three, two,
one, run Link! No Link, run faster! Ugggh! Wow this town in the middle of the desert
looks awesome, let’s go check it out and see what’s inside. Excuse me, no men aloud!? Oh this, this, is, oh oh I’ll get in. Ha, suckers didn’t guard the side walls. Oh come on! Let me in! Sexist, why do you hate me… Bokoblin camp, no problem. Let’s just take these little fellas out
with some bombs and- Yo fish! Fishing was one of favourite parts of past
Zelda games, how do I catch these? Oh, well there is no fishing rod? So you telling me there was literally moving
guardian tanks, flying guardians, massive divine beasts, the ishikeah, a spa day centre
for Link all developed by the sheikah but they couldn’t figure out a fishing rod,
wow. No wonder the royal family exiled half of
you. [You’re weak Maybe we can get up this mountain today, yesterday
was bust. I mean the sky is clear, birds are chirping,
crowd cheering me on let’s do this! I hate this game. Woah, flying high in the sky and shooting
at a massive mechanical bird, these dungeons are gonna be awesome. These dungeons are too short and absolute
bleep Oh sweet, a new weapon. This thing looks great! Hiiiyah! [Sharingan activation]
What, I only got this 5 minutes ago, what do I do now. Run Link! You can’t swim under the water, what the
heck. Why is there an underwater life developed
then! Ohhhh, maybe it’s like Twilight Princess and
I need to equip my zora armour Nope. I sure to love my horse and how it gets me
around Hyrule quick and efficiently Alright keep moving. What are you doing! Oh no, what have I done… Umm anyway, let’s go take a break. Aww what a cute little town. Oh and there is a puppy, let’s give the
good puppy a little pet. Oh come on, I can’t pet the puppy what the,
Zelda got to pet a puppy why can’t I?! This game hates me! Oh just bleep off Alright Ganon, time for me to take my frustration
out on you! [Rocky music fighting ganon]
Pfft, gotta admit that was a tough fight, now for round two. Well that, was bleeping easy. [Crowd Cheering] [Final Scene]
We finally saved Zelda guys [Do you really remember me]
Yes, hello, yes I do! Zelda answer me, no no no, I do remember you! Oh that’s sweat leave us on a cliffhanger. Wow Nintendo Well I think it’s fair to say this game
is a piece of bleep, 2/10 [Bleep] Jokes aside, this game is truly amazing Well I hope you all enjoyed this little fun
video about the most triggering things in Breath of The Wild, how many of these things
trigger you in the game and if I missed any that trigger you be sure to let me know down
below. As I put in the disclaimer this video was
heavily inspired by Nathaniel Bandy and his triggered series, it didn’t seem like he
was making a Breath of The Wild one so I went for it as I love those videos. Be sure to go check them out through the link
below. If you enjoyed be sure to subscribe I make
all sorts of Zelda videos from discussions, theories, top 5’s and now apparently “funny”
videos so don’t miss out. Hop in our discord server through the link
below too and until the next time I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.

32 thoughts on “Funny Ways Breath of The Wild TRIGGERS Players!”

    The following video is… not over exaggerated at all. These things are actually very annoying in this game, to the point where I feel like throwing my switch across my room. So don’t go all secret yiga clan attack on me, mmmkay?

    and greetings from my hotel room in Big Bear, California

    p.s. me and green blue discord loyal role when

    Ps Pengu is a big fat bully

    Ps tell discord I said hi and I’m enjoying my vacation/ camping trip

  3. Before completing the Zora Domain divine beast and climbing mountains there. It’s more harmful than smoking. If you don’t know what I mean. Well that big elephant thingie squirts the crap out of water and it’s always raining. ALWAYS

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