68 thoughts on “Game Commission Investigates Facebook Video Of Hunters Allegedly Abusing Injured Deer”

  1. Do the same thing to the two hunters only cut off their private parts while still alive. Then they'll know how the poor deer felt!! Stuff like this infuriates me to no end!! Hope they get the KARMA they deserve!!

  2. Love to spend time kicking those boys in the head would be great fun should never ever be issued hunting license again ever

  3. Ban Cody Hetrick and Alex Smith from hunting for life!!!

  4. Thankfully President Trump recently signed PACT ( Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture) It goes further than the 2010 law by directly banning animal cruelty, including crushing, drowning, suffocating, sexually exploiting, stabbing, or burning animals. Violators can be punished with fines, felony charges, and up to seven years in prison. No longer is Animal cruelty considered just a misdemeanor

  5. There’s also videos of them stomping on a chipmunk and stabbing it. They also hit a woodchuck off a bridge and killed it…

  6. Lmao you have “suspects” in mind?! Isn’t it pretty fucking obvious you moron?! Wow you cops really know your shit don’t you…

  7. What do you mean they might know who they are? They posted their names everywhere? What am I missing now? The boys posted on their own FB pages? why is it hard to figure out? and they DID get the antlers OFF and are not the least bit worried about prosecution. still defiant even though they took their vid down. said they were out of bullets and had no knife "what the hell did you expect us to do!!!" there is more to it. But they definitely know who they are.

  8. charge both as adults. felony animal abuse. Additionally charge the 'over 18' with corrupting the morals of a minor. Don't throw the book at them, beat them senseless with it. Anyone who can do this can not be repaired. These two are damaged goods.

  9. These kids parents need some help and these two need to go to jail and they need to turn them selfs in! Stupid kids

  10. I hope you spend the rest of your life’s in prison , I don’t know witch one of your step dad’s is a cop but if he interferes I hope he as well goes to jail and loses is job!

  11. i spend time defending hunters to friends who dont understand the eco system, conservation, & what good people hunters are…most anyway. there are monsters everywhere & these two no doubt are creepy misfits & will be even worse creepy misfits as adults. wonder what their families are like??!! more creepy misfits. every town has them.

  12. those assholes are from Brookville,PA there names are ALEX SMITH and CODY HETRICK CODY IS ON THE WRESTLING TEAM

  13. That’s what I’m saying , kick them in the fucking head and break a finger off or some shit , hope they lose their privileges for life . That’s not what us hunters do, that is cruelty .


    President Trump Signs Federal Animal Cruelty Bill Into Law https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/25/us/politics/trump-animal-cruelty-bill.html

  16. Sick twisted disgusting individuals I am a hunter myself and what I see there is not hunting. If it was up to me I would press heavy charges and jail time even for the juvenile really sick and twisted. Hunting is about beimg fair and giving wildlife respect aswell come on what is this world getting to!

  17. I saw this on Instagram and got really sad. Hunting is one thing, it's accepted and normal. But this is just evil. I hope those guys get jail time. Also thanks to Trump recently making animal cruelty a felony, I hope these two become felons for what they did to that poor animal.

  18. These demonic and sick individuals who would commit such a crime to an injured animal Should have their hunting license taken away for life jailed fined And crucified Because they are nothing but pieces of 👹💩 !

  19. This is why liberalism is a mental disorder. Only monsters who believe they are "free" to do whatever they want would commit such acts.

  20. This is actually quite concerning. If these boys are torturing animals it’s only a matter of time before they do this to a human. Just like those boys in Ukraine or where ever that killed over 20 people and recorded themselves torturing their victims. These boys need to be locked up for all of our safety!

  21. Two kids torture 1 deer Outrage! Natural gas companies pollute, poison and kill animals as well as humans up and down Pennsylvania and no one gives a shit. Or they are brainwashed and don’t believe the shit, or they took there money and don’t give a shit.
    The punishment should fit the crime.
    The attention should fit the crime.

  22. Wait till they are ID. Animal cruelty just became a federal offense unanimously voted by congress. If there is no outcome by the DNR during this investigation I know myself and other hunters will handle it. We shoot to kill maim animals, hunters have hearts too but demented little boys do not.

  23. The Alex kid smashed a chipmunk head with his foot in while holding it down with a stick and another video or Alex and one friend hit a groundhog with a truck and beat it to death up side the bridge wall and his friend threw it over board saying f u while he did it and picture after on Facebook to

  24. Pathetic
    You feel the fear and pain the deer felt. Not today, not tomorrow, but someday, nature will make you feel it.

  25. All you trump haters should be happy that trump just signed in a bill that would make cruelty to animals a felony. Don’t say he don’t care

  26. If they do stuff like that doesn't matter if they are juvenile or adults. They know what they were doing. Treat them and charge them as adults.

  27. It’s people like this that put a bad name on hunters and it pisses me off because all good hunters make a good shot and will wait for that animal to pass and when walking up on the deer we thank god for the harvest

  28. I believe of of the boys parents is a cop, that concerns me, what type of shit is that fucking pig putting in his kids head. it make me think he is another dirty cop busting people and kicking the shit out of people for no good reasons but to abuse his badge

  29. a what about the little boy
    that was 6 the top Cia agent mike tortured my son and raped him and then
    they jumped him and then the FBI HRT gang raped him and tortured him
    and then rosies team kidnapped him again while the case was open in
    mahattanh last year and tortured my son again and then they kidnapped
    another hostage and tortured her and her i am trying to get justice for
    my son these piece of shit dirty cops were are indians my family is four
    branch military

  30. As someone who grew up around hunting and firearms, this makes me sick to my stomach. Whatever punishment they get probably isn't enough. Kicking aninjured, dying deer and pulling at its antlers just plain wrong. They have no respect for wildlife.

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