Garlic Breath Challenge w/ GloZell // Ladies’ Room BTS

Garlic Breath Challenge w/ GloZell // Ladies’ Room BTS

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– Hi, I’m Kelsey and I am
here with GloZell today to do the Ladies Room Mint taste test. Now, you just had a music video come out. Is that your breath? – Or did you just fart? Is that your “Ha!” or did
you just (blows raspberry) – That’s my favorite part. (laughs) – Now.
– [GloZell] Yes? – Are you a fan of mints? – Oh yes! – Do you like garlic? – What are you up to? – What we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna eat some garlic. – In the bathroom? – And then we’re gonna
try different mints, see which one covers
up the garlic the most. – So like real garlic? Where is my manager,
’cause I can’t believe I got booked for this. – The whole thing? – I mean, how else we gonna do it? Go. (chewing) – Oh, it’s spicy! (both wincing in pain) – It’s so hot! Why is it so hot? (spits) – Oh my, I feel it, like, in my soul! (gargles) – On my mouth.
– [GloZell] Your breath! Why you keep talking to me? – Is it bad? – Is it bad? Smell like you could kill with
Twilight and the rest of them dragons, or vampires or whatever. Oh, I smell it myself, it
bounced off, like, your face. – This is Tic Tac. Try a tic tac. This is, oh my, yes. Oh this is nice, this is helping. – This is good. I’m not sure if it’s working, though. – I regret this so much. – That was not a good idea. – No. It’s–
– [GloZell] It’s still farty. – It still is pretty farty
– [GloZell] It’s still farty. – What about me, what about me? – Okay that was like–
– [Kelsey] Right. – a fanny burp, up in my nose. – These are Life Savers. – This will do it.
– [Kelsey] All right. Oh my god, do you know
what this taste like? – It tastes like garlic! – It’s like garlic and spearmint. – Here you go. (mumbles) – These are like those Easter candies. All right, how about now? It’s getting there! Red Bird, this is our last hope. (bites candy) – All right, last one. – That was the best one. – This was the best one. All right, let me get it, let me get it. You know–
– [GloZell] Is gettin’ better? You know what, the Tic
Tacs really cooled it even though the breath was still funky. – I would hope for a Red Bird. Go watch GloZell’s music video at– – GloZell on Youtube! – Thanks for watching, bye guys. Be sure to check out next week’s episode where I get to interview
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. – She got her drunk, it’s awesome. – [Kelsey] This is really
hard when you’re drunk. (funky dance music)

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  1. I'm wondering exactly how After Party got GloZell. I mean, this thing is a brand-new baby. I don't care if it's a product of Buzzfeed, this thing has only 300,000 subscribers. It shouldn't be that popular to possibly raise GloZell's chances of her book being sold, mostly because everyone's already getting her book.

  2. Nooo but if you both have garlic you can't test effectively as you become immune to the smell. One tastes, the other smells.

  3. Those are called red birds?!?! In my all 16 years of my life…I didn't think those mints had a name…omg 😱

  4. Americans really shouldn't say fanny haha. In the UK fanny means Vagina. so when Gozell said that I was in stitches. 😂😂

  5. I FELL IT IN MY SOUL! These 2 have amazing chemistry and bounce off each other. Kelsey is so great with every guest, down to earth and just hysterical.

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