Gasping for Air

Gasping for Air

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Normally one breathes at about 12-14 times a minute. If you breathe at 30 times a minute, that’s once every two seconds [breathes audibly]. That’s, that’s a lot. We got a call that there was a very sick patient. So we get to this guy’s village, and we go in, and literally, this man was a skeleton. He was breathing at about 30 times a minute. He had two consumptive diseases, HIV and TB. This man is emblematic of what’s happening all over Africa, and certainly all over southern Africa. These are people that without proper care, just die. They die breathing 30 times a minute, gasping for air. And if we can actually get them proper treatment, and actually get them to the hospital, get him nutrition, get him clean water, people live. This is what we’re trying to do in this program. If you look at it in its most basic way, it’s about preserving human dignity, giving everyone a right to life. Giving everyone a right to health. Treating everyone equally. This man deserves care just like the person living in Maseru, just like the person who lives near a big hospital in South Africa. All of these people deserve the same standard of care. So, I heard from him the other day that this guy’s doing really well. And he’s gone back to his family.

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  1. Clean water and nutrition and sanitation, why is this so hard to achieve? Why cant we dig wells and teach people to be farmers? I saw a video about the aquifers in Africa, there is plenty of water, they just need deep wells. With water, comes life. I guess there is too much money to be made in selling vaccines to prevent diarrhea caused from drinking and bathing in dirty water and poor sanitation… and no money to be made from actually ridding the world of poverty.

  2. there is no money to be made off the people dying in Africa.The system is set up to benifit poor.Only the people who can benifit the rich are cared for in the world.This is sad considering the ample resources are available.These people who die in Africa everyday are a testament to the insatiable greed and insanity within humanities selfishness.

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