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Bad breath is something personal and
which we are not ready to talk with people But what can we do to get rid of
this bad breath? and make our mouth feel refreshed let’s check that out now but before that click subscribe button to stay nice and fresh Dehydration
Individuals who don’t drink enough water get dehydrated this can result in
bacterial growth as mouth dries up Having too many chewing gums. Chewing
gums may make our mouth feel good but these chewing gums contains sugar. Using too much of it may result in bacterial growth which in turn produces bad smell. Wearing unclean tooth braces Tooth braces make it easier for food to get stuck in small spaces if it is not removed and cleaned regularly it may
result to bad breath Take a glass of hot water Add a pinch of dried ginger powder and
then add a pinch of pepper powder at last add some long pepper Leave it to cool for sometime After that filter the liquid Now, you can use it as a mouthwash daily
morning to get nice and refreshing mouth. Ginger have powerful effect of
neutralizing bad breath it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
properties Pepper fights with germs and controls
its further growth long pepper is more widely used in Ayurveda for its
medicinal property it helps to clear throat Drink plenty of water and always keep
your body hydrated. Wear clean tooth braces Don’t chew too many chewing gums
as it contains sugar Now you are ready to face the world with fresh breath. Do you find this remedy helpful? Then give us a “Thumbs up” Comment down below to let
us know which remedy you use Don’t forget to click the Subscribe button

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