Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs | क्या आप इनग्रो बलों के समस्या से परेशन हैं तो पाए अचूक उपाय

Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs | क्या आप इनग्रो बलों के समस्या से परेशन हैं तो पाए अचूक उपाय

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Hello Friends! Welcome to Vedics & if you are new here then kindly Subscribe to our channel If you are watching this video on Facebook then like our Facebook page Follow us on Instagram So today we will talk about ingrown hairs So let me tell you what is ingrows How it occurs on our skin First of all, we will discuss what are ingrown hairs Next, we will discuss who suffers the most from this sin condition Third, we will discuss how we can get rid of this problem Forth, we will discuss what to do so that this condition can never appear And finally already if we are suffering then what all the precautions we should take Ingrown hairs are the worst and painful condition of the skin If we are using the razor for hair removal then this skin condition can appear anywhere on our skin ingrown hairs are often itchy It is painful and it sometimes feels like spikes are pinching everywhere This kind of condition always occurs And this condition can not emerge initially, prolonged use of razor ends up with this skin condition If you are using razor from one to two years then all of a sudden this kind of skin condition will emerge on your skin surface And you will not able to understand the reason behind this And you won’t be able to identify this Whether it has appeared on your skin from razor or waxing So today I will give your pure idea regarding this This skin condition happens only and only due to the constant usage of the razor Razor selling companies will never warn you about such skin conditions As they have to sell their products As I am your friend I will never suggest you wrong things So today I will share complete info regarding this So let’s discuss how to escape from ingrown hairs If you suddenly notice itching on your skin and you won’t be able to specify the reason regarding this And you see the itchy area then realize that some hairs have grown out in the inner layer of your skin And you can easily be able to see that hair inside the skin layers If you will try to remove using your nails then also it will not come our and hence gives itchiness and infections And after this condition, if you will do waxing then also it will not get easily removed So I have told you who basically suffers from ingrows Now we will discuss how to remove this kind of hair Use sterilized tweezer Use sterilized pin When I was suffering from this kind of skin condition then I used a toothpick As it is wooden hence there is no chance of getting infections If you have already spent a lot of time in removing them from all of your skin If you will again for either razor or waxing then also it will recure So on that area do not use wax, do not use hair removal cream and never use the razor on those areas When you find hair on those areas then use a trimmer or epilator I have given the lin of trimmer and the epilator being used by me in the description box You can even buy them from there This nova trimmer is not only from your body but also for your eyebrows and removal of your facial hairs So you can try them if you want So here we discussed if you are already suffering from ingrows then how you can get rid of such skin conditions So what can be done so that this kind of skin condition can never occur Stop using razor Either it is designed for male-female all are the same Whose work is to remove hair But it increases the strength of your hair in every use It is good for your head not for your body If you are suffering from this problem then exfoliate your skin Stop the usage of the razor So now we will discuss how to get rid of this condition forever Although it is impossible to get rid of this condition unless you go for laser treatment But then also I will suggest a few techniques to get rid of such skin conditions up to some level Avoid shaving the area with ingrown hairs until they have time to heal I would rather say use trimmer or epilator on the areas where you have ingrown hairs The links which I have given here for the products, if you will use them then your skin will become smooth like waxing has been done I am not endorsing any products I am simply suggesting to you about those products Soak the area in warm water or apply a warm towel for a few minutes so that dead skin can easily get discarded Try exfoliating to remove any loose dead skin, which can block the ingrown hair from breaking through the skin’s surface Apply a non-greasy moisturizer to help heal dry skin and remove any dead cells Better to use coconut oil after the shower just apply a few drops of coconut oil then wash it off This process will remove the dead cells from your skin, it will act as antibacterial and anti-fungal so it will remove any kind of infections It will also remove scars from your skin See a dermatologist to get a prescription for an antibiotic if an ingrown hair gets infected So I hope I have cleared your doubts If you wanted to gain more info regarding this then visit the post link given in the description box The post link of vedics is very helpful here So that you can read it from there and follow the procedure I have shared with you all So lets meet in the next video thank you

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