Getting Dental Implants in Lithuania

Getting Dental Implants in Lithuania

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We’re going to Lithuania to have our
dental implants. We’re gonna take Uber from the airport to airbnb. It’s a little bit cold. It´s not bad. We have a kitchen. Look, you can have it above you. If you want to have blinds…like… Here we go again. and let´s see the bathroom Smile 😀 🥴 and now we’re going to Akropolis shopping mall to eat dinner we’re really hungry and after that we’re
gonna do some shopping We´re now right here at Delano it’s a Lithuanian fast food restaurant. The one serving food, she’s kind of pissed service is very bad They have very cheap alcohol in Lithuania. Water, you need water? Yes we need water. we bought some food… some gifts… We can take Uber from here, right? So, we’re going back to our Airbnb. We’re
done with the shopping. My surgeon is doctor Justina. two hours later … I´ve had my implant surgery. and that was… Don´t talk. Don´t…you cannot talk. I have a swollen face. Just had my implant surgery. I got some stitches again. because of bleeding we decided to rent a car for the
remaining four days in Lithuania so we could visit family who lives three
hours away from Vilnius. We´re heading towards Panorama to do some shopping. We´re going to the dentist Vilnius Implantology Center VIC Vilniaus implantologijos centras just have to find parking this was our Airbnb the other day. walking towards the clinic Here we are We’re in Užupis. It´s a part of Old Town in Vilnius. and I just had my treatment. Some works again…dental works. My husband also had dental implant
surgery actually on the same day when I had mine just before me. His case was a
simple one and there was no need for sedation at the same clinic he also got
for himself Invisalign so he’s been wearing it for like few days already I’ve been to an implantology clinic in
Norway and I was told that it’s not possible to have dental implant at all
but in Lithuania it’s possible These are the procedures done at the clinic which started August last year. So far I´ve spent more than 8,000 euros already and
it’s not yet finished I will come back after six months to have my zirconia
crowns placed Eight pieces in total. Five of which will
be used for my dental implants When I come back I have to pay this amount for
the zirconiai crowns I think next time I’m gonna need
treatment for hypertension due to high cost of dental treatment One week in Lithuania is over We´re done with our surgeries dental implants surgery I’ve had my last dental implants I´ve had 3 in the past, 3 months ago Together with augmentation. Bone augmentation As well as sinus lift which is necessary when you do dental implant on the upper jaw it’s a complicated surgery and it´s not cheap they’re very good in Lithuania, by the way. so I recommend, highly recommend. and husband also had implant, dentall implant Invisalign I don´t speak english ok we’re going to circle-k have a stop
we’ve been driving since 7 o’clock and it´s now quarter to 10 in the morning eight molars in total were extracted
there were beyond salvation and they’re causing the loss of my alveolar bone I
was told that dental implant was not an option for me and so we went to Latonia
to get second opinion and here we are I highly recommend all 20 of your dental
implants especially where I had mine at Venus implantology Center clinic

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