Grand Prep’d Dental (Grand Theft Auto Parody – UoP Dental School) || OTH 2017


[Phone Rings] Dr. Nadershahi: Kevin! Where are you? You’re late! If you don’t get here right now, you’re going
to fail the practical. Thay: Hey Man! I’m supposed to be training for a triathlon! Spencer: Hey! Get in the bike lane, short stuff! (Phone Rings) Aly-Aly: Kevin?! You see that bridge over there? THAT is what it SHOULD look like. (Sirens) Arya: Hey! Put those guns away. Thay: That’s my bike! Dr. Nadershahi: Where have you been?! Kevin: I… you know… it was just a late start
to the day I just couldn’t get here in time. I’m so sorry. Dr. Nadershahi: You know, I can’t keep bailing you out like
this. Kevin: What?! I promise this will be the last time. Dr. Nadershahi: You have a #1 PFM prep and temp to do. I need you to focus on what you’re doing and
don’t let me down this time. Kevin: Okay, I’ll do my best, Dr. Nadershahi. Jason: …and then Dr. Gluskin says, “yeah, this is really good cheese, but… I’m an endodontist, what can I help you with?” And Ivan says, “Well, I hear you’re an expert
at getting the maximum gutta perchases.” Dr. Nadershahi: I tell them the school is about humanism,
not trying to be humorists. Nikita: Aw, typical table-top masta! Dr. Baliwas: It’s supposed to be a crown prep, not an amalgam
fill! Vincent: What?! Says who? Mia: Mom… help! Kevin: Ahhhh! Dr. Baliwas: Alright, does it draw? Nope! Dr. Nadershahi: Kevin, how’d you do on the practical? “Dr. Budenz”: Well, you tried your best, but… still a
failure… Dr. Vallee: Ladan… Dr. Vallee: Ladan! Dr. Sahabi: What?! Dr. Vallee: Aren’t you supposed to be in IPT 1?

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