Grounding Technique for Anxiety #10: Square Breathing

Grounding Technique for Anxiety #10: Square Breathing

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This next a grounding activity is called square breathing square breathing can be helpful for a couple of reasons one because our breath is Connected to both the part of our nervous system that we can control and the part of our nervous system that is automatic, So it helps us access that calming part of our brain in through the back door The other thing about square breathing is if you practice it with varying lengths of breaths Then you can practice putting yourself into a slightly anxiety-provoking situation, which is being out of breath, But you’re doing it intentionally in such a way that something that would normally be anxiety provoking or uncomfortable becomes something that you can handle with willingness So you are basically converting something that might have been stressful into something that is very comfortable and that Trains your brain to believe that you have the ability to convert something that’s stressful into something that’s beneficial for you So let me just explain square breathing really quickly: So with square breathing you imagine yourself breathing along a square so you imagine yourself starting at the top Right corner of the square and you imagine yourself breathing in for four seconds and then you imagine yourself holding that breath for four seconds and Then you imagine yourself breathing out so exhaling for four seconds and Then holding that air out for four seconds and you’re back to the top of the square and you repeat that four times So breathe in Two three four, so you’re breathing in that whole time Holding it for four seconds Breathing out for four seconds you’re exhaling for four seconds, and then you’re staying without breath for four more seconds. So Just like that When you exhale you want to have all the breath out that you can have out, you want to be completely out of breath when you’re done with your inhale, you want to be completely full of breath and The other two are the process of getting in and out now You can lengthen the amount of time that you’re doing these inhales and exhales and holding so you can lengthen it out to eight seconds Or 10 seconds or 16 seconds, but when you lengthen the amount of time that you’re out of breath You’re gonna cause your brain to panic for a little bit and that’s where you can kind of challenge yourself to Increase your comfort with being out of breath. So really there’s two ways to do this activity The first way is to just stay at four seconds. Breathe in for 4 seconds Hold for 4 seconds breathe out for 4 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds And that’s just gonna be kind of naturally calming because it’s creating a rhythm And the other way you can do this is to challenge yourself to lengthen the amount of time You’re holding that breath and that’s gonna be a little bit more of a mental challenge that creates more resilience So as you do this activity just watch yourself and pay attention to the emotions that come up so Paying attention to your breath is going to help you stay centered and grounded while various emotions go through you. I Hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching and take care Hi everyone, I’m excited to announce that my Udemy course “Change your brain” is now live So this is a two hour intensive course that goes into the ways that you can change your brain chemistry without medication So these are very practical skills that have been shown through research to Improve mental health and combat depression anxiety and other mental illnesses in this course I teach the practical application of neuroplasticity Which is the emerging field of science showing that our brains are Flexible and changeable throughout our entire lives that our brains can actually change their structure, function, and chemistry By how we think and how we act. and this course teaches ten simple ways that you can improve your mental health By activities that take only a couple minutes every day So I created this course because this is fundamental information that I think everyone should have access to so Please take a look at it. The link is in the description It’s on and I’m including a coupon code if you’d like to take the course for free Just send me a private message and I’ll give you a code. So check it out. Thanks and take care

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  1. Breathing exercises help so much when you are not grounded. More people need to do them. Become grounded is the most life changing thing that you can do for yourself.

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