Guided Meditation: Breathing Exercise for Healing [Breathe]

Guided Meditation: Breathing Exercise for Healing [Breathe]

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Do not listen to the following audio whilst
driving or operating machinery, only listen when you can safely relax
Hello and welcome to breathe. In this meditation you will unlock a breathing pattern which
will allow you to not only become completely relaxed, but also to guide your body and mind
into a state of healing and restoration. You see it’s possible to feel tense for
a variety of different reasons, but the time has come now, to take a little quiet time
for yourself, so that you may relax and feel really good to just be alive. Before we begin
the breathing exercise, I’d like you to give yourself permission to let go of unwanted
thoughts and feelings which are not serving you well.
Simply say the words in your mind, “I give myself permission to let go.”
With this self-given permit, be mindful that you are in control of your life and you can
chose to be completely conscious and completely present in this very moment.
You do not require permission from anyone else, neither do you need a reason to allow
yourself this short time for personal space and relaxation.
So, let’s begin by taking a large deep breath in through your nose, and when you feel full,
hold this breath for a few moments. Become aware of that slight rigidity and tension
in your chest before releasing that breath through your mouth, noticing the wonderful
feeling as you let the air seep back out. Do this at your own comfortable breathing
rate. Repeat this once again at your own comfortable
pace, take a large deep breath in through your nose, when you feel full, hold that breath,
and when you’re ready, release that air. Feel those relaxing sensations at that carbon
dioxide and oxygen mixture, leaves your body and you breathe in clean oxygen once again.
You do not need to follow my words precisely, simply allow your own natural rhythm, inhaling
deeply and holding that breathe for a few moments. Becoming aware of your lungs and
diaphragm getting full and relaxing deeper as you release that air.
Already you should be able to feel the stress melting away. I’d like to continue to breathe
deeply for another five cycles, counting each exhalation, counting each breath out.
Continuing to breathe and as you perform this wonderful exercise, notice the micro feelings
in your skin. There may be fluctuations in your skins temperature. You may even feel
slight tingling sensations. This is a completely natural process for your body is constantly
healing you, creating new cells and diverse neurological pathways. When we become stressed,
we block our body’s ability to function at its best and at this particular level,
that you are experiencing now. However as you breathe deeply, and feel these
sensations, your body naturally becomes re stabilised, and as your mind continues to
focus and unwind, stress simply dissipates into nothingness. You now feel completely
present and absolutely relaxed, fully hearing my words in your conscious and your subconscious
mind. Each time you perform breathing exercises
in this way, you notice an inner presence, and become more aware of your thought processes
and your body. By simply enjoying this awareness, doing nothing in particular, whilst breathing
deeply you are giving way to a state of serenity, which is the basis for all success and productivity.
A busy mind can never be fully effective, whereas a calm mind can handle anything.
Breathing mindfully in this way is a form of self-meditation. You can do this wherever
you are, in any location and at any time. In fact breathing in this way, although simple
is the perfect solution to solving any problem in your life, for when we create a relaxing
feeling, we achieve an emotional release which unlocks freedom within our lives and connects
us to a higher level of thought and consciousness. As your awareness expands, feeling all of
the varying sensations in your body now, from temperature, to the nerve endings in your
skin, to the emotional feelings and to the calm vibrations spreading throughout your
very being. Your body is taking it’s opportunity now, to focus entirely on the process of healing.
The cells in your body are reproducing at a miraculous rate all the times, wherever
you are. But by entering this current level of relaxation that you are experiencing now
your mind becomes cleansed. Feeling absolutely wonderful and as your thoughts disappear and
you focus on my words, you breath even deeper and your relaxation doubles. And even then
when you thought you were already as deep as you could go, you relaxed even more and
allowed your mind to drift, and your subconscious to record all positive suggestions that you
have received today. You are healing, all unwanted circumstances
in your life are simply disappearing, and each time you listen to this meditation and
each time you breathe deeply, you take back conscious control over your mind and you can
chose to feel stress, or to feel relaxed. It’s as simple as making a choice.
Now in a moment you are going to return to your full waking consciousness, but yoou will
take with you this feeling of relaxation. Your body also has an opportunity to heal
itself at an efficiency of thousands of times more than if you were stressed.
If you still continue to have wondering thoughts that’s fine, this a sign that you are aware
of your thoughts and so you are in the process of healing regardless.
From this day forward, you will become aware whenever you feel these awful sensations in
your body and you will choose to stop and take the time to focus on your breath. Or
perhaps listen to this meditation. These simple breathing techniques for stress and anxiety
can be done anywhere at any time. And once stress has been released, you will
feel absolutely wonderful and ready to take on the challenges of the world with motivation
and pride. My words will now leave you, you can become
fully conscious right now, or you can continue to meditate. The choice is always yours. Thank
you for listening, for a free meditation e-book or to download this audio, please see the
links in the video or the description. May your day be filled with potential, this is
Ryan Taylor signing off.

13 thoughts on “Guided Meditation: Breathing Exercise for Healing [Breathe]”

  1. Whatever u saying, I was listening,, and forgetting all the stress all the problems,,, and making my self free and fresh after that when u finished your words I got a huge relexation to all over my body, after that I felt a kind sleep,, amazing meditation,,,thanks

  2. I liked this very much but I don't like holding my breath because that is a kind of stress. What I do instead is wait after exhaling for the inbreath to come by itself.

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