Happy Hour #26 – Gavin After Dentist | Rooster Teeth

Happy Hour #26 – Gavin After Dentist | Rooster Teeth

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How’d it go? You hurt? You hurting? Okay, so what did you just tell me? It felt like playing Mario Kart Why are you annoyed? Why are you annoyed that you didn’t feel the teeth come out? They did do it Well, they took them out They don’t let you keep them They were yours, they stole them from you I like YOU! We’ll continue this conversation when I’m not driving How you feeling, buddy? You’re cold Do you want to put the blanket on? What do you mean? Well you do look sad, you’re right Why do you look so sad? Well, probably because you’re doing like a little… [makes Gavin face] Okay, do it! [Meg laughs] Okay, don’t hurt yourself Don’t hurt yourself You can be sad, it’s okay Not very happy eyes Okay [Meg laughs] Nailed it What was it like in there? What’d you- how did you have “dreams”? Ohh okay, where you can go up the ramps Right, I’m familiar with it How many dentists did you have? A family of dentists Well that’s good, right? You don’t wanna feel any pain It’s not good? Or you don’t wanna feel any pain? It IS good It’s gauze that we’re gonna replace your gauze with. There’s your ice pack. You can put it on one side, and then in about 15 minutes you’re gonna put it on the other side. [Meg chuckling] You’re cute. Aww, I love you! Seeing you all loopy is so weird. Cause, I never see you loopy. You should cut- you should shave your face and then just have that mustache that you had. Cause from here, it kinda looks like you just have a mustache. It’s giving me weird Lazer Team flashbacks I HATED it! Alright… I’ll leave you alone. Well, you haven’t had them yet. OH! Hey…uh… you love your girlfriend, what a nerd! I DO! If..uh…you think Gavin being in pain is funny… as funny as I do. You should SUBSCRIBE to the Achievement Hunter Channel! It’s in my hand, and watch us play video games, and maybe he’ll get hurt there too! Hey guys! I’m a penis! [Gavin wheezes]

100 thoughts on “Happy Hour #26 – Gavin After Dentist | Rooster Teeth”

  1. what do they give you in the US when they remove the teeth? like seriously every video I see of this they are so out of it.

  2. according to my mum when my bro had his wisdoms taken out the stuff they gave him had him hitting on the nurses

    which is also why i dont want mine taken out
    there's an assistant dentist nurse chick or whatever who's really cute

  3. 0:57 you can tell how much time they spend together, because Meg sounds just like Gavin here, with the inflection of her question.

  4. you could've kept em I was mortified when I learned they took mine I had too Go back too the dentist and beg the lady to give em back and she did and I did voodoo with it and still have one but it's broken lol

  5. GOD this video randomly popped up in my feed and seeing Geoff back then is just,.. striking. He used to be absolutely CHONKY.

  6. I got one of my wisdom teeth removed a year ago..A few weeks ago, during a unrelated dental appointment, they told me my remaining wisdom teeth wont have to come out ever!
    Happy day! 😀

  7. Not getting to keep your teeth must be a Texas thing. We live in Minnesota and they gave my husband his teeth in a little blue bag when he was done. He gave me the teeth as a gift and I actually treasure them

  8. I mean, for the record, sometimes they let you keep the teeth. I have all four of the wisdom teeth they pulled from me (including the one they broke pulling out.)

  9. I had my wisdom teeth removed a bit over a year ago. Watching this again, my post dentist babbling was very similar to Gavin's

  10. Awwwweee! Drugged up Gavin and sober Meg are so adorable! I still don't understand why anyone would want to hurt their relationship?

  11. this is why i stayed awake 🤣 my sister was so distraught and i’m terrified of iv needles 🤣 so yeah 🤣

  12. I was literally thinking about this video the other day and lo and behold YouTube recommended it to me. Amazing

  13. Some times I am like “how dose Gavin put up with meg and how dose meg deal with Gavin” and then this video reminds me of just how cute, amazing and genuine their feelings for earth other are.

  14. Gavin I had a tooth pulled when I was a kid and I felt it, it is not something I'd recommend feeling

    Funny thing is I remember one of the people there said "dont shout at me" even though I was like 6 and was just groaning in pain
    Despite that I still tried to say sorry

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