Health Benefits of Guava Part 2 II अमरुद के स्वास्थ लाभ – भाग -2 II

Health Benefits of Guava Part 2 II अमरुद के स्वास्थ लाभ – भाग -2 II

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Welcome to Healthcare at Home In our previous episode we were talking about the qualities of Guava There are so many qualities of Guava are left, So firstly let me start with the people who have long time constipation that means severe constipation which is not getting done. what they have to do, take a complete ripe guava you do not have to chew its seeds properly, instead just chew then lightly and swallow them By doing this remedy for 2 months, long lasting constipation will be solved So, must use the ripe guavas if you have the problem of constipation Even you have normal problem of constipation then you must consume 2 Guava after your meal because its dietary fiber helps to digest the food easily so you get relief in the problem of constipation it has so much of potassium,in fact more than banana This potassium regulated the heart rate and also control the blood pressure, so people who got their heartbeat raise generally and those who have high BP, those people must consume 2 Guava in a season Daily eat 2 Gurava , not only you will get relief in the problem of BP in fact you will get the relief in the problem of heart rate It has Vitamin A, Retinol which perfects the eye sight So, people who have eyesight problem and not able to consume the Carrot, they should consume the Guava Along with it has Copper , which helps into the production of Red Blood Cells So, those who have problem of red blood cells they must consume the Guavas You must have notice that there are some people who are always angry,irritated,& mentally restless Now it will tell you that why they should consume the Guavas It has Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine what it does it increase the flow of the blood till the mind It is very good for the nerves so if you are getting irritated, immediately consume 2 Guavas you will notice that your irritation will be in control And people who are not mentally balanced they must consume 2 Guavas in its season with this their mind will be calm along with this, whose sperm counts are very low, or who want to increase the sperm counts what they have to do They have to take leaves of Guava and have to boil them in the 1/2 ltr of water after boiling, or boil till then water is reduced to 400 ml only Boil it with almost 50 gm of Leaves and that 400 ml of water, consume this water twice in a day every time 200 ml. You have to consume it for 2 months and after 2 month you will notice that your sperm count will be noramalized see, Guava has Vitamin A , Lycopene, beta carotene Which is very good for you skin so those who has ski problems they must consume Guravas Along with it is rich in Carotene, Carotene protects from Lung & Oral Cancer see Guava has Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Magnesium, manganese , Vitamin K, Copper These all are very important for your body So, to make your body healthy,then must consume 1 Guava in a season See, in Gurava you will get lot of Vitamin C and what does Vitamin C do Vitamin C get your immune system strong But take care of one thing that Vitamin C is in the outer green past and less very lesser in the internal pulp So Vitamin C and this Green portion to be eat in lot Apart from that those who have cholesterol or their Trigliserides level is very high For them i will tell one remedy, take a hand full of eave of Guava Then wash it out and put them in to the grinder and prepare its paste This paste to be boiled in 1/2 liter of water let is have a 2-3 perfect boils after straining, consume this water 3 times in a day for 50 ml each time You will notice that with in few days your Cholesterol & triglycerides level they will become normal So, isn’t there were so many qualities of Guava Along with its leaves has so much of qualities in it So for being healthy consume Guava. Rest our wish is that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. To meet us subscribe this channel, tell to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel. Support us in our aim, our aim is that maximum number of people get health benefits while sitting at home only So, share our videos as much as you can . Thank You…

6 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Guava Part 2 II अमरुद के स्वास्थ लाभ – भाग -2 II”

  1. Namastey Alankar ji.i m waiting for your reply , video about control stress,concentration. Plz check ur mail & reply me. Dhanyawad

  2. Excellent information . Also presentation is also awesome ! English subtitles are very helpful for those who doesn't understand Hindi .
    Indians must promote the cultivation of Guava (Peru /Amrud ) to boost rural economy and also health of villagers .
    Almost 90 % Indians are not aware about the health Benefits of many fruits and fall pray to many diseases , which can be prevented by simple practices of eating seasonal fruits .
    For Diabetes , every person spends atleast Rs 1000 per month for various medicines , tests etc but they won't spend Rs 500 every month to consume Guava is really painful to understand .
    We must spread awareness amongst many Indians , both residing in Cities and also in Rural areas .

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