Hey Steve: Stuffed Animal Bedroom Drama


– Hey Steve, my wife here, we have 80 Stitch plush stuffed animals. We’ve got them all
lined up on our beds but I told my wife we really need
to throw some of them away, because they’re overcrowding our beds. So we can’t sleep properly at night. Some of them are looking at me, I feel like they’re looking at me. (audience laughs) Am I being watched when I’m sleeping? It feels like it’s almost,
on borderline, hoarding, these animals, these stuffed animals. But we don’t feel like
throwing them away because they have those pitiful looking
eyes staring back at me like “Don’t throw me away.” But I can’t sleep at night. So what should I do, Steve? – Let me talk to your
wife, stand you’re wife up. (audience applause) – Hey Steve. – You got all these bears on the bed. You don’t like the bears? – Both of us love them. – [Steve] Oh, both of you love them? – [Audience] No, he doesn’t,
I don’t really know. – So when y’all go to sleep,
what do you do with the bears? – I have some here, and
some here, some here, and I wake up with sores, sore muscles. – Wait a minute, we have a picture? (audience chatters) So, when you get in the
bed, they stay on the bed? – He gets off the bed. – He gets off the bed. So you sleep with all of them animals? – Pretty much all of them. – There’s too much of them. I know that’s right, understood that. So, how do you… Do y’all have kids? – No, no, none yet. – Not yet? You aint gon’ have none. (audience applause) Not yet. You sleep with them on the bed. Do you think that’s fair to your husband? – I guess not. – Do you work, sir? – Yes, I do. – Yeah see, so he works. The man gotta get a good night’s rest so he can go to work. (audience applause) How ’bout this? Why don’t you create a (laughs) why don’t you create
an area in the bedroom where they can stay instead of the bed? So they aint looking…
(audience applause) Oh they be looking at you? – [Man] Well, I guess we’ll try that. – I guess you’ll be
working, he’ll be going… (audience laughs) Oh yeah. No, my suggestion is, why don’t you put them in a area, what’s your name, ma’am? – Jo. – Why don’t you put them in
a area that’s in the bedroom, they have their own little corner, it be nice, and then have the bed be for activity, so
y’all can have some kids. (audience applause) – We’ll do that, we’ll do that, thank you. – Thank you. All right, Donna.

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