His First Dentist Appointment! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

His First Dentist Appointment! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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within the next like year or so your
teeth are gonna start falling out oh yeah are you ready for school you got
your share your sure thing he’s got a picture and Papa isn’t it cuz his letter
is ha ha no what do letter B P P good morning guys we’re off to school and I
am like on a good mama roll today he has a jacket Wow which it’s not even s
coldest the other day but she’s nice and warm that’s good huh and he’s got his
shared a toy and I even brought back his clean sheets and blankets I just stopped
oli off and yeah he did really good Sunday’s like like just last a couple
times I dropped him off he actually has been crying and just really like
attached to me but today he did great I think he’s cause he’s excited for what
we’re doing later which is going to see it dentists and I did not think he’d be
excited about it but I like really made it seem exciting and it’s now he’s
really excited I want to show you like look at how cute this is yeah this is
one of his crush that he did for this thing that is so cute definitely hanging
this up I had to show you this as well as you guys might know I had terrible
eyesight as a kid and as until I was like 25ish
like it was bad that it was bad enough that I mean I couldn’t see the big E and
I actually ended up getting LASIK or a type of LASIK to fix my eyes and it was
legit the best decision I’ve ever done in my entire life because it has
completely changed how I am like it’s just the craziest thing but anyways I
know that I don’t think my kids are gonna have good vision either my dad has
terrible vision my my brother and my sister have just as bad terrible vision
although my mom surprisingly has almost perfect vision and brian has definitely
perfect vision they actually did a vision test at to his school and right
now as of 4 years old he has 20/20 vision yay I think that’s really cool
I’m like I don’t know how long that’s gonna last but he’s right now has 20/20
vision he doesn’t have like any color blindness and stuff which I think my dad
actually may have some colorblindness I’m kind of looking
at this going like I’m gonna frame this because we don’t know how long he’s
gonna have 20/20 vision form and who knows maybe he will end up having his
downsize and not have terrible visions but it does seem extremely genetic and
my brother and sister have very very bad eyesight as well as I did
I tell you this my kids do have bad eyesight and once they can are reached
an age usually over 18 and it their eyesight level I’m getting them this
LASIK because it has changed my life like the fact that I can see without
having to put anything in my eyes in the fact I can go to bed without taking
stuff out of my eyes and touching my eyes it’s amazing I am back at the
horsey store and I had just like about 30 minutes but my my main thing is that
I need to get you new bit for him he does not like the bit that’s in his
mouth right now and so I’m gonna look around for some options and I also need
to grab a couple other things I always forget what I need but I love this store
because it just has everything that you could possibly think of for horse of and
it’s not super close so when I drop off Ollie I like to to go through it yeah
I’m just looking at some cultures the one he has it’s a little big it’s kind
of a smaller horse so I’m gonna see if they have something smaller for him
hopefully it’ll fit him I had a blast at the horse store and I
bought all kinds of fun stuff I bought it a few new bits and about a bear back
and some really cool stuff and now I’m actually headed to Finley’s dentist
appointment they both have a dentist appointment today and actually made them
separately because Ollie the last few times they’ve been in the dentist has
it’s been very traumatizing and he’s always really sad and cries and I really
want Finn to go for his first on this appointment and have a good experience
and not have like his brother to influence how he should act at the
dentist so I’m hoping he’s good and then what seems like a crazy surprise this
morning when I told him that the dentist wanted to see his really really clean
teeth he’s really excited for the dentist now so I’m really I’m really
happy that he’s excited and I’m excited to see how he does so we have separate
appointments I’m gonna take him first go get I’ll even take him
we’ll look where we’re gonna be at the dentist you have a house – cool thank
you show me your teeth can you brush um say ah
tell him to brush his teeth look at you he’s a little cowboy you’re going so –
Oh fine cream jockey me doing so good and then
your brother did it hey thank you what are you saying Finley Jay you did amazing did he brush
your teeth and you were so good you got a sticker oh I’m sure he got all kinds
of goodies he’s got stickers he got some toothpaste
a little toy I seriously I’m so proud of him my Ollie was a lot different for his
first um dentist appointment then was just awesome
so proud of him good job bud he’s got a lolly how good you did huh all right we
got Ollie are you excited for your dentist appointment yeah I was just
telling him that Finn went and he did so good are you proud of your brother his
toy yeah he got a little toy all he’s excited about all that so he kept it he
got a few cool things so now it’s your turn I’m so excited so he’s gonna brush
her teeth and he’s gonna look at it with a little mirror it’s gonna be super easy
kay yeah I’m so excited I think Brian I think daddy’s gonna meet us there too
okay alright so I never met up with Missy and the boys who are currently
playing in the spook house hi Polly did you hear Finn did so good at his first
dentist appointment what that’s so cool are you excited for
today’s appointment only yeah yeah the dentist is fun look at all
this cool stuff this is actually a really cool place
they have this awesome little Playhouse I’m not gonna swing and oh is that for
me thank you thank you so yeah I’m very interested to see how all he does today
this is only his second dentist appointment the first day I’m actually
really hungry because I did not have lunch today oh thank you thanks ollie
that’s pretty good what’s this pizza chicken n pizza one bite Apple oh okay
ooh bacon thanks boys boys are keeping me fed Ollie you are sitting in a
spaceship dude how cool is that and they’re gonna get him some sunglasses look they’ve got Disney stuff up there
okay put your send guys not me take a picture you there you go and get my near kind of like when you
eat volleys see you don’t get food all over your shirt we used to come out your
teeth did you know that should we count them for mommy one two three four five six seven eight
nine ten on that top Wow so ten plus ten is twenty so when dr. yam comes and asks
you how many teeth you happy or 20 teeth okay does that sound like a lot that’s a
lot of teeth to take care of they look really nice it looks like you guys have
been doing a nice job taking out of bounds so that went pretty good but I have one
question Ollie how many cavities do you have what that’s awesome
no cavities ever we don’t eat cavities right oh yeah I got a little lizard well
we are at Starbucks and uh boys I get and cake pops good job at the dentist
today boys I’m so proud of you guys I was starving so I had to get one of
those little box sandwiches things by them and be blogging hey Cory that’s awesome okay
I’ll hold it I’ll hold it so we can show them the lizard no no you hold the
camera hey Luna you wanna meet a new friend and
look at this lizard toy we are home now we just fed the boys and ourselves we
have quite a productive day – dentist appointments babe it’s pretty good okay
the boys are gonna go through their little goodie bags that they got from
the dentist today so let’s go ahead and see what you guys got kay Finn’s already
gone through his you got some flaws which the doctor said he is just too
little teeth right in front that are really close and so I already am
flossing them but typically kids teeth are spaced out that’s the only one I
have to fly and then oh and then there’s a toothbrush so we got some toothpaste
and he also got some flaws and he’s the doctor said that I actually don’t floss
his teeth because they’re all really spaced out but the doctor said that his
back molar teeth are little closer together so I’m gonna start flossing
those ones and then you know what the doctor said
Ollie got in the next within the next like year or so your teeth are gonna
start falling out it’s okay but it is totally normal
you know how live has missing teeth yeah cuz she her teeth fall out and then you
get your big kid you get like mommy teeth when you grow up but anyways yeah
their teeth look really good no cavities no sugar bugs yeah the doctor was so
proud of you guys they got all their goodies oh yeah and I like also got this
awesome Mickey Mouse toothbrush do you want to
use that one tonight yeah anyways we had a very busy day our puppies missed us
quite a bit did give me a charge muna yes we did
yep you missed us yep yep that’s what that means but we’re gonna go ahead and
end taste video we are gonna hurry up and get to bed cuz we’re all exhausted
right right boys right so anyways give this video a big thumbs
up if you enjoyed it did you have fun with Dennis
yeah there was a big puzzle let us know down below how do you guys like the
dentist some people don’t love the dentist and some people don’t mind them
and you know there is nothing to be afraid of at the dentist huh cuz they
are so nice but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the video and we’ll see you guys
tomorrow by

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