Holy Basil Tulsi Tea – How to Grow & Life Changing Health Benefits

Holy Basil Tulsi Tea – How to Grow & Life Changing Health Benefits

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in this quick video you’re going to learn
why holy Tulsi basil is known as the elixir of life how has changed my life
and I’ll show you products and supplements you can purchase well then
take a walk out to my garden I’ll show you how easy it is to grow how to make
tea and how to make my special infusion this is Tim from organic backyard garden
a little bit about my story and how I discovered holy basil a few years ago I
was having really low energy levels I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the
issue was I would see my doctor we ran a couple test one test was a cortisol test
and cortisol is the feel-good hormone in your body you have high level stroke
today what we found is I had really low levels of cortisol cortisol is created
by your adrenal gland when you’re under stress your adrenal glands put out
cortisol to help you respond to that stress and if you’re under a lot of
stress for prolonged period of time your adrenal glands don’t know if they should
actually be putting out cortisol or not they actually get confused so that was
happening in my case to remedy my doctor prescribed an adaptogen blend of herbs
and adaptogens are herbs that can help regulate your stress response think of
it as a thermostat in your house it doesn’t let your stress response get too
high or too low it keeps levels in check the primary
ingredient my blend was Tulsi after a few months my energy levels were back it
was amazing I swear by Telus e basil but the health benefits don’t end there
there’s many more benefits which we’ll talk about and that’s why I’ve been
taking Tulsi basil for several years to give me an edge up holy basil is
referred to sometimes as Tulsi basil or sacred basil
it’s cultivated typically for its medicinal purposes or religious in
Hinduism leaves and whole plants are worshipped one way you can start
immediately is using supplements you can get these supplements off Amazon
from the company Organic India and these are capsules you can take and they are a
blend of three different types of holy basil Krishna Rama and Venna now another
great option is the loose leaf tea from the same company Organic India this is a
16 ounce bag and it’s the same blend Tulsi has a unique cloak like aroma and
a nice wonderful peppery taste their option is the Tulsi Organic India tea
packets these are single packets great for on-the-go but they’re a little more
expensive by volume than the loose leaf large bag
another thing we like to do inside our homes defuse Tulsi essential oils as a
really relaxing effect and a great smell in the home we diffuse these in our
favorite diffuser I’ll put a link below to the diffuser and the essential oil
this is an amazon affiliate link and it will help support our channel now it’s extremely easy to grow your own
holy basil so let’s take a walk out to my garden I’ll show you how I’m growing
it and some tips if you decide to grow your own here in New England in grow zone five I
started my seedlings indoors in early April and planted them out in May after
our average last frost date this is a holy basil plant planted in a raised bed
at about one square foot per plant it’s planted along side other basil varieties
but as you can see this plant is taking up quite a bit of space over the past
couple months as of this recording it’s about four months old when harvesting I like to pinch off the
top leaves and buds this encourages growth on the lower nodes of the plant now in making tea from fresh herbs
you’re gonna use much more than you would
when using dried herbs the reason is the fresh herbs contain much more water
content they’re less potent than the dehydrated loose leaves so you’re going
to use about typically three times more on average than you would as a dried
herb the best time to pick herbs for tea and drying is in the morning after the
dew has driving before the heat of the day this is when the herbs will contain
the most essential oils additionally you can use stems flowers and leaves in your
teas all right so now that we have enough
we’re gonna head back in and I’m going to show you how we’re going to make a
simple tea in my tea infusion also if you liked this video please give it a
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videos so first we’ll make a tea and I’m going to give them a rough cut I’ll then
take the knife turn sideways and bruise the leaves this will help in the tea
making process I’ll then bring 6 cups of water to a boil I’ll then remove it from
heat and then add about two handfuls of the Tulsi leaves I’ll let the leaf
simmer for about 15 minutes periodically stirring and smashing the
leaves up to the side of the pot to help release all the compounds now before I
show you how I make my infusion which my family loves and we always have in the
fridge let’s talk about some of the benefits and I was prized at how much
research there is out there on all the benefits of Tulsi basil so we’re going
to review some of them and I’ll put a link into the description of all of
these studies tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties
these compounds were comparable to ibuprofen and aspirin she protected
against drug and aging induced memory problems in mice indicating that Tulsi
may be beneficial in treatments orders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia Tulsi can protect the heart Tulsi leave
essential oil was shown to lower cholesterol and protect the heart via
its antioxidant effects in rat studies in rabbit studies Tulsi leaves
significantly decreased blood levels of cholesterol
since Tulsi is rich in potassium it may balance blood pressure it also inhibits
AC e an enzyme that increases blood pressure therefore it may help reduce
blood pressure in type 2 diabetes patients Tulsi lowered fasting blood
sugar levels by 17% in post meal blood sugar levels by 7 percent strong lady
oxidant capacity is measured from Tulsi essential oils
additionally Telsey leaf powder was shown to combat cadion produced free
radicals restored liver and kidney function in a study of broiler chickens
a review study of Tulsa’s anti-cancer activity found effectiveness against
skin cancer lung cancer breast cancer and preventive effects against liver
cancer stomach cancer and oral cancer in studies Tulsi extracts showed to
accelerate bone healing Tulsa has antibacterial and antiviral
properties in a rabbit study two grams of fresh Tulsi leaves significantly
increased testosterone levels over a thirty day period this is just a handful
to benefits but now let’s move on and how to make the tea infusion I first going to start off with a 64
ounce mason jar with a lid and I’m going to fill it up halfway with fresh Tulsi
leaves if you have dried leaves fill it up a little less than a quarter of the
way next place it in the sink and pour
freshly boiled hot water into the mason jar filling it to the top then place the lid on very tightly let
the jar sit out until it gets warm this will probably take a couple hours and
then move it into the fridge overnight the next day you’ll be left with a
really dark liquid this is the infused Tulsi tea we like to drink this over ice
and it’s a really refreshing on a hot summer day this is our favorite and we
always have a jar in the fridge during the summer months I hope you enjoyed this video and
learned a lot more about Tulsi holy basil and the many wonderful benefits of
this herb if you like this video please give it a thumbs up
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away thanks again

16 thoughts on “Holy Basil Tulsi Tea – How to Grow & Life Changing Health Benefits”

  1. I like your videos they are very informative. I would like to grow Holy Basil and many other things but how do you combat the problem of bugs and insect in your garden?

  2. I am having so much trouble growing this variety.
    I planted it in a "tea garden" in a food forest garden model under a crab apple tree. Other tea herbs like mints, chamomile, lavender, thymes, oregano, sage, and many edible flowers are growing well, but not my holy basil. 😕
    I thought i'd direct sew, like other basils, but none came up.
    I also direct seeded in a few tomato beds. Again, none came up.
    Even though I am well into the season, I decided to try again, but this time in start trays inside under grow lights. I am finally seeing sprouts. I'm not sure why I am having so many issues, especially since my other tea herbs are doing so well.
    Is this a plant that just does better started indoors?

  3. Thank-you so much for this video. I am growing Tulsi for the first time as I have seen it's myriad benefits! Grow a lot here on our small farm, but am doing an online herbalist course and have focused on top herbs and plants like Stinging Nettle, Anise Hyssop and the Holy Basil. Cannot wait to make that infusion for the Summer that you demonstrated. Greta stuff! Keep on keeping on.

  4. It’s growing beautiful in my garden. I just need to learn what to do with it. How to cut and use daily.

  5. Great video thank you! I just got diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue by a natural path. She put me on a Mediterranean diet, And a few other herbs. If you drunk coffee did you have to stop?I'm gonna try holy basil do you have any recommendations for me since you went through this same disorder? How long did your recovery take ?thanks again

  6. Tulsi is really amazing stuff, I don't want to drink any other tea after findings this, is there any other teas that compare, I worry a little that I will grow tired of only Tulsi .

  7. Which one is the best for consuming.? Capsule form, or in tea form …. Or panch Tulsi liquid form ? Or taking fresh Tulsi leafs ?

  8. I just bought my own tulsi holy Basil plant I intend to find a spot to let it go wild, I also have a chamomile patch now and lemon balm is starting to get seedlings

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