Holy Breath Meditation Video

Holy Breath Meditation Video

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Close your eyes and
Put your Attention in the 2 Nostrils. Go inside the 2 Nostrils.
Keep putting your Attention. You are breathing.
Don’t pay attention to the breathing but only Attention on the Attention itself.
Just put the Attention inside the Nostrils. Just go inside the Nostrils.
Now I’m shifting your Energy from the Breath to Attention.
This is very, very criticial. That’s why I told you:
Don’t put Attention on the Breath. just only remain aware of
concentrating on the Energy inside, the Attentional Energy inside the Nostrils.
Identify a place in between the 2 Eyebrows where the 2 Nostrils meet and
what it corresponds to is the Pituitary Gland within the brain,
a major gland. Put the Attention inside the Nostrils and
at the Pituitary where the 2 Nostrils meet. You have to Concentrate and
become One with the Attention. You and the Attention merge.
Now what is happening is that you are trying to understand Life Itself,
Consciousness itself. Life is Consciousness.
That’s why, when you are dead there is no Consciousness,,
there is no awareness of the body. This is the time which is most conducive
for the Holy Spirit to descend into you and change the entire Body, Mind and the Soul.
Now this meditation you can do anywhere. You can open your eyes.
Come back and open your eyes. You can do it Anywhere, Anytime.

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  1. i saw me in a miniture self inside and i couldnt stop being curious about the cushion of my brain and i also saw red light inside. i couldnt help but behave as a child inside my nostrils! very odd.

  2. I do meditation I always see colours n see sun n someone praying or sometime I see Temple too

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