How Big Is A Canine Tooth? – Another Husky Tooth Extraction

How Big Is A Canine Tooth? – Another Husky Tooth Extraction

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– This dog – hurt this tooth. – Using the force. – I guess he was chewing on rose bushes? – Whoa. – So now we’re just elevating the gingival off of the tooth. – And it should pop right out. – Right? – There it is. – Oh my god. – Easiest extraction ever. – The interesting thing here is how much of the tooth – is underneath – and how much is below. I mean it’s like an iceberg. – Right? – Yea. – Massive right? – And if we can just try to get an x-ray of this area and make sure there’s no loss of bone or anything. – You know what time this happened? – It happened – I do! I do! – What time did it happen? – Tooth thirty! – Oh my god. – There it is. – No tooth. – “What the heck happened to me?”

8 thoughts on “How Big Is A Canine Tooth? – Another Husky Tooth Extraction”

  1. im in college right now for vet tec and anything involving the mouth is just so painful for me to watch! I just don't know how I'm going to manage lol

  2. That’s huge! Biggest I’ve seen. The hospital I intern at does a lot of dentals, but mostly on small dogs, so lots of tiny teeth.

  3. Whoa :0

    Anyways sorry this isn’t on topic-But I have been really wondering lately, can puppies under 8 weeks feel pain? People who dock dog tails say they only feel a “pinch” since they are so young. But I watched a video of a 4 week old puppy who’s mother was food aggressive and bit him, this puppy was obviously not feeling a “pinch”
    So I thought I would ask a vet ^^

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