How Do I Get Rid of Cigar Breath? – Cigar 101

How Do I Get Rid of Cigar Breath? – Cigar 101

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Hi, everybody. This is John over at
Cigar Advisor and Famous Smoke Shop and I’m here answering your Fan Mail. Now,
I’ve got a correspondence from Greg. He messaged me through Facebook and he’s out
in Las Vegas, owns his own cigar shop, and he has customers that ask him all
the time how to get rid of cigar breath Now, these are typically newer smokers that
come in and they’re worried that if they smoke a cigar, their breath
is going to stink for their date later on that night or something. So, I have
a few tips that you can use to make sure that you get rid of cigar breath. First of all, l I’m just going
to start out by saying don’t use mints. Mints are a temporary solution to a
long-term problem. Whenever you use a mint, especially mints that have sugar in it –
if you put them in your mouth, sure your breath will smell fine for
the life of the mint, but then it’s just going to revert back to
that smoky, ashy breath that you’re gonna have after you smoke a cigar. And if
you have sugar, you’re getting more of that sugar inside your mouth, that can
even make it stink even worse So, So, really what you want to do is,
give your mouth a good ol’ brushing. So, if you have travel toothbrush and
some toothpaste, just make sure you brush your teeth really well and make
sure you brush your tongue and your cheeks really well as well – because
your tongue and your cheeks hide a lot of bad breath germs and you really
want to get rid of those They’re not just hiding in your teeth
or in between your teeth. Another thing that you can do, and this is kind
of the nuclear option, is to use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Now this
is actually commonly used in like toothpaste and everything to help whiten teeth,
but really it’s a nuclear option because it really – you can just swish it in
your mouth a little bit and it just completely kills off any bad breath germs that
are in your mouth, really, without brushing, but you should brush along with it. Now,
Now, if you’re really in a rush and you can’t get home or back to your
hotel room, and you can’t properly brush your teeth, what I highly recommend getting its
travel toothbrushes. Now, I’m not talking about the ones that you get in airports
or ones that you get at gas stations around the country. What they are,
are little tiny plastic toothbrushes with toothpaste in the middle.
you start brushing your teeth that bead opens up and the toothpaste is
released into your mouth.Sso you brush, brush, brush, and then you brush your
cheeks brush your tongue all that, and it’s a good way to get rid of it
in a pinch. So Greg, you can tell your customers, if they’re really in a pinch, to use
those little tiny plastic travel toothbrushes, but if they really want to get rid
of their cigar breath, tell them to go back home, or go to their hotel
and brush their teeth thoroughly with either regular toothpaste – and make
sure they brush their cheeks and tongue – or use the hydrogen peroxide in baking
soda technique. And that is how you get rid of cigar breath.

31 thoughts on “How Do I Get Rid of Cigar Breath? – Cigar 101”

  1. I second the lemon idea. I have a big bottle of lemon juice chilling in my fridge in I pour a good bit into a glass of water. Slosh it around in your mouth and swallow some it seems to help and my fiancé agrees that it's definitely better than mints

  2. I had a cigarrello and ate about 5 mints after and about 1 hour later the horrible after taste of it came back and I guess I should brush soon and I don't have mouth wash because that used to work well

  3. hey, quick question. I smoke about 10 to 12 cigars a year and everyone once in a while I feel really nauseous and rarely will throw up. Any advice?

  4. I would say go with travel mouth was if you really need it get the good shit too other wise get home and brush

  5. Rinsing hydrogen peroxide after brushing teeth and doing it twice gets rid of it 90% to get it out of your facial or head hair. Teaspoon of baking soda in a dish add some shampoo along woth a teaspoon of vinegar wash thoroughly leave in for a minute wash your hands a few times then shower as is. If the lingering cigar tastes stays a shot of lemon or lime juice rinsed thoroughly and drink a little and spit out the rest drink some water. That usually does the trick so the girlfriend or Mrs doesnt get on your ass for having a little fun.

  6. GOOD Tonic Water (Fever Tree or Whole Foods 365) is not only a great palate cleanser between draws, the citric acid helps reduce the bad breath. For that reason you could also use a slice of lemon to cleanse after you smoke. Then a good brushing followed by Smart Mouth Mouthwash.

  7. Or tell your date you just smoked a $100 cigar, and she needs to get over it or out of the way because you've got'em standing in line.

  8. Paul
    I "Power-wash" my mouth and tongue with my WaterPik using hot water. I do this after I have brush my teeth, gums and tongue. The WaterPik power-wash does the trick. After the Waterpik I rinse with mouthwash. No more cigar breath and no more after taste. Give it a try.

  9. Along with good dental hygiene, I like to drink a citrus beverage like a Lime A Rita, or HEFEWEIZEN GRAPEFRUIT BEER. If I don't drink this while smoking because I chose a cognac or something, I also will bite into a lemon or lime wedge and chew it, even the rind. Works every time.

  10. Equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and water. Works every time. Also while your smoking drink water with a lot of lemon or lime juice in it. Citric acid also works to get rid of cigar breath.

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