10 thoughts on “How do you prevent bad breath?”

  1. i was prescibed duraphat 5000 fluoride tooth paste by my hospital dentist, it contains sodium lauralsulfate, when getting told about said prescription she told me by no means and under no circumstances should ANYONE ELSE use this, THIS IS FOR YOU AND YOU ONLY AND REMEMBER THAT, i was really taken back by that and arose suspician, any thoughts on this?

  2. I began this bad breath treatment “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it) only Two days ago however the difference has been incredible. There is a girl I`ve wanted to ask out on a date for months but I was really paranoid about my breath I could not risk the rejection. I finally feel confident enough to go for it. Have this space watched! .

  3. One of my members of the family is struggling with smelly breath. Even when his mouth is closed, the smell still comes through her nose. She loves to pop tic spearmint gum and breath mints, but those don`t help at all. This foul breath method “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it) worked for her. I`m very glad that it neutralized her breath. .

  4. I have been following bad breath solution “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it) and my bad breath has totally gone away. I can now speak closely to people with self-confidence mainly because my mouth is no longer bringing out any kind of smell! .

  5. I have been following bad breath solution “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it) and my bad breath has completely gone away. Now I have so much more self-confidence because I could speak to people face to face without worrying as to what kind of smell is coming out of my mouth! .

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