How ‘Midsommar’ Takes a Bad Trip | Anatomy of a Scene

How ‘Midsommar’ Takes a Bad Trip | Anatomy of a Scene

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“My name is Ari Aster, and
I am the writer and director of “Midsommar.” This scene directly
succeeds a scene in which our
protagonist, Dani, played by Florence
Pugh, is pressured into taking mushrooms. She recently suffered a
very, very serious loss and is probably not
in the best place to take psychotropic drugs.” “Can you feel that, the energy
coming up from the earth?” “A big challenge that
we took on in this film was putting the spectator
into the experience of somebody going
through a mushroom trip. This is the first
scene that kind of introduces
psychedelic elements in the film that will be
more prevalent later on.” “Look, the trees too,
they’re breathing.” “There’s a lot of
sound design work here that’s also helping bring
us into her subjectivity. When she looks up
at the tree, we notice that the tree now seems
to be bending and warping, that the texture
seems to be moving. As I was working with the
visual-effects artists on these shots, we managed
to experiment a lot and find what was too much
and what was not enough.” “You guys are like my family.” “I would say that
some of these shots we had 80 versions of. And then when she
stands up, Dani is thrown instantly
into a bad trip.” “I’m going to go for a walk.” “And from here we kind of
enter this negative vortex — “ “No, no, no, no. Don’t think that. You’re fine. It’s almost your birthday.” “ — where we start playing
with facial warping, warping expressions. This effect was especially
difficult to accomplish, and so a big part of
my job and the job of my editorial
team was actually to be merciless in the way we
watched these effects as they came in — “They were laughing at me.” “ — to see if there were any
effects in the background that jumped too suddenly
or where the effect feels especially digital.” “You want to come
meet my friends?” “Thank you, I’m — “ “The tripping effect
for the background is more pronounced at the very
end of the shot than anywhere else in the film. So the disorientation
that the viewer might feel at this
moment is more extreme than they will feel again.”

95 thoughts on “How ‘Midsommar’ Takes a Bad Trip | Anatomy of a Scene”

  1. As someone who's experimented with psychedelics quite a bit, I'm excited to see how they portrayed the experience.

  2. Her portrayal of Dani was fantastic. I could literally feel her emotions. The way she shows an anxiety disorder in action was spot on.

  3. visually stunning, disturbing, funny and creative.. however… what does ari aster have against the black man ?

  4. anyone that thinks this is inaccurate clearly has never had a bad trip on shrooms, cause a lot of this was relatable.

  5. Florence Pugh was so great in all of these scenes where she’s breaking down but desperately trying not to- the frustrated ways she tries to shake it off, walk it off, the facial expressions and sounds she makes, the tears that just seem to come and makes her remove herself from the situations…you really go through it all with her. great performance

  6. Just seen this film, i don't really have words. I'm so in awe at what Ari and his team created, it's actually insane how drawn into this film i was!!

  7. I live in California. I watched this movie Friday and at the very moment this very scene the 7.1 earthquake hit. Mind you me and my date had just taken edibles to trip on this movie. That earthquake hit at the perfect moment cause we both thought it was the theaters special effects going a long with the scene of the movie. Personally this movie was trippy af and Ari is prob the best horror/thriller director out there right now.

  8. Reading this part of the movie from the script, caused me to feel anxious, despite my own experience with shrooms in the past, being mostly positive. I still remember times during my trip, where I experienced a moment of confusion, that turned into fear, and thankfully, it didn't last for the entire experience!
    He really knows how to build tension and a sense of anxiety and dread, and I can't wait to watch the actual film now; even though it may be an intense visual experience!

  9. I once had a terrible experience with mushrooms and this movie captured the vibe of that experience more than anything I’ve seen in my life.

  10. Did anyone else notice the face blended in the trees after Dani is crowned may queen? It was pretty unnerving when I realized it.

  11. as much as the artistry and imagery is good the story lacks so much. I guess that's what makes it a horror movie.

  12. This is what a realistic trip looks like!
    I don't know why Hollywood takes the decision of making trips looks like some kind of psychedelic exaggerated thing with colors and visions, maybe that can happen to some people, but it's not common. Here they producers showed perfectly what you feel and see in a trip usually.

  13. I found it interesting that her trip turns bad when Mark says “family,” particularly since themes of family and community are at the core of the movie

  14. I literally tripped balls for 2 hours. Thank you for this movie Ari you are a genius!!! I'm still recovering!

  15. OH I feel like the couple times in the movie where she saw herself becoming a plant or tree was foreshadowing her joining the family tree

  16. One of the most accurate portrayals of a mushroom trip I have ever seen. The visuals and audio just take you on this bad trip with her.

  17. I'm sorry but that effect threw me completely out of the movie. It reminded me of the music video Black Hole Sun, by Soundgarden. The morphing effect wasn't scary in 1994, and it's still not scary in 2019. Bad choice.

  18. the way the flowers were blooming – opening and closing, during her trip is exactly what I experienced with the flower paintings in my room when i took mushrooms at 16. i thought it was very realistic, gave me flashbacks haha.

  19. I've read numerous reviews now, and watched several YouTube analyses, but I've yet to see a single reference to the film's scariest scene: Dani's nightmare about her party sneaking away from the premises.

  20. Please devote your career to horror, Ari. You're hitting your stride, and with your vision and skill you're in a unique position to revolutionize the genre.

  21. The best visual representation of a trip (going in and out of). The absolute subtlety of the visuals was astounding.

  22. Oh man I could not finish this. Weirdly I have not had a bad trip on any major psychedelics but I have had a couple just smoking weed and because of that I have sworn off all psychotropic drugs. Bad trips are really horrible

  23. Such an accurate representation of a trip, starting with the comedic relief at the beginning where the kid wanted everyone to lay down haha. And when she thought everyone the laughing at her, combined with the visuals… took me right back!

  24. I felt bad for Ingmar here, he is very nice and invites Dani to meet his friends and she just walks away 🙁

  25. So this movie is about a bunch of fools that practice an old Pagan mythology because, I ask, they are doers, providers, makers, employers, producers (?)(?)… or just wasted fools with no life at all. One doesn't need to go all the way to Sweden to find good for nothing sh*ts that like to do "freak out" acid trips on unsuspecting college kids. It happens in many trailer parks. That sort of thing took off around the mid seventies when back woods wh!te [email protected] hicks started taking up the hippie style, They were preceded by Charlie Manson, master of loser-craft and "freak out" acid trips.

  26. Ari Aster and Alex Garland are probably my favourite directors at the moment. Their films just look and sound amazing.

  27. I will say that the mushroom trip scenes were the most visually accurate representation of a mushroom trip I’ve seen on film.

  28. This is one of the most accurate depictions of hallucinogenics I’ve ever seen in a movie. And it wasn’t just done well it was also used well to drive the scene and characters.

  29. I was eerily surprised at how this film exactly portrayed the first (and only) trip that I had. Its also very reassuring to see that this validates the experience I had.

  30. One thing I noticed the second time I watched the film was how Dani's face is warped when she sees her reflection in the mirror inside the outhouse. She looks like Quasimodo. You can also see the Quasimodo look in the faces of the crowd that celebrates her afrer she wins the dance competition.

  31. This scene was actually very triggering for me because it made me relive a very bad trip I had, almost frame for frame. I had never done drugs before and tried a synthetic marijuana with my friends 🤦🏾‍♀️ everything was fine until they started laughing and then suddenly the panic set in, I jumped up and started running towards the woods to get away but trees and ground were warping and moving and it scared me even more JUST like in the movie. I felt more invested in her character because I remembered feeling like she did. This was an amazing movie.

  32. I think the trip was very realistic I felt so sad for her in that moment, I've been there before and it's so terrifying

  33. What I love about midsommar is how in most horror movies nighttime and being in the dark scary but in midsommar, it's almost like the long daylight hours are scarier than the dark.

  34. Can someone ask the director of this film why does his movie have the same cult symbols found on Jeffrey Epstein? He had the same symbols in his island.

  35. Only ever had one “bad trip”, and while all trips are almost impossible to describe I cannot believe how close this is to capturing what that bad trip felt like.

    I’ve fallen out of love with film recently so I’ve no idea who this guy is. But I think I need to…kudos!

  36. Honestly, from personal experience, this was one of the most realistic portrayals of a bad trip I've seen in recent cinema. Well done, Ari!

  37. This scene gave me a bit of anxiety it's crazy. But Florence did such an amazing job and I actually felt exactly how she feels in a lot of her scenes.

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