How REAL Dungeons Could Work in Breath of The Wild 2? (Legend of Zelda)

How REAL Dungeons Could Work in Breath of The Wild 2? (Legend of Zelda)

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With the release of Breath of The Wild we
saw a LOT of things changed in the traditional Zelda formula. From the move back to open air exploration,
a kin to how the original Legend of Zelda was envisioned to introducing a new system
for weapons and armour… but one of the most significant changes was the dungeons. Within this tremendously large land of Hyrule
we were given 4 titanic sized sheikah machines known as the Divine Beasts and they were a
replacement to the traditional Zelda Dungeon but many fans including myself had strong
thoughts on them to say the least. They have their goods and bads like everything
in life but ultimately, the thing that was removed, that being traditional dungeons and
the thing that filled in that void, the Divine Beasts just didn’t live up to expectations. They struggled to fill that void if you will
and with the upcoming Breath of The Wild sequel currently being in the works it’s had me
and many other fans thinking about were the developers will go with Dungeons, as the Divine
Beasts are 100% off the table here as they wouldn’t re-use the exact same dungeons
so I’ve been thinking about some possible ideas combined with developer notes and concepts
from Breath of The Wild to discuss how some real Zelda dungeons could work in the upcoming
sequel. So without further ado, here are my thoughts,
feelings and or ideas on How Real Zelda Dungeons Could Work in The Breath of The Wild Sequel. To begin discussing how these theoretical
dungeons could work I believe it’s best to state now that none of this is actually
facts. It’s all based on my own logic, ideas and
a little bit off some developer notes and information published by Nintendo. So whilst there is some solid facts in here,
a lot of this is speculation and mostly ideas from myself and fans across the board on what
we’d love to see for some good old fashioned Zelda Dungeons. So firstly, what do we need to take into consideration
when talking about a Zelda Dungeon. Well there are 4 key factors. How many Dungeons the game will have, The
order of taking on the dungeons if there is one or if they are freely open to challenge
whenever like in Breath of The Wild. There is also the themes of the dungeons,
such as if a dungeon is a fortress of fire like seen in Skyward Sword or a temple deep
below a lake like the Lakebed Temple in Twilight Princess and lastly the rewards for completely
the dungeons as there would be no point in entering and competing dungeons if you weren’t
there to get something. A good example of this is how in Twilight
Princess you are searching for the Fused Shadow Pieces and then eventually shards of the mirror
of twilight, a reason and a reward for taking on the dungeon more or less. Of course there are other things such as enemies,
puzzles and music but we will discuss when the time comes. So firstly how many dungeons should this game
theoretically have? Well from my past experiences with the other
installments to the series, I’ve always loved and thoroughly enjoyed the 9 dungeons
that Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess offered. In those games we got 3 sort of starter dungeons
which were considered to be on the easier side and respected a certain point of the
story. Ocarina of Times being the child era of the
game and in Twilight Princess the first 3 dungeons being the time of searching for the
Fused Shadow pieces and in both games receiving the Master Sword after the first three dungeons. Long story short I want around 9 dungeons
give or take. Given the fact that the world of this game
is 99% going to be open air again I feel like 9 dungeons would work perfectly. Think about it like this. In Breath of The Wild 9 dungeons wouldn’t
have worked and this is because we had the shrines in Breath and they were basically
mini dungeons scattered across the land and we know the sequel to some degree will be
in the same Hyrule and the shrines have already been used, along with the fact that we may
or may not be playing the sequel without sheikah technology based off the little footage in
the trailer. So 9 proper full action packed dungeons would
basically fill the void of not having small mini dungeons round every corner, being the
shrines. Nine dungeons. Now that we have figured out the amount of
dungeons, what about the order you complete them in? We know the world is going to be free and
open air so should there be some sort of system that will tell the player which order to play
the games dungeons in or should we be allowed to play them in any order like in Breath of
The Wild? Well, this is where my own ideas start to
come into this. [Oh yes]
If you know me and have seen some of my other videos like this, you’ll know I love myself
an idea. Now I have two ideas here. Firstly, what I think would work well if a
sort of combination of both. In Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess we
saw a total of nine dungeons in each game. I want that sort of amount give or take to
return but as for the order of how you complete them, I want to see a sort of combination
of the old linier style and new open air style. So how I could see this working is a kin to
Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess you will have 3 opening dungeons story wise. These 3 dungeons are used to develop the beginning
of the games story, granted we don’t actually know the story to the Breath of The Wild sequel
yet but you get the point. These three dungeons should be able to be
taken on in whatever order your heart desires, along with the other 6 but! The game will somewhat try to point you towards
the first 3 story wise but if you happened to find the other 6 you can give them a go
but they will be extremely difficult at the time to complete if you haven’t already
beat the intended first 3 dungeons. Not impossible but more or less impossible
or say the other 6 are hidden away or something like that, so you can’t even find the. Hell even buried under the ground and you
need to beat the first three to even find out about the other six. This idea could conflict with how the story
develops and the open air format so I did come up with a second idea that actually came
from that first one. So my second idea would that all 9 nine dungeons
are available from the get go but retain that factor of having an intended order and making
the dungeons that are intended for later in the game when you’d theoretically be stronger
much much harder to get into, to the point were they are almost impossible without beating
the other dungeons. I could ramble about format ideas for a while
so I’ll leave at those two ideas for now as they were my favourites. So we have gathered that in my opinion, we
should have 9 total in game dungeons and be allowed to take them on in for the most part
any order but now for the nitty gritty of those dungeons. The Themes and contents of each dungeon. Puzzles and enemies and locations and themes. Anybody who has played a Zelda game that isn’t
Breath of The Wild will know about the themes of past dungeons. Scorching hot temples with volcanic lands
to ancient and eerie temples deep within forests with capabilities of turning innocent adventure
into monster. I’m going to make this loud and clear, we
need themed dungeons to return. I don’t even think saying that could be
argued against as it’s simply a Zelda staple. To some degree each divine beast in Breath
of The Wild incorporated elements but they were more in the build up to gaining access
to each Beasts. On the inside they were all more or less the
exact same which don’t get me wrong that worked for Breath of The Wild but I’d personally
want them to just stay in Breath of The Wild. In the sequel, I want to see a Forest, Fire,
Water, Spirit, Wind and especially a Shadow/creepy dungeon as how cool would it be to explore
a haunted mansion or something like that. But there is one other element I really want
to see used for dungeons and that is magic. More specifically some sort of Zonai magic. The sequel to Breath of The Wild is clearly
going to have a fair amount of Zonai influence and I think we have to see some sort of Ancient
Zonai ruins or temple. Hell even a final temple a kin to Ganon’s
Tower, Hyrule Castle and The Moon in Majora’s Mask. Basically the ending area to a Zelda game
which is commonly some form of a dungeon but on a more epic scale to the story. It’s a bit of a shot in the dark considering
we know next to nothing about the story but ending off an epic and dark adventure within
the Ancient and decaying ruined temples of the Zonai would be so cool. As far as the contents of the dungeons go,
we really need to see a step up in the enemies and puzzles department. The puzzles weren’t as bad as the enemies
but I’m going to be VERY blunt here. The Divine Beasts in Breath of The Wild sucked
in the enemy department. There was not one single situation were we
came across a challenging enemy. The most difficult it got was guardian scouts
and easy ones at that. What ever happened to entering a room within
a dungeon and having the doors behind you be sealed by bars, trapping you inside to
face a daunting enemy. We were given a little too much open air to
play within inside the Divine Beasts if you ask me. You could easily escape any enemy, it was
so easy. The puzzles weren’t too bad as the mechanics
for each beast were actually pretty clever but if you took those mechanics away then
the puzzles wouldn’t be much if you ask me. Yes they did have a few good puzzles but a
Zelda dungeon to me and anyone else who has played games besides Breath of The Wild can
easily confirm that a Zelda Dungeons NEEDS more puzzles than that. So the enemy department and puzzle department
needs to take their game up to the next level. To sort of conclude the video. I want to see more dungeons, with themes,
more enemies and more puzzles And with the ability to complete them in whatever
order you desire. Thanks a ton for checking out the video, I
really hope you enjoyed this one. What do you think about the dungeons and how
they should work in the Breath of The Wild sequel, be sure to let me know in the comments. Here are the people who managed to guess what
this video would be about based off of the teaser I posted days prior to releasing the
video. If you’d like to have your name featured
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these videos and again, thank you so so much. Again, thanks for watching and until the next
time I’ve been, Hyrule Gamer.

96 thoughts on “How REAL Dungeons Could Work in Breath of The Wild 2? (Legend of Zelda)”

  1. I've never really played any zelda games other than Botw but I'd be happy to see some traditional dungeons in the sequel

  2. I loved the shrines because it added more gameplay and there was always something to look for. I really liked how you could climb up on a mountain and scout out you next point of interest. I think we should keep mini dungeons, but balance the amount of mini and full scale dungeons.

  3. I think there should be a dungeon order in the sequel, as there are so many comprises made just to give you a sense of exploration. But it shouldn't feel like there's an order. I think a great way to mask the fact that you need to do the dungeons in an order is to not even tell the player where the dungeons are.They have to explore to find one that they can actually do with their current items, maybe having to meet people to get a clue as to it's location. Maybe in Castle Town, you meet a Deku Scrub explorer who says he's discovered an ancient jungle ruins, so you investigate, and find the first story item there (like the fused shadows etc.) This also keeps that sense of exploration, so you almost feel like you're doing the dungeons in your own order.
    I also think they should be broken into "dungeon groups" like previous games, like how in a link to the past, you do the first 3 dungeons, then Hyrule Castle, then the next 7 dungeons, then Ganon's Tower, splitting the game into sections. Most Zelda games do this, and it makes each dungeon more memorable because you remember dungeons as part of smaller groups, rather than a group of 9 dungeons, which would all blurr into one in your memory, as it probably can't handle 9 things at once.

  4. Imagine if BOTW2 took place completely underground, like an underground kingdom beneath the land of Hyrule. That would be boring real quick with no Sun and Greenery.

  5. My dream dungeon system would be; you get told to beat three dungeons you can complete in any order and link to the story in different ways, after you complete them you have a main temple you have to complete to progress the story and would link the stories of the first three dungeons together. Then the cycle would repeat but with different amounts of dungeons each time to make it feel less repetitive.

  6. Zelda games are great, while I’m all for open world free-roam, is there a way to avoid getting caught up in free roaming and exploring the world so you can focus on the main story any time and beat the game?

  7. I'd honestly just prefer a strictly linear dungeon order and storyline. Zelda shines best in those regards when it's linear. I know I won't get this because Nintendo is all about nonlinearity now…for whatever reason, so I guess having it work like:

    -Three dungeons you have to complete first, which can be done in any order. Each end with story points that can interchanged.
    -one dungeon you have to complete after the first three. Ends with a major story point.
    -four dungeons that can be done in any order. Each end with major story points relative to each specific dungeon.
    -one final dungeon. Major story point.
    -ending dungeon. Ending of story.

  8. So as far as dungeon order goes… you want the same progression as ALBW. In which the first three dungeons could be done in any order, and then you could go on to the next section of dungeons.
    I like it.

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  10. Thats gerudo magic not zonai magic, the words that form that spiral say "seal ganon" in gerudo alphabet

  11. What if the world is restricted in the begining to one area similar to the great plateau and once you beat a dungeon it slowly opens up until you have a full open area? Each time new collectibles, sidequests, and story events are unlocked.

    Imagine for example twilight princess in open world. The entire world is covered in twilight, but you can choose which spirit to free first and what dungeon to clear in any order. You could free all 3 spirits and not enter any dungeons if you wished. After that Zant would attack you in any of the 3 springs and you would then go find the master sword, which the area is previously unaccessible unless you are a wolf to howl the song. Then, you go to the arbiters grounds and then to any of the dungeons in any order before going to the palace of twilight and then Hyrule Castle.

  12. you've got the quality of a much bigger YouTuber yet you have a low sub count it's just mind boggling how you aren't way up there already.
    and in my opinion I basically want what you want.

  13. I feel that if they have a creepy dungeon, they need to make it where its actually dark. As in, no light, and as you stated about tackling late game dungeons early on but they're not easy to do, the item for this could be the lantern.
    I personally love how the lantern and fuel system worked on Twilight Princess. I hope they bring something akin to it back.

  14. I want to see dungeons return able to be found, accessed and explored in any order but make each interact with items later to unveil that all dungeons connect and make a massive dungeon/underworld. First 5 dungeons connect to a central dungeon then you could decend down to last 3 dungeons. Also have entrances to each in the over world(propper way to enter each of the 5) and later if you explore them with all items find they all connect. And bring back mini bosses.

  15. As much as I loved Breath of the Wild (which is my favorite Zelda game besides OoT), bringing back the dungeons would be a huge plus in BotW 2. I still believe to keep up with the mechanic BotW set up, making the game open world and free to roam should stay because you wouldn't feel like you HAD to do each dungeon in a certain order so if you ever played the game again, it won't become repetitive. I also think that in order to keep things interesting as you progress, the story will have several different scenarios depending on what path you take in-game, like if you started off doing something in Rito Village then went to Death Mountain, the Gorons could refer to your accomplishments/failures in Rito Village. It would also mean that whatever choices you make in the beginning will have consequences later on, whether it'll be small or huge. Kind of like Mass Effect or Skyrim.

  16. They could do something similar to how the runes were unlocked; the rest of the map could ve inaccessible before x amount of dungeons are done like they have to be done before you go back above ground or something

  17. 100% agree we need dungeons. I found the divine beasts dull and even the final battle very easy. I had a few potions to restore energy and beat the end first time. It could be cool to be told general areas such as mountain etc and we would have to search for the dungeon, i.e. it’s not obvious and would require looking from high vantage points and traversing terrains to discover them. However, entering them could be a puzzle in itself, I.e. you’d need a particular object to access it and that object would be gained in a previous dungeon. Therefore, when exploring a general area you know a dungeon is in, you would have no idea if this is the dungeon you are looking for to use the object you just got to gain access. Probably wouldn’t work in terms of story but would make the experience more of a challenge.

    Edit – apologies I see something similar has been said below, I just got carried away after seeing the video 🙂

  18. Couldnt agree more! But can we talk about those bosses ??

    Spoiler if you havent beat BOTW

    I almost thrown my controller when I saw Calamity Ganon's design in a Sheikah Guardian form .. Sheikah Guardian AGAIN . I was frustated to see the same thing over and over again … AND THEN , the last form was amazing but the fight was very lame . BOTW was a good game but man … the diversity is really missing . I hope Nintendo is gonna work on that for BOTW 2 .

  19. I'm in complete agreement with the idea of having linear dungeons and non-linear dungeons. The linear will help progress the plot while the non-linear can give bonuses to the player. I really really just want a better story this time around in the sequel. And the return to dungeons might be a great way to do this.

    Also, I find it kinda sad for the LoZ franchise that the discussion of how dungeons should be used has become a thing…

  20. So if they decided to keep the elemental weapons and the ability to use elixirs they might be able to do something like create a fire temple, throw in a fireproof tunic in a different dungeon which gives the option I'm going to that dungeon first before going to the fire temple, or the option of making an Elixir or bringing with you ice weapons keep you cool

  21. Hyrule Gamer: There should be 9 main dungeons
    Nintendo at Game Awards: There will be 3 main dungeons and 121 mini dungeons.
    Hyrule Gamer: Am I a joke to you?
    Edit: Thanks for the heart!

  22. What if the first three dungeons could be used to unlock Ganondorfs chamber. Then, after you find him and the malice overtakes him and he gets Zelda. Then, you have to go through the rest of the six dungeons to get a new weapon, or power up the master sword, or collect items, or something

  23. I'm sorry to say that I don't think traditional dungeons will return, not in the traditional sense anyway. I believe Nintendo will use the open ended dungeon design that Hyrule Castle introduced in Breath of the Wild. Except this time each one will be bigger, more expansive, indoors and outdoors, contain hidden areas, multiple bosses and there are multiple routes to the end. So I believe there will be five of these main dungeons, each one can be completed in any order, each route has unique aspects to them, but they are interconnected so no dungeon crawl is really the same. You could start at route A, then move into route B, then finish at route C. This way you can return to the dungeon any time and find items and new discoveries making replaying the same dungeons feel fresh. I did multiple raids on Hyrule Castle in Breath of the Wild, each time I took a different route and found something new. I think we will see mini dungeons return, much in the same vein as the mini dungeons from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess, but a lot better. They will be themed, but I think there will only be five typed themes at most based on the themes of the main dungeons, and I believe there will be less of them, but they will be a bit longer, like the Trial of Power, but will have enemies based on the main dungeons they are themed on and puzzles that compliment or expand upon the main dungeon themes and so on. Lastly, on top of these I think there will be natural type mini dungeons on top such as caves, underground caverns and underwater caves and caverns, along with the overworld with areas to traverse through that feel like outside dungeons like in Breath of the Wild. I also think Nintendo might reuse Shrines and Towers as enemy strong holds, you go in, clear them out and get a reward. Plus the innert divine beasts could also act as mini dungeons broken down inside with lots of enemies and so on.

  24. Honestly, I remember Snowpeak Ruins from Twilight Princess being my favorite dungeon aesthetically speaking. I like how it didn't feel like a dungeon it just felt like a big mansion you were exploring. Sometimes I got some resident evil mansion vibes from it. My biggest hope is that if Dungeons come back they're super varied from one another.

  25. I want 1 dungeon in a Hyrilian building, 1 in a Sheika building, 1 in a Zonai building then 3 traditionally themed dungeons all of which work like a classic dungeon or Hyrule castle from BotW (mix it up though, not all one type). These have optional traditional items and a heart container.
    I'd like 4 shorter, optional themed dungeons that work like the Devine beasts and reward you with some trinket that opens up new sidequest trees which contain new lore.
    10 shrine sized combat dungeons, zonai theme, dojo type, cave of ordeal each that reward you differently (zonai make your attacks more powerful, dojo you learn a new move, cod you become more adept with your weapons so the break less often).
    And 20-30 shrine/mini dungeon sized experiences that all work differently ( puzzle based or like the courage thing from starfox adventures) some could only be found with the optional items or as part of a sidequest. The rewards are all different (heart piece, cookbook, lore, character you rescue is helpful for the rest of your quest)

    As for order, if you get stuck underground right at the beginning you can only access the zonai dungeon, one of the Devine beast size ones and 3-5 shrine/ mini dungeons. Completing the zonai dungeon moves the story on and opens up 3 more full dungeons, one DB and some more MDs. 2 of those dungeons are locking story (and the rest of the D,DB and MD outside of sidequest specific ones) but the third is like Hyrule castle and you can go to it any time after finishing the first to fight the final boss.

  26. What if Each dungeon gives you a new ability?🤔

    That'd be really cool since botw gave us everything we need right from the start

    Unlocking new abilities or special item after each dungeon should keep things fresh

  27. Your intro still gets me everytime

    Awesome job on this video! I really hope we can get some true dungeons in this sequel!

  28. My thoughts. Not necessarily in this order.

    1 forest temple inside the Zonai ruins

    2 fire temple inside death mountain or somewhere in the goron mines.

    3 Water temple under lake Hylia

    4 Shadow temple under Typhlo ruins

    5 Ice temple hidden cave in Hebra mountain or that windy area where you train with the Rito

    6 Unearth arbiters grounds in the dessert

    7 hidden dungeon on an island near eventide

    8 uncover a secret dungeon in the forgotten temple

    9 Secret dungeon in Akkala citadel

    10 final Dungeon under Hyrule Castle

  29. I want there to be items and themed dungeons scattered randomly throughout the overworld, they can all be obtained/entered as you please, but you need certain items/abilities to enter or beat each dungeon, so you need to go find the required items/abilities out in the overworld before you can tackle the dungeons. I don't want any of them to be easy, but i want them to get harder and harder in a specific order so there's a natural pace of progression that you aren't forced to follow that will scale with the dungeons you have completed so that you wont be going to a dungeon that's too easy if you happen to beat one of the harder ones first. To put that more simply, there will start off being a natural order of progression, you'd not be given any indication that "this dungeon is the easiest", you'd just find that out once you'd found the dungeons and the items/abilities required to enter them and got your butt handed to you or, if you entered an earlier one, were able to handle it okay. People take difficulty as a natural indicator of progression, so they'd get the hint and this would allow new/weak players a path of progression. If you persevered and beat the temple regardless, all the ones below that temple will be scaled up to be a little more difficult (not to the same difficulty as the one you beat, otherwise new/weak players would get NO easier temples), since you'd shown you could handle the dungeon later in the natural progression. The path of progression would be randomly generated on file creation for replayability. I'd want SPECIFIC npcs placed in smart places to be what gives you hints to where these dungeons and items are, preferably subtly rather than too obviously/straight-forwardly. This would allow for replayability as, how you explore and meet people as well as the order of items you obtain and dungeons you find would determine the dungeon order. Naturally the dungeons should have reward abilities/items to also keep things fresh. So, depending on which order you beat the dungeons in, you'll have different dungeon abilities as you progress each time, the later dungeons giving better abilities that would give the ones wanting a challenge incentive to do the harder ones first in exchange for scaling the difficulty up a bit as mentioned above. This would mean, to find the path of progression and either challenge the harder or weaker dungeons first you'd have to find all the dungeons/items and compare difficulty, encouraging exploration each new game to get the better rewards first or to avoid the harder difficulty dungeons till you're ready if you're new/weak. Maybe in ng you have the option to see the natural path of progression as you visit each temple, that way new/weak players could set the option on so as to not have to gauge dungeon difficulty themselves other than to find and enter the dungeons. Just seeing/putting the dungeon icon on the map wouldn't show the difficulty in this setting, you'd have to enter the dungeon once you'd found the necessary item/ability to enter. Ng + would give a similar option, but instead of having to visit each temple, the option would mark the items, each temple and their difficulty on your map for those who don't want to have to gauge the difficulty again, that way you could instantly go on whatever path you chose in ng + without exploration if you want. If you wanted to partake in the randomized progression path in your new game, you could, if you just wanted to go through the dungeons knowing everything to avoid the exploration you'd already done last game, you could do that too.

  30. personally I wouldn’t mind more divine beasts, but with more emphasis on environment. Some cool ones might be a shrinking beetle, an overgrown dragon temple, a Wolf, A whale inspired by wind fish etc

  31. I personally would like to see some sort of callbacks to other temples of the Zelda series. For example, if you explore something like a Temple beneath Death Mountain, you suddenly stumble about an ancient cell that was made to imprison a Goron. And if you follow the road, you end up in a part of the Fire Temple of OoT, super old and the traps no longer functioning. Or a villa in the lost woods, where you find some still intacts room of the Forest Tempel from OoT.

  32. Plot twist of the sequel:

    All your gained item inventory, weapons, unlocked abilities such as The rune will be carried over to the BOTW2. So, shit. I beat the game but haven’t completed it 100% because of those Korok seeds. 😂

  33. Even if the evidence shown to be against traditional dungeons in the next game, we’ve been surprised by Nintendo before.

    Personally, I’d like 12 dungeons in this new game. All of the elements as well as some extra dungeons. I want to be hooked onto this game. And if that means the most difficult water dungeon, then I say do it.

    I wouldn’t mind what order for the dungeons. However, I would like for dungeons to be determined by Link’s arsenal. That way without the specific item, it would be difficult or maybe impossible.

  34. I think that BOTW was basically a big experiment for Nintendo and it ultimately paid off. i don't thing there's anyone out there that actually dislikes the game. My point is that all of the criticism (albeit constructive) that it gets is pretty undeserved considering how far the storytelling and game play has shifted. A lot of what is being said Nintendo will be very much aware of. the only question is will we get what we're asking for or will they go in a completely different direction because they already have their own vision of what direction they want to take the game in?

  35. I was thinking it would be cool if there were 6 dungeons in order, but then there could be 2 or 3 secret dungeons that are extremely difficult and could only be accessed with all of the items. One of the rewards could be anti rain gear and the other dungeon could have a "swift paraglider" that forces the wind in your favor when you glide and turn the glider on.

  36. Dungeons, known as Divine Beasts in Botw, were perfectly tied to the story behind what happened 100 and 10000 years ago, they’re not only living temples, but weapons armed with infinite ancient energy designed to destroy the calamity. Indeed, they were controlled by evil corruptions and forced to cause troubles, that’s why Nintendo chose this concept and integrated dungeons with story, even though they could have made them more complex and bigger, but I think it felt fresh and new overall.

  37. i WOULD keep the sequenced story dungeons for BOTW2 but make it so that the sequenced dungeons house an item that is neccasary to open other side dungeons that will be equally as thematic and rewarding as the story dungeons.

    And to mix it up, the side dungeons could house items that unlock areas in the story dungeons when completed so that would give you a reason to head back to the story dungeons for an extra challenge or maybe superbosses, extra story bits, etc.

  38. Some temple ideas:

    1) an underground temple but its like shamballah; green forests, beautiful structures, running waters, serenity everywhere but there is a “poison” that you must cure. Boss can be some kind of insectoid demon.

    2) All of death mountain but underneath is a humongous fire labyrinth. I think similar to fire temple from ocarina but more expansive. Really have to know your way around. On the surface of Death Mountain, a giant evil dragon is wreaking havoc(like volvagia but the size of the 3 dragons in the first botw) and you cant get anywhere near death mountain because of it, forcing you to find the entrance below into the temple away from the dragon. Maybe have a cutscene where it destroys vah rudania. Basically you need to find the sacred item to contend with the beast, then you fight the dragon on the very slopes of death mountain

    3) An underwater temple but its dark; I mean pitch black. Have to navigate and find torches and light sources to activate to light the temple. Meanwhile, the boss of the temple, a big psychic octopus monster(think Cthulu but more octopus like) is creating illusions and harrassing you, maybe even creating false hallways that lead to pits, requiring you to remember whats in each room. Maybe not make it too crazy but enough to keep you on your toes. Then you finally fight the beast in the very depths of the temple with a tunic that lets you swim like in MM with the zora mask. Black and hard to see would make a proper scary boss

    4) Sacred Temple of gold and silver, basically imagine an epic temple of light kind of dungeon which acts as entrance to the sacred realm or some sort of sacred item needed to beat ganon. Lots of holy sheikah technology and bizarre divine futuristic contraptions. Boss can be some kind of divine being acting as a guardian to said item.

    These are just some ideas, the possibilities are endless

  39. I want more pseudo bosses to fight. Because at the end of botw all I do is fight lynels and now I'm not even challenged

  40. I thoroughly enjoyed the divine beasts to be fair ! ♥️ I also enjoyed the shrines and looking for them . Not sure that’s work for botw 2 but I hope there’s some sort of divine beast again

  41. Well the only other Zelda game I’ve played apart from breath is the links awakening remake. Personally i think the dungeons are much more fun than the divine beasts and the concept of a mini boss before the actual one is great. I would love to see classic dungeons in the sequel and with themes as you mentioned.

  42. It has been some years since I‘ve played skyward sword, but the place link and zelda are in the trailer seems really familliar to the first dungeon im SS where you meet and fight ghirahim the first time. the stairs, walls, stones, and also the place where dehydrated ganon is. I might just be mistaken, but also not.

  43. Just an idea after playing three houses and seeing the paths scenario of the game, what if you can play the different dungeons in the order you like while changing the story arc of the dungeon itself. Imagine if in Twilight Princess you could do the snow peak in order to obtain a dark crystal instead of a mirror piece, the boss would be different and the little disease all about thing would be a different story. Or even in WW where you reverse the earth temple and the forbidden woods, that way, you can imagine receiving the farore pearl from another character, the story would be slightly different than the conventional way and going through the forbidden woods will make you obtain a master sword upgrade, the sage will change place, the bosses could also change depending on the order, you could have 3 differents stories per dungeons/new place.
    In wind waker for example, the fortress of ganondorf could have a ganondorf scenario where it acts like the original, but if you choose to go first at forbidden woods, maybe it's there that Ganondorf resides, that way when you return from the tower of gods (why not some places and dungeons keep their key placement in the story) you return to forbidden woods instead of the fortress and maybe the fortress replaces the forbidden woods if you do so.
    It's a pretty complexe idea but it would be cool and would add replay value to understand what could've happen in some places depending on the order of your quest.
    The least they can do is the famous 3 – 1 – 4 – 1 dungeons they usually make but each story sagas (an arc being one place+dungeon) would allow you to chose your dungeon between all you can do, with a simple example of the 3 first dungeons of OOT to get the stones, in which order you like or getting the 4 mirror pieces in TP in which order you desires.

  44. Ok tbh I thought the thunder blight Ganon boss was terrifying and I screamed every time it moved, but maybe that's just me

  45. Having nine dungeons with a two part structure would be in my opinion the best. Maybe have three dungeons starting off (maybe where the zonai ruins are in botw) that you can tackle in any order and once those three are complete then you have to tackle the 6 other dungeons that are underground

  46. Well… considering I think that Zelda will be playable for the first time, dungeons have the potential of being even better than just a clever reimagining of older concepts.

  47. My idea would be no shrines, instead a few cave systems would be really cool, they could even connect to some of the dungeons. I think 4 beginning dungeons which you can complete any order, then 4 dungeons that you need to beat in an specific order would be really cool, that way you blend freedom with linearity and story purpose. The later dungeons could all be very hidden in the complex cave system, and we need to have the proper equipment and story knowledge to access them.
    That's just my view, which I think would be really cool, but Aonuma already said in an interview that this game is not as big as botw, but that could change overtime. Let's just hope it does, my heart is desperate for OOT and TP zelda formats.

  48. Nine dungeons was a nice number when the Zelda games were restrictive. The open-air games are way too big for a mere nine dungeons, especially if there's no shrines. I think there should be at least 15-20 main quest dungeons, plus a number of side-quest dungeons. The main quest should be done in a similar way to BotW where you can go directly to Ganon if you want to, but if you do the main quest there are several objectives for you to do.

    One could be simply to learn about past events, similar to the memories from BotW. Another could be to unlock a dungeon where you can find a weapon/power that'll help you defeat Ganon. Each of the optional questlines would require you to beat a number of dungeons to progress.

  49. I think in botw 2,there should be dungeons, like ones that feel more like a zelda game. But you would have to come across them randomly, with small hints as to where they are (kinda like the memories) but the final boss fight would be extremely hard unless you completed said dungeons

  50. 100% agree that the traditional format of nine dungeons (or more) should return with (more original) themes, a good variety of enemies, mini-bosses and bosses. I also agree with 'mr moomooface' in that dungeons should be in an order (but make it subtle) and maybe make them less obvious to find? Perhaps the first three dungeons could be done in any order but what if the later dungeons/mini dungeons required specific items like the hook shot, for example or even perhaps 'cryptic codes' hidden throughout the land for the sequel… I've always wondered what some kind of Ice Palace would be like in a 3D Zelda Game for a home console.

  51. Totally agree…I want lots of dungeons with brain tasking puzzles in the next Zelda game. The shrines in Breath of the Wild were a waste of time!

  52. Ditch this "open world" logic. It didnt do anything for me in a zelda game. Ditch the stupid weapon breaking bs… the master sword never needs to cool down bro. Ditch the cartoonish characters. Bring us another twilight princess style semi linear game. Bring us a new proper zelda game! Or, give us a TWP 2! BOTW is so 2017 at this point, I've got zero ambition to pick it up and start another play through.

  53. Hmmm fair. I think I would also like to argue the opposite. As repetitive, and non traditional as the Devine beasts were, I loved the fact the game was different. I would be more interested in them once again stepping away from dungeons, and doing something else. I 100% degree on variety, that is needed, but I don’t want to look at the developers and say, “hey, no more. Go back to what you used to do, and just forever do that.” We will have some duds, but not every dungeon is a masterpiece.

  54. There should be 30-60 dungeons taking from a variety of classic themes and they should all be shorter than what are in games like WW and TP, but as long as 4-8 shrines on average.
    Remember they are recycling the entire world with few changes; they can't just have 9 new points of interest dotting that huge map and call it a day. They need to give players a reason to traverse the whole map all over again.

  55. Im thinking there should be a "Stress relief" dungeon. One where you get to obliterate large groups of enemies for fun.

  56. Imagine arbiters grounds being a dungeon again. I mean, it’s nothing but a ruin in Breath it the Wild but imagine if it rose up from the ground

  57. Dungeon can be attempted in any order, just either varying degrees of difficulty, all dungeons can be completed by collecting door specific key, items, and equipment in the over through luck of side quest, or with extreme skill with no keys or items, or any combination in between. Also have a dungeon or two take place in multiple area entering and exiting almost at any point.

  58. Nine dungeons and numerous side quest in the overworld and hidden items throughout the land and strong enemies guard them

  59. Take a shot every time he says anime

    no joke I thought thats what you were saying at first and I was so confused lol.

    But great video, I completely agree! Id like to see the same themes found in TP, maybe with a bit of variation

    Forest, Fire, Water, Desert, Ice, Shadow, Sky ( I didn't much like the machine like vibe of the City in the Sky, I'd prefer maybe a very tall tower or mountain peak temple that focused on wind, lightning, and storms – maybe on a huge tall mountain peak or even ruins of skyloft or something). Also, a fancy monolithic/romanesque theme (maybe extra magical or steampunkish to an extent – think WW tower of the gods or TP's temple of time or even the tower of hera – basically a more generalized and lacking a distinct elemental theme, but having unique quirks and being a very imposing location. The epic factor must be high. In fact, if they made Akkala Citadel into a functioning dungeon in BoTW 2 this would be exactly what I mean. I'd also like the final dungeon to follow the same theme as BoTW or TP hyrule castle – the huge threatening monster infested grand dungeon, without a definitive theme. And if they wanted to throw in another dungeon beside that, then I think a Zonai themed magical dungeon would be incredible – they could make it as a huge cavernous underground theme like we see in the trailer.

    I think that key items should be needed for these dungeons as well like in past titles, but they shouldn't give you them all at the start like BoTW did, and they also shouldn't be hidden in the same dungeons they're used for like in past titles. Maybe instead they can be hidden in the overworld, and you have to track them down and find them, similar to the memory quest in BoTW. Maybe they could even be rewards for defeating traveling overworld bosses or rewards for long quests. Then you use them to access the dungeon they're needed for. This could help organize them into order to if you wanted, as maybe not all key items are available at once, or maybe a overworld boss that holds a key item needs another key item to be defeated. IMO this would give a great sense of reward and progression that BoTW was sorely lacking in, and it would also encourage exploration better than the repetitiveness of shrines or recycled repetitive kook puzzles. Just a thought.

  60. Maybe they could do something similar like in A Link Between Worlds where you can play the dungeons in any order by renting one key item at a time.

  61. Whatever they do, they need to focus on the difficulty curve this time. The Great Plateau and Eventide were perhaps the two only decent challenges in the base game because the scenarios are somewhat controlled.
    I think they should have less shrines that are categorised. One category should be centred around platforming as an example. No matter which 'platforming shrine' you find first, you will go to a level 1 platforming puzzle. As you find more shrines of the same type you will unlock progressively larger and more complex challenges.
    And enemy variety. If their was one thing BotW was sorely lacking it was enemy types. Recolours do not quite cut it.

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