40 thoughts on “How to Breath While Singing | Singing Lessons”

  1. I thought you were teaching imploding, but breathing is a very important part of any instrument according to my music teacher ^^ Especially singing.

  2. Too much blabbering for my liking. Failed to explain that on order to have a "deep breath" we must use our diaphragm…

  3. Thanks for the video.I want to ask you if the right is to breath through the mouth or the nose for singing?

  4. When I have to take a breath in the middle of a song, I feel like the breath is too loud. Either that, or there's a long section with only short breaks between lyrics, and I can't take a breath quick enough to get through without some of that breath cutting into the next lyric (as in, I'm still breathing in on the next syllable, or the next syllable is cut short because of the breath). Is there a technique to solve that problem? Or do I simply need to increase my lung capacity?

  5. I have a asthma(a respiratory disease) and every breah is a battle for me. If you guys cod do more tips and tricks that can teach you how to stop wasting your breath (I can't really sing or else I'll pass out from lack of oxygen) just a couple tips would be great, THANKS DO MUCH YOU GUYS!:D

  6. Still teaching us breathing through the diaphragm.How can I breathe and simontaneously sing without running out of breathe and forcing myself to take loud breathes.

  7. When I sing myself I sound pretty good(for me) and while with the others (choir) I can't even bring myself at the tune ….

  8. Breathless by singing high notes songs that r out of my range. I don't lose my voice but just tire. Ican sing the song once but not twice. I know I can sing it in a lower tone but I m trying to increase my range is that normal to get fatigue

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