How to Control Breathing While Singing

How to Control Breathing While Singing

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Hello, hello, hello! My name is Katarina and I am the founder of
How 2 Improve Singing and today, I want to talk about breathing. How to control breathing while singing. I want to give you a simple exercise to make
your breathing very natural. Last week, I was able to participate in an
online workshop with Jessica Wolf. She is a master teacher of Alexander Technique
and the author of The Art of Breathing. At the very beginning of the workshop, she
defined breathing. Breathing is a 3-dimentional change of shape
of our body of our torso. I thought this was really simple but effective
because when I started to think about breathing in this way, I noticed that my breathing got
deeper without really doing a lot of work. So let me explain. When singers focus on breathing, many of them
focus on just their belly moving in and out during breathing. Some singers even pay attention to the sides
of their bodies and expansion sideways. Many singers even know about the diaphragm
moving down on inhalation and up on exhalation. But the truth is that when we breathe the
way the nature intended for us to breathe, all these movements happen at the same time
and we breathe very naturally. So I want to do an experiment with you, an
exercise. I want you to find a position that is comfortable
for you. Align your body. You can be standing or sitting. And just breathe, continue breathing. How to take breath while singing. Don’t do any extra hard work, don’t breathe more deeply than you would normally. Just breathe and start noticing your body
how it moves, where it moves, which body parts are moving. Do you feel any tension? Any pain? Is it easy? Is it difficult? In which direction the body parts are moving? Start thinking about breathing as a 3-dimentional
shape change of your torso. And you can even use your hands to feel the
movement. So you can feel the movement of your chest,
how it is expanding on inhalation. Even the movement sideways. Then you can touch your body, your lower torso
and feel the belly moving and the sides of your body. And then, put your hands on your back and
feel how your back is moving when you are breathing. And the reason for that is a big part of our
lungs are at the back. So when we breathe naturally, the back will
expand, will widen. And although you don’t feel your diaphragm,
you can imagine having your diaphragm moving down on inhalation and up with exhalation. And now, breathe naturally. How to breathe while singing. Don’t take any deep breaths, don’t work harder
than normally, just very naturally. And keep all these ideas in your head. Breathing is a 3-dimentional shape change or your body. How to control breathing while singing. And now I want you to think about your discoveries. Was your breathing deeper when you were thinking
about this definition? Did anything change in your body? Was it easier? Did you feel tension? Did you feel pain? Was it natural? Was it hard work? Was it easy? And that’s really all for today I wanted to
share with you how to control breathing while singing. Please, in the comments below, let me know
about your discoveries, about this exercise. How you felt about it. If you have any questions, post your questions
too. If you like this video, click the like button,
share it with your friends and I will see you in the next video. Until then, happy singing and happy breathing.

15 thoughts on “How to Control Breathing While Singing”

  1. Thank you for watching my video! How did you find the exercise? Was your breathing deeper and easier? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

  2. Hi Katarina: what a lovely teaching style! I used to sing a lot at University & it was so therapeutic as well as great fun! Thanks for your lovely videos xx

  3. Katarina, these are such great tips to control breathing while singing. I especially like your third tip about thinking about breathing in 3 dimensions. These were all so helpful.

  4. I wish I could sing! I love to sing but never had any education in it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great tips. Keep thinking there's a great opportunity for you to collaborate with fitness and health experts.

  6. I like it! I have sang (professionally and otherwise) my whole life. Nice stuff here. Seen ya in Michael Feyrer comments. Check us out as well. Peace!

  7. When singing the diaphragm always stays down. It goes up only when we finished the text and get ready for a new inhalation..

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