How to Create a Full Glittery Skull Makeup Look with Ashley Hall (@curlsfothegirls)

How to Create a Full Glittery Skull Makeup Look with Ashley Hall (@curlsfothegirls)

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(upbeat music) Hey guys, welcome back to Macy’s channel. My name is Ashley, also
known as Curls for the Girls. And in today’s Extreme Looks video, we are gonna be creating a fun
and exciting glitter skull. So first up, I’m gonna prime my face, and today I’m gonna be
using the Smashbox Original Photo Finish Smooth and Blur Primer. Alright, so we’re done priming. For foundation I am gonna use the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation in the shade 435 Bisque Warm. So, I’m just gonna take my Beauty Blender. I’ve already wet it
and then I’m just gonna bounce that around my
face to blend that out. (upbeat music) Alright, that looks
pretty good in my opinion. Now we’re gonna move onto concealer. I am gonna be using the Urban
Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
in the shade Medium Dark Warm. This is one of my favorite concealers. (upbeat music) Alright so now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna set the
highlighted areas of my face, and I’m gonna be using the Dermablend Original Loose Setting Powder. It really helps the face look airbrushed. (uptempo music) This looks scary already. This is my It Cosmetics Heavenly
Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush and this is my favorite for
dusting away my setting powder. So I do it in circular motions. So I start at the forehead
and just work my way down. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna begin setting my face. So first up I’m gonna use my MAC Prep and Prime Fix+ Spray in Original. And I feel like if your face is not super wet after using this, you’re using it very wrong. So using Fix+ really helps to melt those powders down
to look more skin-like. Then, I go in with my
actual setting sprays. So first up, I’m gonna use
De-Slick by Urban Decay, and I love using De-Slick right in the center of my face where I tend to get the oiliest. Just like that. Then to set all over, I am
gonna use All Nighter, also by Urban Decay, and I use
this all over my face. So now I’m gonna do my brows, and I’m gonna actually do those off camera only because it’s gonna take
me a little bit of time, so as soon as I’m done with
brows, we’ll be right back. So now for the eye makeup look of the actual skull tutorial itself. I’m gonna be using the ABH
Soft Glam Palette to do so. I am gonna use two shades in the palette. They are actually one
right above the other We have Orange Soda and
then we have Burnt Orange right underneath it, so
I’m gonna use those two and blend those right into my crease area. I’m just gonna take a really
fluffy brush from Smashbox, and I’m just gonna pick
up those two shades, and then I’ll begin buffing
that into the crease area. I’m just working those two shades into the crease in a mini circular motion. So now I’m gonna take a shader brush, which is gonna be this puppy here. It’s a MAC 217 brush, and I’m gonna use the shade
Noir which is on the end here, and I’m gonna really pack that onto the actual lid area of the eye. We’ll begin blending it out, and softening things as we go. I’m just gonna take that
same brush that we used for our crease area and I’m just gonna begin softening the crease. So I’m gonna use the same
kind of circular motions for the crease right where the black meets the remainder of the actual crease just to begin blending things out, and softening it. So you see how the right
eye looks in comparison to the left eye? Big difference. So during the blending process, you’re always gonna lose
a little bit of pigment. So I’m gonna start with my lids and I’m gonna go right back
into the black shade, Noir, and just really begin packing
that onto the lid again. And then I’m gonna go right back into that same fluffy brush, and
just re-blend everything out. Alright, so we’re pretty set right now for the eyes. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On
Pencil in the shade Perversion, and I’m just gonna quickly
line my lower lash line before we begin smoking things out. And I love Perversion for
this because it is super dark. It is probably one of the
best black pencil liners I’ve ever tried. Alright so our water line is now complete. I’m gonna go back into
our Soft Glam palette, and I’m gonna take those two
shades that we used initially which are Orange Soda and Burnt Orange, and I’m just gonna begin
smoking out the lower lash line. So I’m gonna use a short
smudger brush by Smashbox, and I’m just gonna take those two shades, mix those together. So now I’m gonna go into Noir which is the black shade that we use, and I’m just gonna pile that right on top. Excuse me, layer that
right on top actually, and just bring it into the outer V area just to tie everything together. So I’m just going to apply my
black shade underneath here, and then I’m just gonna
bring that up to the outer V area of the eye to marry our top area. (uptempo music) So now I’m just gonna
take that fluffy brush that we used initially, and I’m just going to hit
the corners of the eye just to soften and blend a little better. (upbeat music) Alright, we’re all smoked out. So now I’m gonna use a little bit of the Shiseido Aura
Dew in the shade Solar, and now I’m actually gonna use my finger and just apply this to
the center of the eye, and this is just gonna add a little bit of oomph to our skull head. (upbeat music) So now I’m gonna begin creating the remainder of the skull face. So to do that I am gonna use the Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner. Now this is where you wanna make sure you have as steady a hand as possible. So I’m gonna begin with
the nose just because I feel like the nose is what’s gonna help warm things up before we really get going. So I’m just gonna create
a small triangle-like shape in the center of my nose, and then I’m actually going to
give myself some points here only because I feel like
it’s just gonna make it look a little dramatic,
or a little more dramatic. Alright, so that is our first point here. So if you think about it, the way our noses are, it’s like if you were to remove
the tip for the most part and you see the actual bone shape itself. So pretty much just mimicking
that for the most part, but also adding a little
bit of a twist to it, and then I’m just gonna fill that in. And what I like about this process is that once you’re done filling it in, if you feel the need to make
any adjustments, you still can. It just depends on preference and the look that you’re going for. Alright, so our nose is complete. Now we’re gonna begin the
mouth. This is the fun part. So what I like to do first is I actually like to create my lines on the side of the mouth first as a guide and then I’ll go in later and put in my teeth. So I’m just gonna go along
with the natural shape of my actual jaw when creating my mouth, and then I’ll go and
I’ll put in the teeth, and then I’ll actually
be creating other shapes outside of the actual teeth themselves, if that makes sense. So now I’m just going to
follow the way my face is. So right under the center of my nose is where I’ll begin my first line. And we’ll just line things up as we go. And honestly I tried to follow the way my actual teeth are but it never pans out that way exactly. So, I start off really low, and then as we get to the back is when I’ll either make
things a little bit bigger or smaller depending on how I’m feeling. So if you mess up, it’s
really not a big deal. I just feel like it adds
a little more character to your actual skull
head, but aside from that, if you don’t wanna do the
lines in particular this way, you can get really creative and try to mimic the actual shape of teeth. So for the first area of my
face around my mouth area is where I’ll begin creating
those little teeth per se, and then I like to just fill things in if it makes sense for me to do so, but I feel like the lines
also work perfectly as well. So we have one, two. Those are our two teeth, alright? So I’m just gonna bring the lines down. So that they meet my actual
lips if they’re closed, and then I’ll begin creating actual teeth. And the way our teeth are is that nothing is ever really straight. They kind of narrow out
as they get to the top. Of course, it’s hidden behind your gums, but I feel like it just really adds a little more depth and character to the actual skull head if you really try to get
those little details. Alright so pretty much we are
now complete with the teeth. I’ve taken my time and really
got into some detail here. So you can definitely see along the sides a lot of detail for the most part. I feel like, like I said, this is your time to be creative. So as long as you’re feeling the look that you’re going for, just keep at it, and be patient. Take your time. So now I’m just gonna begin shaping the actual jaw of the skull head. So I’m gonna use my same liner, and with this part I
always get a little out of the box with this one, and I like to begin right
here where technically my jaw is and then I’ll just bring that out like that, simple. Same thing on this side
and I always feel like one side is a little
better than the other. Simple. And then what I like to do is I will also do one at the top slightly just so that you have the
idea of the actual jaw. I’ll begin filling in the bottom one, and with this you never
wanna fill it in all the way to where it’s super close to the teeth. You always start at the back
and leave just a little bit of that area open. (upbeat music) So now that we have our jaw
for the most part completed, I’m gonna take that
same short shader brush. I’m gonna dip it back into
Noir in the Soft Glam palette and I’m just gonna shade
a little bit underneath this top line that we
have created up here. This is just gonna give
a little more dimension, and I’m actually gonna add a little bit to the area down here because it’s not as harsh
as the liquid liner. It’s giving a gradient effect as well. So we’re complete there. Now, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my liquid liner again, and I’m just gonna draw a
couple of cracks on my chin. So what I like to do is I will just draw some lines initially, and for these lines you want
them to be as soft as possible. So I’m actually gonna tilt my head up, and I’m actually starting
way under my chin here, and then I’m gonna bring them up. And you see how I just darkened that one up in the middle there? It really helps to give
it that crack-like effect. So now we look like we
have a cracked chin. So now for my favorite part, glitter. I am going to take the
NYX Cosmetics glitter. This is the Gold glitter. And for my adhesive I am using
the Too Faced Glitter Glue which is a glitter shadow primer, and I’m gonna use this all over the face. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take that right onto the back of my hand, and I am going to take
a small detailed brush. This is the MAC 219. I’m gonna take my adhesive onto the brush, and wherever I want glitter is where I’m gonna put
that adhesive first. So I definitely want glitter teeth. And then I’m gonna take my
glitter into the cap again. So then I’ll put my
adhesive in a few areas and then I’ll go back and just apply my glitter right on top. Then you want to try to get as in-between the teeth as possible. You don’t wanna get much glitter on the actual lines that you’ve created. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m just gonna add
a little bit of glitter to my brows and to the
inner corners of my eye. So same thing using the
same brush and add adhesive. I’m just gonna lightly
pat it onto my brows. And because we do have
a little bit of glitter on the actual brush, it’s gonna pick up into
the brows right away. Okay, now for the inner corner of my eye. I’m just gonna try to
remove some of that glitter only because I really want it to be right in the inner corner. I don’t want a lot of glitter
all over the place now. So I’m just gonna dip right
back into that adhesive, and I’m just going to pop that onto where I want my glitter to focus. So now I’m just gonna add a little bit of glitter to my nose. I have the perfect amount of
adhesive remaining on my hand, and mainly for this I want
it to be in the center. Now we’re gonna get right
back into the eye area, and we are gonna start off using our It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. (upbeat techno music) So I’m going to quickly
apply this to my top lashes before we actually apply falsies. So now I’m gonna apply my lashes, and I’m going to be using the Tarte Tarteist Pro Lash in Girl Boss. And I’m also gonna be using the Tarteist Pro Lash Adhesive as well. And now you’re just
gonna repeat the process for the other eye. So our last step is
highlighter, of course, so I’m gonna use the MAC
Hyper Real Glow Palette, and I’m going to use
the shade Gold Coasting which is the shade here. So I’m gonna take this
nice fluffy brush here. I’m going to dip it into the
palette, tap off the excess, and then I’m just gonna
highlight the highest points of my face that we can see. So that will be what’s
left of my cheekbone here, and pretty much just the forehead area. Now, one last little thing that you can get creative with is a little bit of detailing
left for our skull head. So I’m actually gonna
move my hair out the way because we’re gonna
actually add two little, I guess like a forehead
plate kind of shaping. So I’m gonna take my liquid liner, and I’m going to aim for
the center of my forehead as best as possible. You wanna make sure that
you’re leaving that space open, and you’re creating that
shape along the outer area. So I’m gonna start in my hairline, and I’m gonna make that first shape here. And then I’m just gonna do the
same thing on the other side. So I always like to make
one a little higher up than the other one into the hairline. I feel like it just adds a little more of a creative and unique aspect to what I like my skull head to look like. Alright, so now I’m gonna
go back into Soft Glam. I’m gonna use that shade Noir. I’m using my same flat shader brush and I’m gonna do some shading on the inside of that forehead plate. So I’m just gonna dip it
right into the product here. Tap off the excess and
then as close as possible I’m just gonna do a little bit of shading. Now I’m just gonna repeat
on the smaller of the lines. Alright, so I’m just gonna
add two little last details. I guess you could call it a
brow furrow for the most part, and I’m just add it to
the beginning of my brows. I’m gonna be using my Sex
Kitten Liquid Liner for this, and it’s pretty much just creating a curve in the beginning of the brow and it gives you that kind of look. One of them I always like
to be a little higher up. I just feel like it gives
it a little more oomph. Alright guys, that’s pretty
much it for this look. I really hope that you all enjoyed this glitter skull head, I know I did. Don’t forget to subscribe
to the Macy’s channel. Subscribe to my channel as well. You can find me at Curls for the Girls. Please tag me in your recreations as well. I would love to see them. All products used in this video can be found at Macy’s or Don’t forget to subscribe, and I really hope to
see you all next time.

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