63 thoughts on “How to Customize Melt & Pour Soap”

  1. 1) buy soap bar
    2)melt them in your microwave
    3)then pour in molds
    4)put bugs in them
    5)give to friends and freak them out
    did you no that i'm givg you instructions on an already instructed video?!

  2. ugh at all the douches. -_- some of us enjoy making our own soap to sell and be creative. don't wanna make your own soap don't watch the video. nice vid btw!

  3. I love that mold! you can get a bunch like it for a dollar at ikea for anyone who wants to know ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. no as long as it is safe for the skin and water soluble and you probubly buy soap and body wash with color in it but the only diffrence is that you are making it yourself

  5. If yours getting bigger than your using ivory soap which is NOT the kind of normal soap since it's air puffed

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