How to do Deep Breathing

How to do Deep Breathing

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Deep breathing is a simple exercise that involves
consciously slowing and deepening your breathing. Research has demonstrated many health benefits
of deep breathing. In this guide we will focus on its use for stress management and relaxation.
After some brief instructions, we’ll help guide you in practicing this skill. When a
person experiences anxiety, the body responds with symptoms that can include a racing heart,
shallow breaths, sweating, a sense of fear or uneasiness, difficulty concentrating, and
a blank mind. These symptoms can range from being slightly uncomfortable to being totally
debilitating. Deep breathing is used to initiate the body’s relaxation response. Relaxation
is characterized by slower breathing, lower blood pressure, and a feeling of calm. Deep
breathing can be used in the moment when you’re experiencing a stressful situation, but it’s
also beneficial to practice when you already feel calm. To begin the exercise, sit in a
comfortable position. You will slowly take in a deep breath, hold it, and then slowly
release it. Each one of these steps will be timed to last 5 seconds. We’ll display a counter
on the screen, but it’s important that you time yourself when you’re practicing on your
own. It’s easy to go too quickly if you aren’t paying attention. One quick tip before we
get started: breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth, as if
you’re blowing through a straw. This will help to slow yourself down. Consult your physician
before practicing, especially if you have a history of epilepsy or heart disease. Let’s
begin. Follow the on screen timer to pace yourself. You’ve completed the deep breathing exercise.
Be sure to practice daily for the full benefit of this skill.

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  1. We've just added a new worksheet and video. The worksheet is a chore chart to help parents list and track chores/rewards (, and the video is a quick guide to deep breathing.

  2. This is great excerciese, thank you for sharing this video.
    For people who would like to exercise daily we recommend android app BreathAir (

  3. Thank you for posting this video. I wrote a blog and I am linking your video from my post.

  4. great video is a sense pf feeling happiness in the heart good or right path wish it was longer do another video on visualization

  5. If you are into this topic, try this Web app (it's free and no need to install anything) It's similar to this video, but you can pick the breathing techique (Square, 4-7-8, Equal Breathing…) and adjust lengths of inhalation/exhalation if you want.

  6. Thank you, my therapist just recommended doing this daily with my cool down and stretch routine after workouts.


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