How to draw Lips by Huta chan, Art Drawing


Hello everyone! Today I come back with a voiceover video My videos are usually semi realistic category, the ratio compared with real person sample is similar and stylized This video I will draw lips and different lips angles. You guy draw a horizontal line segment, dividing the straight line into 2 equal parts This position will be the point where the vertical axis of the face passes. Next, determine the thickness of the upper and lower lip. The upper lip is usually thinner than the lower lip Dividing the horizontal axis into 5 parts. In the upper lip, the length of the middle of the upper lip will correspond to line sigment in the middle of the horizontal axis that I have just divided In this middle space, you draw 2 parallel curves. Stretching the middle of the upper lip to the edge of the lip. Next, drawing the curve of the lower lip. You should use blurred brush strokes to creat the lip shape first The line segment between the upper lip and the lower part of the nose is called the median. After drafting, I shall draw the lip shape so that you can easily visualize the tone The structure of the lips is spherical shapes collection. I will convert it to a basic sphere The sphere has light, intermediate, dark and reflective parts. So you can apply the light structure of the sphere to express the curvature of the upper lip, the lower lip and the curvature of the oral sphincter mouth For drawing cubes, you must know how to convert structures from complex to basic shapes. For the lower lip, drafting array of light and dark first to lighten and darken the lips I usually use spiral and running lead stroke. With such drawing, the lips look softer and smoother. You should press lead strokes at the border between the upper and lower lips and the sides of the lips. Next, you cover a light layer of lead first and don’t paint on the lightest parts. Adding one more dark lead layer, this is the lead layer for the dark part of the lips. Using some intertwined strokes. You need to pay attention to distinguish between bright, dark, and reflective arrais of lips. You also array on the upper lip, you run a thin lead layer. The upper lip should be drawn bold because tilt angle of the upper lip tends to get less light than the lower lip. The upper lip and the sphincter are always the darkest places in the mouth. The central part depends on the direction of the light to distinguish the dark and light areas. Now, I shall move on to some other lip corner. I drew a lip corner before If you have seen the tutorial video on how to draw eyes, the visual principle lips is the same With tilted angles, the length of the lips will be shorter than the length of the lips at the right angle. In the image below I will draw a pattern to visualize. I will move the middle axis to the left lip edge.

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