100 thoughts on “How to draw, shade, blend realistic skin Part 1 | Step by Step Portrait Drawing Tutorial”

  1. Are u drawing from a photograph? It would really helpful for us to see what you are drawing from. Thank you so much for your beautiful tutorials and sharing your many talents.

  2. I'm either going to cry because I suck at drawing anything realistic or I'm going to start practicing this and hoping it'll turn out somewhat like this in 6 years. I'll choose the latter.
    Amazing video and drawing by the way. Perfection. She's prettier than I am, and I'm fairly above average pretty.

  3. To everyone saying that they'd never be this good and that it's impossible to draw this well:
    If you watch her Welcome To My Channel video, it took her more than two years of practice to become such an excellent artist.
    Practice makes perfect.

  4. Wonder full Works i love Your style an kan learn a lot of you thank you verry much for watching Greetings from norway

  5. This a very beautiful sketch
    I am an 7 STD beginner ,I love your sketches, paintings and everything you have done till now, I always get inspired by your art

  6. Hello,Emmy.I am Altaf from Malaysia.I was very interested with most of your tutorial and drawings.Can you make a video that show all your drawing and painting tools?I will really appreciate it.It will be very great if you can make it for me and your other fans…: )

  7. Hola…me encanta tus tutoriales aprendo bastante enmi….no hablo inglés..y por más que intento traducirlo ..no puedo..bueno pero eres genial
    Por favor haz más tutoriales ..gracias Enmi

  8. I am a little bit wondering if a new bee just like me, start drawing from eyes probably will lose relative contrast relation between different tunes very quickly.

  9. I sometimes pencil sketch as a hobby, and I used to draw quite often when I was younger and made lots of progress quickly. But I felt discouraged by certain circumstances and basically stopped drawing once I started college… In the past 2 years or so, I tried to pick it up again and I love learning small things as I go along. This is just for myself, and I love watching your tutorials. I've always been a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to sketching since I feel like it's just a hobby, I should make do with whatever I have, but I think I'll "splurge" on REAL sketch paper since I'm about to graduate in just 4 short weeks :')

  10. What is that thing that you use all the time to blend it. Please tell meeeeee I beg youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Or is someone knows. Thank youuuuuu

  11. I was so hypnotized by the relaxing music and watching you transform an empty space into a photo quality woman's head. Are you using a photo to gauge how you shade, or are you drawing from your imagination? Either way, love your results, beautiful. Would you please list the music albums/tracks of your favorite artists? Thank you. 😎

  12. Awesome drawing, which is obvious, but what is that music at the start? It is so beautiful!!!

    Ok found it in the description… 12th November by David Hyde very nice!

  13. Winner of a video, I've been looking for "drawing of a portrait" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Qonubrey Wenria Domination – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

  14. I always see a blur lines before any artist draw a picture, why is that necessary ? Can you please make a video on that?

  15. Great and teaching video ! I drew a picture thanks to one of your videos already and now I'm gonna try this one ! 🙂

  16. Hey, Thanks so much for the videos, these are really helpful and inspiring. One thing that would really help is to see your reference photo in the video though. It would help to see what you see and where you get your values from….Thanks!!!

  17. i cant believe it! i actually copied this and gave it to my brother for a birthday present. didnt know it had a video on it!

  18. Hi dear I’m 30 years old and never draw anything but i like drawing but i don’t know the basic can u plz advice from where to start ? thanks

    Grey toned paper: https://goo.gl/IxsnZD
    Caran d’ache graphite pencils: https://goo.gl/4uy7hu
    CretaColor black pencil: https://goo.gl/2T4x97
    White Charcoal pencil: https://goo.gl/XTfJTY
    Eraser Pencil perfection 7056: https://goo.gl/VUxGfU
    White uni posca marker: https://goo.gl/yG4McT
    Kneaded eraser: https://goo.gl/iKwQnF
    Blending stumps: https://goo.gl/12Fgf0
    and soft tissue.

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