How To Extract Whiteheads And Blackheads Properly

How To Extract Whiteheads And Blackheads Properly

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Hello my beauties! welcome to my acne series and today I want to talk about how to properly extract your pimples with a blackheads whiteheads extractor I do have to stress that the incorrect use of extraction tools can cause like ice pick scarring caused like all sorts of like shallow to deep scar on your faces, discoloration historically blackhead or acne extractors were used by dermatologists or B therapists and they have been trained professionally on how to use it so that it doesn’t damage or create the least amount of damage to the skin the most common blackhead extractors on the market are the ones that look like a loop on one end and then you’ve got like the sharp point on the other, you can also get nowadays the new blackhead extractor tool which is sort of like this curved tweezer it’s basically a push down and then pull out extraction tool, this is definitely a bit more safer in terms of less damage to the skin you also get extracting tools that have a longer or a loop here type of tool that these are great for like almost like scraping off the blackheads or whiteheads or yellow heads we want to call them you also have these ones these are for like those big big pimples and these are going to more professional ones so these are obviously used in salons and dermatologists so before using a acne or a pimple or a blackhead extractor the first thing I would like you to do is assess your face, so sit in front of a brightly lit, you know mirror preferably magnifying mirror and just look at the types of acne you have on your skin, you need to make sure that the pimple or the acne, or the black head that you’re extracting is ready to be extracted so blackheads is definitely ready to be extracted because it has an opening and it’s ready to be coming out white heads sometimes you have to see whether they have an opening or it’s going to be have an opening or that you have the skills to create an opening for it to come out the first step is definitely cleansing the skin and then exfoliating, those are the two main steps before trying to extract anything from your face number three step is steaming the face because it actually opens up your pores and allows pimple to come out a lot better if you don’t have a facial steamer you can always do this for shower so what you would do is wash your face exfoliate in the shower when you come out of the shower we’ve pretty much you know skin is ready to be extracted the next thing is definitely to sanitize your extraction tools so either use like you know rubbing alcohol or if you have a disinfectant or anything like that just to make sure that your your extraction tool is clean and also make sure that everything you do with your face is with gentle force so no like squeeze into the fact that you’re shaking and no like popping until the point that you’re about to cry just, just be really gentle in face because your skin is really delicate obviously have tissues and cotton pads ready because you never know what’s gonna happen it’s probably gonna be a lot of blood and pus sometimes a lot of blackheads and when you do press down just have the loop that loops around the acne itself and just press down gently and then with a little sliding motion just push towards you or push away from you I don’t like to pull towards me so that I kind of control the amount of force that I use whiteheads are harder because you need to locate an opening and sometimes if you don’t find the opening you can actually do more damage by causing the surrounding areas to be bruised or infected with whiteheads people professional salons like to actually create an opening with a sharp point and that’s why there’s a sharp point on the other side of the loop which I don’t suggest you use at home because you just don’t know whether you’re pointing the right way try and avoid using any extracting tools instead, use two cotton tips and just gently push around it and just try to get as much of the pus and blood out until the fluid runs clear and then just put a acne patch or something on it and just let it heal like that way so after extractions I definitely recommend going over your face with an antibacterial toner or some sort of antibacterial solution just to make sure that you wipe away any bacterial or excess pus that you’ve you know left on your face so either with tea tree oil or a tea tree solution, witch hazel solution or anything with some sort of like antibacterial purposes but not alcohol or not disinfectant if you have time definitely go for a mask because the mask will not only help to reduce the swelling, but also helps to calm the skin and reduce the redness, so that once you take off the mask, the skin is not as tender and raw and red and like bloated so that’s pretty much it and remember guys YouTube has changed the way you get notified so make sure you see the bell next to the subscribe button so you get notified when I upload new videos because some of you guys have you asking me how come you haven’t been posting videos it’s because you haven’t been notified so make sure you definitely check that out I will see you in my next video, bye!

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  1. in the past video u have scars of pimple and now they are gone plese tell us how they gone .tell us mam pls scars is very big problem of my i got pimple 4.5 and now the scars are remaining plss

  2. How can I pop those white liquid pimples or am I supposed to wait until it is gone.But this looks gross

  3. wow your skin! congrats on your journey! i used this tool on my forehead recently (which was clear) and i broke out with a really humungous spot. after 3 weeks it is finally healing and losing its height. i will only use this tool around my nose area from now on

  4. Hi! When I saw the video I was actually going to use this tool on me and it was conforting to see that the routine I have is the one you showed in your video. Still: when can I put a clay mask in this routine? Thank you very very much!

  5. Asian can you pls help me about my milia! I have this since I used the dr. Color effect red serum, pls! Help me😭🙏🙏

  6. i have blackheads only on my nose area..and i use baking cleans well..but i want to know if you would recommend to use baking far i have not experienced any allergies or dryness

  7. Thanks for the video! Now I’m gonna save 50$ !!
    For all who struggle from more serious conditions: go to the dermatologist! YouTube is not the best place to diagnose your condition nor to plan a treatment! Important ☝🏼

  8. Definitely gonna try this out! I have a tool at home but I need to try less force and try the mask thing out. Out of all the videos about this, yours is the best one. Thank you

  9. Extracting is best done during a facial When my skin is clogged or I notice some whiteheads, has extractions would help reduce the risk.

  10. Can you use a sonic brush and then exfoliate? I am so confused with this topic. Please, reply or make a guide video of sonic brushes, ahas, retinoids and exfoliators.

  11. werent whiteheads clogged pores? Those that you named whiteheads were like red and infected pustule? What about clogged pores when you dont go to the salon for them…or at all dont touch them (seems pointless, they refill with quickness)

  12. Just push your nose up as hard as you can stand and all of that black and pus will extract, wash your face,  dap with rubbing alcohol your set.

  13. I have a few blackheads too and I'm using ultrasonic scrubber to remove them –

    It is a FullHD 60fps close-up video.



  14. She doesn't speak well and she spells disinfectant incorrectly. Why do so many uneducated millennial think they're capable of posting videos online? They need to go back to fucking school.

  15. All these sweet young things don't have wrinkles. I was at hair dressers she found a black head while doing my perm and took care of it. Now here I am, in my 70's and have a white head? on my cheek that won't go away, Come on I should be done with this stuff. Really haven't had this problem in ages. I have one of those black head extractors, but guess this thing isn't ready to go away yet.

  16. Whiteheads Totally ruined my life….i removed them with finger pressing the skin…they easily came out but my nose shape has totally change it has become small nd like skeleton…i just keep looking my face in the mirror nd think if there is any hope…i looked so pretty before but now😑😑😑 someone save me plzz

  17. So i skipped all these steps and went down to cleaning my nose pores aggressively(ik stupid) and now my nose has big red bumps and i look like a clown+they hurt! What should i do:(

  18. Hey so I used the same comedone spoon and extracted my blackheads. But the day after my blackheads reappeared and also I got scars on my skin. I want to know why and how.

  19. iam a boy but for me it really really helped.
    i already watched few videos on how to take care of acne scars but all the information i needed. cheers boss. 🙂

  20. I'm so happy YouTube recommended me your video. Short, clean and straight to the point. I've been using some of the tools differently. I'll definitely give your tips a try. Thank you so much.

  21. I can't exfoliate my face because of rosacea. It gets very sensitive if I do so. Is it ok to be a long time in a warm shower and use cleanser and after that remove those blackheads? Thank you.❤

  22. Steam doesn’t open up pores, pores aren’t muscles and they aren’t capable of opening up, steaming does “liquify” or soften the dirt and oil in your pores but it doesn’t necessarily “open them up”

  23. Soo… I been taking lymecycline since 2 months ago and finish takin them 3 days ago, and today I decides to extract my pimples after clean exfoliation … I don't have a steam so I wetted my face on hot water for couple minutes and it turned soo dry, then I did the extraction and I don't think is good to do it when ur skin is dry. I'm gonna use tea tree oil rn and hope this really helps me 🙁 , it's been many times I fukup my skin

  24. Those are not blackheads and/or whiteheads on your nose. Those are sebaceous filaments that help lubricate the skin. Why do you idiots always think theyre blackheads and whiteheads? Learn something about skin.

  25. I used to get huge bumps in the crease of my nose. Every year for 20 years it would come. I would wait for it to get big and juicy before popping it. A small seed would come out and then clear liquid. I didn't understand why it came back constantly every year. The last time it came right back in a couple of days but it move up about half an inch. Way to close to my eye. I could see it in my line of vision 😢. I popped it with the same results of a small seed and clear fluid. Again it came back in a few days back in the crease. I decided to take the chance of squeezing as hard as I could. I felt like there was something beyond the small seed making it come back constantly. I started to see a bigger seed coming out and past that was a lot of bleeding. It's been nearly 5 years and I haven't had that nagging thing come back since then. I researched and read that it was dangerous for me to do that due to nerves in that area of my face. So glad that it worked out well for me. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone else.


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