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  1. You guys are so funny and so cute :-). PT restored my knees so that I could walk again without a cane. I was amazed at what PT accomplished

  2. Wonderful video. My husband suffered and died from 2 Traumatic Brain Injuries caused by devastating falls. So important to tuck the head and fall rounded while protecting the head.

  3. Does it mean oww? 😂

    I like these payback videos w Alex. Maybe u can have Jake demonstrate kickboxing on him 😜

  4. I know it will be a bit more advanced but it might have been useful to show rolling. This is still something the elder can do, I have several students over 60 that are capable of not just forward and backward rolls but also dive rolls.

    Also it may be worth breaking it down to viewers in terms of progression. The backwards fall can be intimidating for beginners. Maybe showing rolling backwards and forwards just on the back already on the floor with a rounded shape might be useful as a prerequisite to an actual roll but also as an exercise by itself?

  5. Very helpful and informative. I wish I'd learn this a few years ago. I'm prone to falling and I actually did reach out and braced myself on the counter so I wouldn't fall on my side or forward. The only thing I messed up was the left ankle

  6. I think I may have fallen almost correctly, except for the whiplash to my neck as I fell fast on the ice.

  7. Just fell back after my mother's Lab jumped on me, hit on my coccyx !
    During my ER visit another man came in , he felll down stairs taking his dog out, he was 88 and bit his lip, any pointers for us dog owners?

  8. Awesome!! Is there a way to fall up stairs without injury? I just broke my wrist falling up concrete stairs.

  9. @8:05 That's how I broke my knee a bit over a year ago. Fell backwards, my leg was slightly behind, and as I came down, my knee twisted and fractured. My fall was almost identical to your example of how to fall correctly without injury.

  10. With my arthritic knees that don’t bend too far there is no way I could do that back fall procedure. And if I did, I might not hurt my back but I’d never walk on my right knee again.

  11. I was taught to fall in the Cub Scouts around age 8 or so. I fell in the road when I was about 75. My wife told me that I just folded up into ball and rolled. I may still be able to do it, but cannot explain how. It seems to have become automatic.Hope so.
    Better to learn these things when very young.

  12. This is one of your best recent videos. Something everybody needs to know, regardless of age. A year or two ago, I was taking beginning taekwondo at the Y, on hard concrete floors like in your clinic–and when it came time for ground work, all they had were terribly thin mats like you were using in this video. I was not willing to practice taekwondo falls under those circumstances (don't know that I would be now either–I want to work on a cushioned surface, but that means finding a more expensive martial arts studio with proper flooring). But in the meantime, it's nice to see some good tips on falling.

  13. I learned something similar in self defence class. Slap arms out and tuck head. This technique helped me when I slipped on ice a few years ago. My feet flew out from under me and I fell backwards onto the sidewalk. Tucked my head and slapped my arms out. My back was still sore but I avoided slamming my head on the sidewalk. Def recommend this technique

  14. My problem is i hit the ground before I even realize I’m falling. How is it possible to be ready for an accident?

  15. The name Aikido is composed of three Japanese words: ai, meaning harmony; ki, spirit or energy; and do, the path, system or way. Hence, Aikido is the way of the spirit of harmony. I learned aikido in my 20's. tq for the video.

  16. Brad, you really impress me. It’s like Bruce Lee. Very interesting video, guys, but it’s not for me with my hémiplégie. I fell once on my head and I finished in the hospital with a trauma but nothing got broken.❤️❤️❤️

  17. thank you for your demonstration, I definitely apply these techniques to protect myself. appreciate !!!!

  18. Good video, I learned these techniques as a teenager doing judo. The only issue is that if you fall forward and use your forearms to break your fall on concrete, it hurts, I know from experience. I got away with just bruises though.

  19. What really helps is to get up and down from lying down on the floor every day….that keeps the pattern nice and natural for your brain to have access to when needed. As well Feldenkreis training is great to get the elderly to do that safely and in progression. I happened to have a fall a few months after spinal fusion…quite terrifying but due to holding my glasses in my hands I naturally fell rather on knee/thigh/ shoulder with the head tucked in….luckily that saved me from too much compression on back and hands….so practicing falling while holding small towels or so can help to not use extended arm and wrist position…. and people please get down on the mat/floor every day….keeps you young and fit

  20. Make jokes if you want, but taking judo classes, I learned how to fall, including the slap, and never forgot it. 40 years latter I fell about 15' onto concrete and managed to turn on my side before hitting. I was bruised and sore, but I got up and walked and was not injured. People die from 15' falls and what is said. They landed wrong.

  21. Regarding rolling and the elderly-actually, I am 72 and fell last December and I did exactly that! I rolled and ended up on my feet. People watching said, "you fell very gracefully" lol 😁

  22. I grew up with two older brothers. We were fairly rowdy. One of the things we liked to do was pretend to be paratroopers. Do you remember the show Rip Cord? We would jump off of Dad's chicken house and land in his garden. Lol
    To keep from hurting ourselves, we learned to roll when we hit the ground.
    I am now 65 and this "training" has come in very handy. I have fallen a couple of times in the last few years. What happened is I went into that roll without even thinking about it. I never tried to catch myself, just rolled with it.
    It works!

  23. How to modify if have beyond terrible knees? Are there exercises to treat knee instability and prevent knee buckling?

  24. These are great suggestiongs, but more often then not a fall happens so quickly that you do not have time to think. They take you by surprise. Most of us have natural reactions so unless you have practiced the positve ways to fall many times you may not use the correct technique.

  25. Hi Bob and Brad. I enjoy your videos. You provideed some good advice on falling in this video. My background is in judo and I have taken thousands of falls on the mat and taught thousands of people how to fall in over fifty years of experience. When teaching ukemi (breakfalls), some major rules are: 1-Protect the head. 2-Never extend or reach out with an arm. 3-Stay as round as possible to help dissipate the impact on one specific point or area of the body. 4-Repeat rule #1. The head must be protected. The only point in your video that I would have some minor disagreement with is the back fall where you advise tucking the foot and leg under the body when falling backward. This tends to rotate the hip in such a way that it will take a harder impact in the fall, especially with people who are novices at falling. It also tends to twist the lower back amd might cause injury from this. In addition to using breakfalls and teaching them for many years in judo, I have actually jad to ise them from time to time when slipping on ice, most recently avout a year ago. I got up embarrassed but not injured at at tne age of 66, that made me happy. Please take a look at my YouTube channel to see our content on judo. My wife is a PTA and enjoys your channel by the way.

  26. My advice. Do not hold on to the leash of your dog when another dog is charging you… Twisting and falling as I did may result in a displaced tibial plateau fracture. I fell sideways on my knee, as demonstrated here, but with the knee taking all the weight, not my hip. I am 58 and was walking 5 miles a day for the last three years.

  27. What about someone that had a stroke. They are more likely to fall and don’t have use of both arms, like myself

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