How to Fix a Smelly Fridge

How to Fix a Smelly Fridge

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Hi, I’m Helen from eSpares and in this video
I’m going to show you how to deal with a smelly fridge. Now the first thing that you want to check
is that your fridge is cold enough, because if it’s not your food will be going off
quicker and making the odours in the first place. Your fridge should be running at below
five degrees Celsius. If it doesn’t have a temperature display, you can buy an inexpensive
fridge thermometer like this one. Next thing is to give your fridge a really
good clean. Now you can use a dedicated product like this Electrolux fridge cleaner or you
can use any household cleaner, but ideally you want it to be anti-bacterial. Lastly, to stop the odours coming back, you
want to have a fridge deodoriser. Now you can make one yourself out of household products
that absorb odours. Such as bicarbonate of soda or baking powder, ground coffee, activated
charcoal that you might have for a cooker hood filter, or my personal favourite; cat
litter. Now you want to put it in an open container and leave it at the bottom of the
fridge. Now you want to put it in an open container and leave it at the bottom of the
fridge. To give it a nice fragrance you can add vanilla extract. You can also get dedicated fridge deodorisers
and anti-mould mats for your vegetable drawers. Fridge cleaning and deodorising products are
available from the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

7 thoughts on “How to Fix a Smelly Fridge”

  1. A lovely video presented by a lovely lady

    how lovely

    reminds me of horrid henrys brother perfect peter and his teacher mrs lovely, thats having a 6 year old nephew for you who insisted that i go and watch the movie with him! lol

  2. A really bad smell can actually be not in the fridge at all, but at he back of the fridge. Leaking milk or fruit juice runs down the the inside of the fridge into a hole at the back that leads outside to a plastic open topped evaporation tray that sits on the hot condensor (which evaporates usually water away). If it's fruit juice or worse milk it dries it out and heat it up producing a funk for days! Some can be simply removed washed and replaced. Otherwise wash out with kitchen paper

  3. This is a little late and I hate to be a party pooper but I've got the fix and it's so easy and fool proof you'll be shocked.
    First it has to be clean. If not anything you do will allow the odor to come back.
    Second go on the internet and purchase a UV C bulb that you can put into a drop light fixture from your garage.
    Turn it on and put it in the fridge while its turned off and leave it a few minutes. Then take the light and move it around the door seal slowly exposing every single little spot to this uvc light ray for 20 or 30 seconds.
    That's it.
    It will leave an ozone smell that will dissipate quickly with the doors open. The light probably won't hurt you but looking directly into this light is probably a bad Idea.
    Remember how your mom hung the sheets out to dry and they always smelled fresh and clean after hanging in the sun?
    Remember, you heard it first right here.

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