How To French Inhale 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

How To French Inhale 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes

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What’s up YouTube
Tristan_Vapes here I like to do a lot of vape tricks and today
im going to be showing you a tutorial on how to do the french inhale
*Does French Inhale* Alright, so the french inhale is a very simple
vape trick to start off with what you want to do start off is take a hit
and keep the smoke in your mouth as well *does example*
You don’t want to bring it down to your lungs because if you bring it down to your lungs
and you try to do the french inhale the vape is going to be very thin and you are not going
to want that you want thick smoke so the trick will show great
so this is what happens when you bring the vape into your lungs, this is how the french
inhale looks like. This as balls right? Alright so if you keep it in your mouth, this
is how it will look like. Step 2. So i know this step sounds really hard, but
this is what you’re going to have to do. Open your mouth
Like so and when you’re opening your mouth like that,
you’re also going to want to hold your breath as well so there is no airflow going on and
just keep practicing that and take step by step right now
Step 3. So you wanna like slowly let the smoke come
out, you can do that by pushing your tongue a little bit or slowly closing your mouth
just to have the vapor eject out of your mouth a little bit, like so. Step 4
alright pretty much when you’re ejecting the smoke from your mouth you are going to want
to inhale through your nose so it can connect and make that french inhale and walla you
have it and here it is. Alright a couple tips to make the french inhale
a little better, you want to widen your mouth and also develop a little underbite just so
you can have like a wider better nice, thicker French Inhale
*Does French Inhale* Alright YouTube
I hope this tutorial over the French Inhale helped you a little bit and if it did
make sure to like the video also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel
and see all the tutorials and other content i will be putting out, i’ll even have other
content coming out on facebook and instagram. I do a lot of tricks on instagram, so check
that out and you vapers have a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “How To French Inhale 2018 | Vape Trick Tutorial | Tristan_Vapes”

  1. Vaping is NOT SMOKING! This guy has NO Freaking clue~! Report this post for Misleading and erroneous information

  2. I seen alot of videos but yours helped me the best, the tip when you said to hold your breathe when opebing your mouth totally made the difference. Thanks again!!! Bane next!!!!

  3. Hello, I don't know if you still reply over here since this is an old video, but I'm having lots of trouble keeping the vapor in my mouth, I always seem to direct it over to my lungs, tried for over 20 times, sometimes it worked but only very slightly and it was thin as you said
    Any tips?

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