How To Get A Flat + Defined Stomach in 1 Week at home (no equipment) | Annesha Adams

How To Get A Flat + Defined Stomach in 1 Week at home (no equipment) | Annesha Adams

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Hi Everyone, welcome back to my Channel! and if you’re new welcome! today’s video is all about your stomach I’m going to
share with you my tips on how I achieve a flat stomach and do at home with no
equipment that will show you results in a week two weeks max now this works with
anybody you’re gonna have to do this for an hour every single day it’s so easy to
do these workouts so if you’re interested in knowing what workouts I do
find stomach stay tuned and let’s get started okay the first workout here our
side situps now this workout here will help define the lines at the side of
your stomach which most people like so since this requires no equipment and
you’re at home and usually you would use a medicine ball I just put my hands
together and I did sit-ups from the side now this really works and for every
single workout that we’re going to be doing in this video it’s going to be two
sets of 10 reps okay very simple and easy so let’s go on to number two okay
now this workout here it requires you putting your hand beside your them and
you’re just going to push in and out it requires some balance but it’s still
very easy this is one of my lazy like stomach workouts I enjoy doing as well
and the slower the better but I still go very fast and I see results so it’s
really up to you if you feel as if the workouts are getting easy you can
increase your reps to accommodate to you and your body or decrease it
you okay this workout very easy you’re just
going to put your feet up in the air keep em as straight as possible your
legs and feet and you’re just going to reach for your toes okay this workout is really simple as
well you’re going to pretend that your feet is leaned up against a wall and
you’re going to just do regular sit-ups but reach for your heels when you reach
for you you’re going to feel it in your stomach there
keep your feet as far away from you as possible but not too much okay now this
workout I really love I actually feel it all over my stomach you’re just going to
have one leg up and one leg down and you’re just going to reach for your
knees have your hands close and cross over if you really want to tighten and
flatten the lower part of your stomach this is really good all you will have to
do is hold on to something near you and have your feet very straight and you’re
just going to swing your legs from up in the air down to the ground without
touching the ground and then you’re going to bring the back up I’m sorry
that I don’t on the crest names of these but keep my legs up and then I string
them down without them touching on to the ground so it’s like a boomerang that
my legs are kind of doing okay trust me these workouts are tiring that’s it for
today’s video I hope you all liked it and I’ll see you all my next one or voix
bye but here’s some more videos if you want to watch

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