How To Get Dragon’s Breath – Minecraft 1.9


Hey everyone, it’s Nic! Today we’ll go on
a journey to get Dragon’s breath! [Intro Music] As the name suggests, you need to find a dragon
for this very special item that was added in Minecraft 1.9 Snapshot 15w33a. So go forth
and craft some Eyes of Ender, because we need to find an End portal. Bring some empty glass
bottles as well. If you happen to come across some pumpkins on your way definitely take
them with you, as they will protect you from unwanted attention by Endermen. After finding
the desired dungeon, fill up all the empty portal blocks with the Ender Eyes and jump
into the void. Immediately put on your pumpkin and run into a safe spot where – even if
you happen to die – your items are safe. Then just wait: The Dragon’s breath will come
shooting straight at ya’. Keep your glass bottles ready and if you see a purple cloud
of particles walk up to it and right click as long as you can – just be careful not
to walk into it too often, because it has the power to kill you. Happy with your loot?
Then defeat the Ender Dragon in any way you like and get back to the overworld! Jump into
your secret brewery, make a throwable potion type and add the Dragon’s breath. It’s as
easy as that, soon you’ll be swimming in lingering potions! If you want to automate the brewing
process, check out the video on the left or if you’re a big fan of dragons, make a dragon
shield with the help of the video on the right! All the links are in the description as well.
I wanna thank you for watching and I will see you next time! Goodbye!

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