How to Get Fierce Deity Mask, Armor & Sword in Breath of the Wild with NFC tags | Austin John Plays

How to Get Fierce Deity Mask, Armor & Sword in Breath of the Wild with NFC tags | Austin John Plays

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what’s going on boys and girls what’s up world Austin John please here and today we’re going to be talking about something pretty dang fantastic we’re going to be talking about fierce deity link and legend of zelda majora’s mask I mean breath of the wild that’s right fierce deity from Majora’s Mask you’re going to be able to get him in legend of zelda breath of the wild. Now this is something that kind of should and shouldn’t exist at the same time and I’m going to explain here in a second obviously using the amiibos you get a whole bunch of different outfits including ocarina time twilight princess however there’s also coding in the game to get the outfit from legend of zelda skyward sword and fierce deity link now both of these outfits they’re even covered in the official strategy guide here and it says the corresponding amiibo. Well fun fact these amiibos don’t exist or don’t exist yet now there’s rumor that the 30th anniversary Legend of Zelda amiibos supposed to include this Skyward Sword and fierce deity link however they do not I don’t know if it was supposed to be done or months down the road from now they’re going to be releasing these in fact in the future if you see this video then you’re probably already going to know how to do this however right now the only way that you can actually do it is with what is called a spoofed NFC tag I don’t know anything about hacking whatsoever so I found mine on eBay when I searched fierce daily link amiibo and this is it it’s just this small little piece of paper right here and this is what we’re going to be scanning on to legend of zelda breath of the wild. So as per all of our our super-important videos we’re going to make link naked because uh yeah great so now that i made a hard save right where I wanted we’re going to access our amiibo we’re gonna scan bunch of shrooms fall from the sky and inside of this chest bomb arrows not what we want we’re going to reload that save now if you’re doing this at home if you have yourself the NFC tag for fierce deity link or pretty much any of the amiibos this is a trial and error process sometimes you’re going to get it first try sometimes we’re going to take a while boom fierce deity armor legend has it that this armor once belonged to a hero of a world in which the moon threatened to fall when you wear it you feel a fierce godlike power flow through you Wow we’re just going to save the game now that the game is say we’re actually going to spoof the date we’re going to go into system settings date and time turn off auto synchronization and I’m going to change it to a day later now this little trick right here if you didn’t know works with any amiibo you’re trying to do so say for example you’re going to be doing some safe spamming in order to get an entire outfit from one amiibo you just go on here reload it re-save it and you’re good to go by the way I don’t know anything about hacking NFC spoofing I’ve been told you can do this from an Android phone that has a chip inside of it that be compatible or with a current amiibo if you have the power saves I’m not too sure the exact information on how to do it which is why I bought mine on eBay so uh yeah I mean if you know how to do it absolutely go for that if not then you just be me buy it on ebay just get this outfit it’s crazy to think that an amiibo is literally just this little tiny sticker built inside of an action figurine just to make it more appealing nuts boom there we have it fierce deity boots according to legend these boots were once worn by a hero from which it oh the same thing started us all fall wearing them provides godlike power that’s great ah that’s two out of the three pieces that we need boom fierce deity mask there it is legends say this mask was once worn by a hero from a world in which the moon threatening to fall so the same thing the other one says the only additional text it says it looks scary but wearing it offers fierce godlike power so there we have a ladies and gentlemen all three pieces of the fierce deity outfit time to put them on wow that looks that looks pretty intense now the fierce deity armor has the same exact power and abilities as the barbarian outfit so for the leg wraps the armor and the helm it just looks a heck of a lot cooler oh but I need a sword I need a dope sword to go along with us all right looks like we’re going to be doing some more save spamming in order to get the fierce deity sword because I believe you can also get the sword in the game two hours later oh there it is what the fierce deity sword guys finally got it this particular great sword allegedly used by a hero from a world in which the moon threaten to fall it slashes wildly in battle as if possessed by a fierce deity himself boom fantastic stuff alright so we have our fierce deity sword we have our fierce deity outfit there it is unfortinutely get the long throw ability on this one so that’s super helpful not helpful not helpful at all oh look at them Wow oh look how metallic and shimmery it is ah I absolutely love it Oh in the sheath ah the sheath is even badass love it so there you have it ladies and gentlemen how to get fierce deity link and the fierce deity sword in legend of zelda breath is a wild now guys again i want to say something the method of getting this it’s a little unconventional it really is but you know what there’s a whole bunch outfits in this game that you can only get with amiibo so the fact that you can get this one from amiibo that doesn’t exist yeah it’s unconventional I want to call it cheating some may call it hacking but it’s good hack it’s not like we’re putting something in the game that isn’t there it’s it’s literally in the guide right here fierce deity mask fierce deity outfit fierce deity pants all of its right in there and under the weapons side its there as well so that’s how to get fierce deity link in legend of zelda breath of the wild. So guys if you liked the video be sure to hit thumbs i’ll be sure to hit subscribe and turn on notifications if you’re new to the channel until next time austin John out you sure to like this video and subscribe I’m going to be giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days and weeks till next time Austin John out. I literally sat and did all of these closed captions myself. I wonder if anyone reads them…

100 thoughts on “How to Get Fierce Deity Mask, Armor & Sword in Breath of the Wild with NFC tags | Austin John Plays”

  1. UPDATE! The new Amiibos are out, and here's what they are:

  2. Yeah, I basically paid extra for a cosmetic change, but this costume, in a way, allows me to fufill the dream I always had when playing Majora's Mask: to play with the Fierce Deity form whenever I wanted, not just in Boss rooms or with a glitch.
    This costume is a beautiful recreation of the Fierce Deity, and is, functionally, the same in BotW as it is in Majora's Mask in that is a raw strength boost to just obliterate enemies. The one downside, as has been mentioned, is that the iconic Fierce Deity Sword does not shoot projectiles.
    It still scratches that itch I've had since I was a child, though. So as far as I'm concerned it's money decently spent. Not well spent, but decently spent.

  3. Why do I feel like the fierce deity link is gonna come alive and take control like Excalibur umbra?

  4. Hah Lol I Don't Believe That Is What The Fierce Deity Amiibo Looks Like I Mean It Is Literally Just The Fierce Deity Costume For Link In Smash Bros I Mean Why Does He Have A Shield And Why Is His Sword Is The Master Sword

  5. Why not just make it into a dlc? Buying an amiibo is incredibly useless unless you're a collector.

  6. Imagine like trying over and over to get the sword and then you use it on an enemy and you break

  7. Something I learned after the fact of doing it once you set up the parental settings you can't change your time/date anymore hahaha lesson learned hahaha oh well no Amiibo spamming for me anymore

  8. I got 22 amiibo cards for botw off eBay and it includes the fierce deity and skyward sword amoibo cards

  9. So I literally got young link…. and figured it would be the same as Majoras mask… yet no No just nothing at all but a waist of money in a way…

  10. I wish you could display your armor in Zelda botw. It will look cool and also fix the inventory space armor!

  11. All this game is missing is a repair vendor in the towns so one can repair broken weapons and shields.

  12. Glad I own this nfc card, didn't k ow it until I used it and got fierce dyenti armor, so I came here to check out all the pieces to be sure I get all off them, BTW, you can grab 22 cards from wish to get all the armor sets, this one included

  13. just to let you know there way to get the Daity Amor is actualy buy using the majoras mask this is why the daity amiibo was not created

  14. When I bought my Zelda game it came with that and i didn’t know what it was. And I tried it just n ow and it works. OMG 😱

  15. Same stats as the barbarian? Atk up. Save your lynel guts horn and hoof, max it out same effect if you guys dont have a way to get this.

  16. I got the sword with attack power boost so it does 87 damage and is boosted with the chothes and a attack elixir

  17. If that doesn’t shoot beans like the master sword with the throw button I’d be PISSED!!!
    Side note, why doesn’t links house have armour stands and a chest or two to store items? Seriously, sooo many cool weapons and armour but you can only display three melee weapons/bows/shields……🧐

    Final point. BOTW 2 needs a house/area for Link and Zelda to build like terry town. Then have all these things I mentioned plus crafting and upgrading in the town. Build armours and weapons you want/need and then have space to store them. Keep two badass weapons on you always then space for new stuff as you explore. Pleeeeease Nintendo, make the game even better.
    Almost all of Skyrim’s dlc in a game. Houses extra quests, crafting and building, and displays for cool stuff like treasures and armours.

    Done rambling, your videos rock and save me from killing myself finding things. ✌️

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