How to get rid of bad breath / mouth smell

How to get rid of bad breath / mouth smell

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Welcome to Mehek health beauty and style If anyone has bad breath or mouth smell It will be effect on his personality Whether you brushed your teeth But it has bad breath or mouth smell unless with cleaned teeth This bad Mouth smell is called Helitos It has two reasons Like any disease of gums or any infection Or stomach problems is also a reason of mouth smell Some remedies will cure it Ginger Take 1inch piece of ginger and chew it before going to bed Keep its juice in your mouth for 5 minutes And then throw it Don’t eat something after it Use it for 3 days your mouth smell will gone after 3 days For stomach problems Chew fennel seeds two times a day Drink its juice And throw its peels Take 1tablespoon of fennel seeds and soak it in a glass of water before going to bed And drink this water in admiring mouth in the morning Chew fennel seeds and then throw its peels This fennel water is very good to cure stomach problems And it Freshes breathe Try these remedies your mouth smell problem will be finished easily and quickly

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